Is Morgan Ortagus Jewish? Religion Age And Husband Revealed

Morgan Ortagus

Morgan Ortagus is a former United States Department of State spokesperson and a current television commentator and political advisor. As a highly respected public figure, many people have questioned is Morgan Ortagus Jewish.

Prior to joining the State Department, Ortagus worked in finance and as a public affairs officer in the United States Navy Reserve.

She was a contributor and guest host for various news networks, including Fox News, ABC News, and CNN.

In 2019, Ortagus was appointed the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, serving under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

She resigned from the position in 2020 and has since returned to her work as a television host and commentator.

Is Morgan Ortagus Jewish? Religion revealed

To answer that question, yes, Morgans is Jewish. But she was not born Jewish but rather converted herself to Jewish.

Ortagus’s journey to Judaism began in 2007 when she was working as a public affairs officer at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Baghdad, Iraq.

Morgan Ortagus
Morgan Ortagus with her co-workers. (Source: Instagram)

She stated living in a war zone made her realize that she needed to find some religion. She started exploring Judaism with the help of a rabbi who was deployed in Iraq.

Ortagus continued her studies after returning to the United States and met Weinberger, a lawyer and a practicing Jew, in 2010.

She is also a convert to Judaism, having undergone a Conservative conversion in 2013 before marrying her husband.

Ortagus revealed she feels at home in Judaism and enjoys celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions with her husband and their daughter.

She also states she admires the Jewish values of education, family, and community service.

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Morgan Ortagus Age – how old is she?

Morgan Ortagus was born in Auburndale, Florida on July 10, 1982. She is 41 years old as of 2023.

 Morgan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and was interested in music and politics from a young age.

Morgan Ortagus
Morgan Ortagus with her daughter Adina. (Source: Instagram)

She graduated from Florida Southern College with a Bachelor of Science in political science in 2005 and earned two master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University.

Ortagus started her career as a public affairs officer at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where she spent several months in Baghdad, Iraq.

She then joined the United States Department of the Treasury as a deputy attaché and intelligence analyst, focusing on illicit finance issues.

Morgan also worked as a press secretary and campaign staffer for various Republican politicians, including K.T. McFarland and Jeb Bush.

In 2019, President Donald Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo appointed Ortagus as the spokesperson for the United States Department of State.

Ortagus is also a media personality who has appeared as a national security contributor on Fox News and other outlets.

She advocates for women’s empowerment and education and serves on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations.

Morgan Ortagus Husband – who is he?

Morgan is married to Jonathan Ross Weinberger, an executive vice president of Veedims, a company that makes power and data-control systems for vehicles and buildings.

Weinberger has also served in various government positions, including as a White House associate general and executive secretary on trade and as the executive secretary of the United States Treasury.

Morgan Ortagus Jewish
Morgan Ortagus with her husband at the at the LogCabinGOP gala. (Source: Twitter)

Ortagus and Weinberger tied the knot on May 11, 2013, in a Jewish ceremony officiated by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court in Washington.

Ortagus and Weinberger live in Washington, D.C., with their two dogs. They have a daughter named Adina.

They are both active in philanthropic causes, such as supporting veterans and promoting education.

They are also avid travelers and have visited many countries around the world.

Morgan Ortagus has a net worth estimated to be $4 million as of 2023. She has earned wealth from government service, media appearances, and other endeavors. 

Morgan is one of the most influential and respected women in the field of national security and foreign policy.

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