Josie Gibson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Josie Gibson Plastic surgery

Josie Gibson plastic surgery gained massive attention. The famous TV personality underwent a cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin, enhancing her appearance and self-confidence.

Josephine Diane Shirley Gibson’s birth date is January 24, 1985. She is a well-known English Television personality.

Josie gained fame by winning the eleventh series of Big Brother’s reality show in 2010. Also, She was a regular guest host on the Channel 5 magazine series OK! TV.

Gibson has appeared on various TV shows and had her own reality shows. She became the face of a teeth whitening company and released a workout DVD in 2013.

Since 2019, the host has been a regular segment presenter and announcer. She worked for ITV’s This Morning, also filling in as a co-presenter from 2021.

Moreover, Gibson co-presented alongside Holly Willoughby in “The Morning”. She appeared as a panelist on Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice” in 2022.

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Josie Gibson Plastic Surgery

Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson recently opened up about a surprising revelation regarding her appearances.

Josie Gibson Plastic Surgery
Josie Gibson removed the excess skin gained after losing weight. (Source: Daily Express)

The celebrity appeared on ITV’s Loose Women. She discussed her body transformation and some cosmetic procedures she had undergone.

During the show, nipple size appeared in light of new medical research. Josie made a shocking confession that she had a “nipple lift” procedure done.

Gibson mentioned that she did not even know such a procedure existed until her surgeon suggested it.

Moreover, the presenter explained that her nipples were crooked before the surgery. In addition to her nipple makeover, she revealed the excess skin she gained after losing weight.

Josie had her excess skin removed through surgical procedures. She has now gained confidence in her overall appearance.

Gibson took on some severe exercises and diet plans to lose some pounds. However, after losing weight, she had excess skin on her body.

Furthermore, she felt it took away her hard work of achieving a healthier body through diet and exercise.

Josie has always been an outspoken person. Unlike other celebrities, She has opened up about all the plastic surgery she has undergone.

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Josie Gibson Before And After Photos

In a remarkable transformation, Josie Gibson has undergone life-changing cosmetic surgery. She had shed excess skin, revealing a brand-new look.

Josie Gibson Plastic Surgery
Josie Gibson’s before and after photos resurfaced on the internet. (Source: Daily Express)

The images shared on Channel 5’s Celebrity Botched Up Bodies offer a candid glimpse into her incredible journey.

Before the surgery, Josie struggled with sagging skin. It was the result of her impressive seven-stone weight loss.

Despite her dedication to a strict diet and exercise regimen, the excess skin posed a challenge. However, Josie’s decision to undergo surgery proved life-changing.

The surgery removed an astonishing 6 lbs of excess skin. It resulted in a flat and toned stomach, which has improved her self-esteem.

The scars on her body tell a story of her incredible transformation. Over just a year, she shed an impressive seven stones, reducing her dress size from 20 to 10.

Nevertheless, the excess skin remained. The surgery removed the excess skin and listed Josie with a brand new belly button.

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Josie Gibson Workout And Diet Plan

Josie Gibson, a well-known TV personality, has regained her healthy size 12 figure. Despite her appreciation for her body, she is committed to her diet and exercise routine.

Josie set several achievable routines. She has focused on improving her sleep pattern and increasing her water intake.

Additionally, She is engaged in regular exercise for 30-45 minutes. She exercises at least three times a week.

Josie has maintained a clean and healthy diet. Apart from following her workout routine, she maintains her dietary intake equally.

Her dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle have resulted in a healthy mind and body. She is determined to put her best to a healthier lifestyle.

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