Is Made In Abyss Author Arrested: Where Is Akihito Tsukushi Now?

Made In Abyss Author Arrested

Made In Abyss author arrested news has created shock waves and chaos in the community. Was Akihito Tsukushi arrested? Let’s find out. 

Akihito Tsukushi is a famous Japanese illustrator and manga artist. Likewise, he has designed many anime and manga characters.

Tsukushi was born in May 1979 in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Also, he graduated from Tokyo Design Academy in Illustration.

Tsukushi worked at Konami Group Corporation for about a decade and later began working as a freelance illustrator. He worked in animation and designed the interface of video games like Elebits.

Moreover, Tsukushi began drawing manga in 2011. He is a writer and illustrator of Made In Abyss manga series. The artist said American painter and Illustrator Norman Rockwell inspired him.

Recently, news regarding the Made In Abyss author arrested surfaced on the Internet. Was Tsukushi arrested? Let’s learn the facts

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Is Made In Abyss Author Arrested?

Tsukushi is a famous and respectful artist. Akihito Tsukushi arrested news has caused chaos, and people wanted to know more about this.

However, as suggested by Sportskeeda, Akihito was not arrested, and the news of his arrest was a hoax.

Reportedly, Akihito has never been arrested or charged. Some viewers think some clips and graphics are disturbing in Akihito’s Made in Abyss series. 

Made In Abyss Author Arrested
Made In Abyss Author Arrested: Akihito Tsukushi is not arrested. (Source: YouTube)

Many viewers admitted that there are some recurring and disturbing themes of child abuse and assault in the series.

There are several anime and manga series fans, and they feel disturbed when they view the clips of assault and toured.

However, Akihito Tsukushi is not arrested and has not received any charges against him.

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Made In Abyss Storyline Explained

Made in Abyss is a story of a young girl, Riku, and her friend Half-human, Reg. In the story, they take a dangerous journey into the Abyss to find Riku’s mother.

The series contains impressive graphics, and the story is thrilling and interesting. However, some clips show the protagonist being tortured, and strung up without clothes, violence, and nudity.

The story is interesting as the young girl work hard and crosses different dangerous path to find her mother.

People loved the story, but they were not satisfied with the assault, nudity, and tortured clips in the series.

Recently, a few K-pop idols gave their reviews and claimed they had watched the first season of Made in Abyss.

According to Koreaboo, some idols enjoyed it, but some also found it provocative. Many other manga fans have also claimed the disturbance they feel after watching such assault and torture scenes in the series.

Where Is Akihito Tsukushi Now?

Akihito Tsukushi is an incredible artist who has entertained many people through his manga design. He has also received criticism for his works like Made in Abyss.

For his story, he has received many criticisms and allegations regarding assault and disturbing images.

Made In Abyss Author Arrested Akihito Tsukushi now
Made In Abyss Author Arrested: Akihito Tsukushi’s arrest news is false. (Source:

The author of  Please Tell Me! Galko-chan, Kenys Suzuki was once arrested on pornography charges in 2021. The use of unnecessary clips in the series is prohibited and forbidden.

So, as Akihito’s creations have also received such reviews, many people might have misunderstood about the arrest.

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