Ryker Tiktok Drama – What Happened To Her? Age And Case Details

Ryker Tiktok Drama

Ryker Tiktok Drama went viral on the internet as someone from the United States sent a package to her house. Ryker is a TikTok star who is a lesbian and talks for the LGBTQ community and known for her funny skits and lip sync videos.

As an influencer in social media, it does not necessarily require millions and millions of followers in their social media accounts to impact the internet.

TikTok contains many influencers with low followers who are unbelievably driving the trend on the platform more than those with fame and millions of followers.

Ryker is one of those influencers who stands amongst the LGBTQ community. She got famous on the platform due to her comedic and lip-synced videos that got the attention of many people.

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Ryker TikTok Drama – What Happened To Her?

The video of Ryker was re-posted and shared on Reddit, which was quite a scary situation if that situation was the truth. Melissa shared a video where she said that Ryker told her why she left TikTok because an anonymous person sent a package to her house, which was sent to her from America.

Ryker Tiktok Drama
Ryker’s picture take at Toronto, Ontario. (Source: Instagram)

The main reason for concern was the package that got delivered to her home address, not to her P O box address. Few knew her home address or her close one only. Melissa also said the package contained a Fentanyl powder, and Ryker’s daughter touched the powder.

She also said that the daughter opened the package as she was excited to look at what the package contained, and the powder spread everywhere. The person who knows what fentanyl is knows who much dangerous the powder is and can kill anyone with few amount.

So, Melissa said if anyone is curious about why Ryker is not posting on TikTok, now it is obvious her daughter was threatened and could have died. The reason is quite self-explanatory about the reason.

Ryker Age

The actual age of Ryker is not specified on any online platforms yet. She disappeared after the package was to her home address incident, where an anonymous person sent fentanyl, and her daughter opened the package.

Ryker Tiktok Drama
Most recent picture of Ryker. (Source: Instagram)

Ryker’s fans and well-wishers were outrageous after discovering the allegations of someone sending fentanyl to her. Since she disappeared from social media, followers were sadden and expressed gratitude for her departure from TikTok.

Many users on TikTok post videos where they pray for justice and a jail sentence for the alleged person. Some other influencers are also disguised as sending that substance to Ryker’s daughter and expressing anger on those sleazy trolls.

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Her account on TikTok has more than 330k followers and more than 5 million likes. However, her account is made private for now.

Ryker TikTok – Case Details

Ryker is a Canadian TikTok star, and the reason her name is popular is not just because of her post or comedic videos. It is quite the opposite of what everyone could expect; she has not posted on her TikTok recently and was a concern for her followers.

Ryker Tiktok Drama
Ryker with her daughter. (Source: Instagram)

The package of fentanyl went from the United States to Canada without any hassle directly to her home address, which she never publicized. There were very few people with her home address close to her.

According to medical science, fentanyl is 100 times more dangerous than morphine and 50 times more than that heroin, which is extremely dangerous.

In short, social media personalities are a hot topic for discussion every day as the stars know how to entertain their fandom by creating content they like and are relatable to, as also various challenge videos.

Ryker’s mother later shared a video regarding the drama and said that Ryker left the social media for her safety and her daughter’s.

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