Is Saiki K Trans? Gender And Sexual Orientation

Is Saiki K trans

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a popular Japanese manga series Shūichi Asō deserves all the credit for writing and illustrating the series.

The story is published between 2010 and 2011, following a series of one-shot chapters. Also, Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump serialized the manga from May 2012 to February 2018.

Publishing in the same magazine, the story was followed by a short serialization of 4-panel chapters.

Moreover, the two one-shot chapters were published in Jump GIGA in May and July 2018. Eventually, Shueisha acquired its chapters in twenty-six tankōbon volumes.

After the hit manga series, J.C.Staff developed and produced an anime television series adaptation that aired from July 2016 to December 2018.

Besides, Yuichi Fukuda directed the live-action film, starring Kento Yamazaki at Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan). The movie was released in October 2017.

Additionally, a six-episode sequel anime series titled The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened made its way on Netflix in December 2019.

Following the success of its many versions, from maga to different TV series and live-adaptation films, many viewers are interested in learning about the main character’s sexuality. Is Saiki K trans? Let’s find out.

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Is Saiki K Trans? Gender And Sexual Orientation Revealed 

Despite the creator of the manga series occasionally hinting at Saiki K sexuality, but never confirming the fact, several fan pages and show followers have concluded and put forward their own theory regarding this matter. 

As suggested by a user on Reddit, Saiki is neither trans nor asexual. As the leading character has shapeshifting abilities, he can become a woman and a man. 

Saiki K Trans
Is Saiki K trans? No, the leading character has never been trans but was born with several psychic powers, including teleportation and psychokinesis. (Source: IMDb)

However, there is a large debate fuming whether Kusuo Saiki is a trans character in the series. While some sections, along with LGBT Characters Wikia sees Kusuo Saiki as a transgender character.

This part definitely confirms that Kusuo Saiki is a high school student who was born with several psychic powers, including teleportation and psychokinesis.

Saiki attempts to hide it from everyone at school. Also, the character is put in various seemingly normal scenarios in which he uses it to hide his special powers.

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Meet Saiki K Partners: Relationships and Dating Part In The Series Explored

Spoiler alert! This section may contain major spoilers for the show fans as we will be discussing straight from the manga chapters. 

There are several hints in the manga, as the picture from the last volume teases that Saiki could end up with Teruhashi Kokomi.

However, always being reticent after discovering his powers, Saiki hates being the center of attention.

The character is always quite reserved and rarely uses his voice, instead he chooses to project his words via telepathy into the minds of others.

Is Saiki K trans partners
Is Saiki K trans? The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened has represented the leading character as a reserved teenager. (Source: YouTube)

Hence, there are fewer chances of him being in a romantic relationship with other manga characters. 

To avoid interactions, Saiki tries to make others disinterested in him or avoid others as much as possible.

However, Chiyo is one of Kusuo’s classmates. She fell in love with Kusuo. Also, the show shows her fantasized about him and trying to get closer.

But clearly, Kusuo seems not interested in romance as he easily foils her plan every time. Later, Chiyo moves on and starts dating Shinoda.

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