Eddie Hall Arrest Charged: Is He Arrested Again In 2023? DUI Charge

Eddie Hall Arrest

Why is Eddie Hall arrest charged? The latest news regarding the retired professional strongman is unveiled. Fans are speculating that he is behind the jail on DUI charges in 2023.

Edward Stephen Hall is an English television presenter and retired professional strongman.

He is best known for acquiring the World’s Strongest Man title in 2017 as well as multiple UK and English Strongest Man titles.

Hall set a world record for the 500-kg deadlift in 2016, regarded as one of the most significant lifts in strongman history.

He has presented the food series “Eddie Eats America” and appeared in the History Channel’s “The Strongest Man in History.”

In 2022, Hall boxed Thor Björnsson in a heavyweight bout dubbed the heaviest match ever. He will make his acting debut as an extra in the 2023 film Expendables.

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Why Is Eddie Hall Arrest Charged?

A viral TikTok video in 2022 sparked much attention around former World’s Strongest Man Eddie getting arrested.

The video shows the television presenter confronted by police officers in an unexpected situation.

This caused a mix of surprise and amusement among his fans, leading to many online discussions about the “Eddie Hall Arrest.”

In the video, he said he was going to the gym when a driver cut him off and yelled at him. To get back at the driver, he admits he may have “accidentally” used his tanker truck to damage the man’s car.

Despite this explanation, the police said Hall was driving dangerously and needed to be arrested.

Eddie Hall Arrest
Eddie Hall’s arrest news took the internet by storm in 2022. (Source: YouTube)

The video shows the large Hall cooperating as he is handcuffed, searched, and taken to the police car. Fans find it shocking but funny to see someone as big and strong as him get arrested.

Many fans think the rude driver deserved what happened since he messed with the former strongman. Some also say the cops tried to arrest someone as vast and powerful as the TV personality.

Overall, the video shows a unique situation for people where Stephen’s strength collided with the law. It highlights the difference between his fame and power and routine law enforcement.

Eddie Hall Arrest: Is He Behind The Bars Again In 2023?

Contrary to speculation, the prominent English television host will not face arrest in 2023.

However, new developments have emerged regarding the charges brought against him in 2022, adding an unexpected turn to the ongoing legal case.

While the TikTok video made it seem he was genuinely arrested in 2022, he later clarified it was just a stunt.

The angry driver was an actor the former strongman hired for the bit through his Expendables movie set connections. The “arrest” was staged for entertainment and engagement on his social media.

Eddie Hall Arrest
Eddie Hall’s arrest was just a stunt done by him. (Source: YouTube)

After the prank video went viral, he explained that fans had requested he use his new tanker to crush cars.

The television presenter created this fake arrest scenario for TikTok as a hilarious way to deliver on that fan request. So while it appeared pretty real, he confirmed he was not arrested again in 2023.

Eddie Hall Arrest On DUI Charge

In 2021, Eddie was previously arrested and charged with DUI (driving under the influence).

Footage showed the presenter shirtless and bloodied following a car crash in which he drove his £140,000 BMW off the road straight into a residential hedge.

Witnesses said he was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol following the dramatic crash.

Eddie Hall Arrest
Eddie Hall has a YouTube channel, Eddie Hall The Beast, which has videos of strongman commentary, training, fitness and food challenges. (Sources: THE US Sun)

He was later found guilty of the DUI charge and driving without insurance. Furthermore, he received a 22-month driving ban and a community service sentence.

The 2021 incident was his only actual serious arrest, making this latest 2022 “arrest” quite different as it was staged for social media entertainment.

He fooled many fans into thinking he was again in trouble with the law before clarifying that it was fictional.

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