Is Parker Schnabel Gay, Or Does He Have A Wife? Sexuality Dating Life And Family

Parker Schnabel Gay

Many fans want to know whether Parker Schnabel Gay or not. Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner and reality television personality best known for appearing on the popular reality TV series Gold Rush and its spinoff Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.  

Schnabel has been a part of the series since its 2010 premiere. Although appearing in a few episodes in the first season, he rapidly won over fans.

While a young miner, he’s serious about searching for gold. Schnabel is well known for his angry temperament and blunt attitude. 

When “Gold Rush” first aired, He was featured in several episodes, but the main focus of the show at this time was on his grandfather, John. His grandfather retired during Season 2 of the program and transferred the business to his grandson Parker, who has continued to have a bigger part in the show ever since. 

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Is Parker Schnabel Gay Or Does He Have A Wife? Sexuality – Revealed

As he was single, Parker Schnabel was thought to be gay. The idea that he was gay, however, was dispelled when he began dating Ashley Yule.

Ashley Youle, Schnabel’s girlfriend, joined the “Gold Rush” cast in Season 8, making it one of the most intriguing additions to the program in recent memory. They first met in 2016, and Yule soon joined her new partner in reality television.  

Parker Schnabel Gay
Parker Schnabel and his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle. (Source: Channel Guide)

She was a part of the series for a few episodes, but she was not there when Season 9 started, which means they had broken up.

Parker discussed his breakup on a show on the Discovery Channel on March 18, 2018. He acknowledged that he was the reason for the breakup since he did not give Ashley enough time and did not prioritize her when she needed it. 

In 2023, he is still single, and once more, his followers want to know if he is gay. The gold miner hasn’t provided any information about his relationship, though. 

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Parker Schnabel Dating History

Ashley Youle, a participant in the seventh season of Gold Rush who became well-known for her long connection with Parker Schnabel, was Parker’s ex-girlfriend.
Also, she works as a nurse. However, they parted ways after some time.

After that, another rumor was that the gold miner was dating his co-star Tyler Mahoney. She was introduced on  “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.”

Fans of the Discovery Channel were persuaded that he was dating this co-star. But the news had not been official, Both the gold miners had not given any information about dating each other. 

 Meet Parker Schnabel Family 

The truth is that Ashley Yule, with whom Parker was in a relationship, did not work for either of them. As of now, Parker claims that he is more concerned with his duties and his family’s business. 

The gold miner, Parker Schnabel, was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel on July 22, 1994. He was raised in Alaska’s Porcupine Creek with his brother, Payson Schnabel.

 He is of white ethnicity, measures 1.75m tall, and weighs about 75 KG. He is a Catholic. He completed high school but chose to work in the family business instead of enrolling in college. 

Parker Schnabel Gay
Schnabel posted a picture with his brother and late grandpa wishing him a happy birthday. (Source: Instagram)

He had a college fund set in his name, which allowed him to attend essentially any university without any financial difficulty. But, Parker utilized that money to finance his mining operation. Instead of studying, Parker explored in search of a buried treasure. 

The Big Nugget Mine was started by his paternal grandfather, John Schnabel, a fellow Gold Rush star. John Schnabel, his grandfather, died in 2016 at 96. 

His grandson Parker thanked the show’s fans for their support during this difficult time on Twitter after his grandfather passed away. Parker wrote that John had a wonderful life and was special. John worked as a miner from 1984 until he died in 2014. 

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