Who Are AJ And Ryan Eigenmann? Geoff Eigenmann Siblings Age Gap And Wikipedia

Who Are AJ And Ryan Eigenmann

AJ and Ryan Eigenmann have played significant roles in their lives. Working in the television and film sector, the two have carved out their niche in the Filpino showbiz scene.

Who are AJ and Ryan Eigenmann? The two are the sons of FAMAS and Gaward Urian Award-winning Filipino film and television actress and television director Gina Alajar and brothers of famous actor Geoff Eigenmann.

Collaborating with esteemed directors, AJ and Ryan have consistently delivered outstanding portrayals on screen.

Beyond their acting prowess, the two siblings have also made a mark as entertainers with their work in television dramas for GMA Network.

Continue reading as we discover the roles of Geoff Eigenmann’s siblings in their lives.

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Who Are AJ And Ryan Eigenmann?

Ryan Eigenmann is a distinguished Filipino actor who has graced both the big and small screens with his compelling performances.

His notable works include roles in films such as “Ang Panday” and memorable appearances in television series like “The Half Sisters” in 2014 and the groundbreaking “My Husband’s Lover” in 2013.

With a career spanning several genres, Ryan has proven his versatility and garnered a devoted fanbase.

Geoff Eigenmann, like his elder sibling, has made significant contributions to Philippine entertainment.

His presence in popular TV series including “Kahit Puso’y Masugatan” in 2012 and “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” has solidified his status as a prominent figure in the industry.

AJ and Ryan Eigenmann
Ryan Eigenmann with Gabby and Sid discussed parenting tips. (Source: PEP)

The youngest of the three brothers, A.J. Eigenmann, has also carved out his niche in the acting scene.

With a diverse filmography, including roles in movies like “Asintado” in 2014 and “Ang Huling Henya” in 2013, A.J. has showcased his ability to inhabit a wide range of roles.

Together, the Eigenmann brothers form a formidable force in the Philippine entertainment sector, each contributing their unique style and flair to the showbiz.

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Geoff Eigenmann Siblings Age Gap Revealed

Actor Geoff Eigenmann has not only left an indelible mark on the industry himself, but he has also passed on his talent to his two accomplished siblings: Ryan and A.J. Eigenmann.

Reportedly, Ryan Eigenmann was born on February 23, 1978, and is the eldest among the siblings. He is currently 46 years old.

Similarly, Geoff Eigenmann was born on March 23, 1985, and is the middle child. Hence, he is currently 39 years old. 

The youngest of the three, A.J. Eigenmann, was born on December 17, 1988, and is 35 years old as of this writing.

Speaking of their age difference, Ryan and the youngest one AJ have a ten-year age difference, while Geoff is only seven years junior to Ryan. While Geoff and AJ have only three years of age gap. 

Despite the notable age difference, the three brothers share a tight-knit bond, supporting each other’s careers and celebrating their accomplishments in the industry. 

Geoff Eigenmann Siblings Wikipedia 

Geoff Eigenmann’s two accomplished brothers, Ryan and A.J. Eigenmann have made significant contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry.

With a prolific career spanning films and television shows, Ryan has garnered a devoted following for his compelling performances.

Who Are AJ And Ryan Eigenmann wikipedia
Who Are AJ And Ryan Eigenmann? Ryan is a family man, clicking pictures with his wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

AJ and Ryan Eigenmann stand as distinguished figures in Philippine cinema, known for their exceptional contributions to the industry.

All, three AJ, Geoff, and Ryan Eigenmann are children of Gina Alajar, a celebrated access in the Philippine film industry.

Following in their mother’s footsteps, each of Gina Alajar’s children has carved out a unique path in the entertainment sector, exemplifying the artistic legacy of their talented mother.

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