Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant In 2023? Nicole Ari Parker Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant

Is Lisa Todd Wexley pregnant in “And Just Like That” in 2023? Fans of the show eagerly await to know if Nicole Ari Parker’s weight gain or if she has a baby bump.

As Lisa Todd Wexley, Nicole Ari Parker captivates the audience with her compelling performance in “And Just Like That.”

With a long-standing presence in the film industry, her talent has been recognized and admired for years.

Parker made her artistic debut in the critically praised independent film The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, and she later appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights.

Moreover, her filmography includes Blue Streak, Remember the Titans, Brown Sugar, Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, Black Dynamite, and Almost Christmas.

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Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant In 2023? Nicole Ari Parker Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

And Just Like That” has made its highly anticipated return to Max with its second season, treating fans to more drama and excitement.

The show graced screens once again on June 22, 2023, and viewers couldn’t be more thrilled.

Fans of the show are questioning ” Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant.”

The answer is yes, and the series’ character, Lisa Todd Wexley, gets pregnant, which adds a new layer of complexity to the storyline.

Lisa receives an offer from PBS to turn her documentary into a series, and she falls asleep at her computer due to exhaustion.

She falls asleep again while preparing for Herbert’s campaign fundraiser, resulting in another crisis.

They continue arguing about priorities until Lisa admits that she has been tired because she is pregnant, which surprises and delights Herbert.

Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant
Lisa Todd Wexley from “And Just Like That” reveals she is pregnant. (Image source: Twitter)

As news spread questioning “Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant,” online communities delved into discussions about the likelihood of the actress being pregnant off-screen.

Despite the rumors, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that the actress is expecting a child, as she has remained silent on the matter, and no other credible sources have supported the claim.

While talking about her weight gain, she seems to be way too fit despite being a mother of two.

In real life, her dedication to health and fitness is admirable. At the age of 52, born in 1970, she maintains a remarkable fitness level.

Moreover, her commitment to exemplary health care sets an excellent example for others.

It’s impressive how she balances her responsibilities as a mother with her fitness routine.

Nicole Ari Parker Is a mother of Two

Nicole Ari Parker has been on television for many years, and throughout that time, she has been married twice and has two children with her second partner.

In March 2001, she got married to actor Joseph Falasca.

Unfortunately, later that year, their short-lived marriage only lasted a few months, and they divorced

Later, in May 2005, Nicole married Boris Kodjoe, an actor. He has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time.

He may be best known to some for playing Jason in the film Love & Basketball.

Nicolas Kodjoe and Sophie Kodjoe, born in March 2005 and October 2006, respectively, are two of her children from her relationship with him.

Nicole frequently posts pictures of Nicholas and Sophie on her social media handles.

Is Lisa Todd Wexley Pregnant
Nicole Ari Parker is blessed with two children, Nicolas and Sophie. (Image source: Facebook)

Besides playing basketball, Nicolas enjoys playing the piano. According to his Instagram, he is as obsessed with the family dog Teddy as Nicole.

During an interview with Southbay, Nicole revealed that Sophie was born with spina bifida.

She continued by saying that despite their daughter’s physical challenges, she and Boris remained unwavering in supporting her goals.

Nicole said that Sophie finally outperformed the expectations of her medical professionals after enrolling in dancing courses and taking part in her first recital at an early age.

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