Melinda Messenger Divorce With Husband Wayne Roberts Reason

Melinda Messenger Divorce

Melinda Messenger divorce from husband Wayne Roberts in 2012 became a topic of interest, with the reasons behind their separation surfacing in recent revelations. 

In a recent interview, Melinda Messenger, the renowned former glamour model and television presenter, shared insights into the reasons behind her divorce from husband Wayne Roberts in 2012.

The disclosure provides a rare and personal perspective on the intricacies of their 14-year marriage, a journey marked by both public attention and private struggles.

Melinda’s candid revelations aim to clarify the circumstances surrounding their separation, addressing speculation.

The interview also offered readers a nuanced understanding of the challenges that can accompany long-term relationships in the public eye.

So, read till the end to learn the reason behind Melinda Messenger divorce with Wayne Robert. Also, learn how they are handling and spending time with their children.

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Melinda Messenger Divorce With Husband Wayne Roberts Reason

In a candid interview on May 1, 2008, Melinda Messenger and Wayne Roberts offered a rare glimpse into the reasons behind their separation.

Setting the record straight, Melinda’s agent, Jaine Brent, emphasized that the interview was not driven by financial gains but aimed to dispel tabloid-created falsehoods.

One such unfounded claim was that Wayne’s disapproval of their children’s Steiner education catalyzed their marital discord.

Melinda and Wayne vehemently dismissed this assertion, with Brent expressing their frustration at the inaccurate media portrayals.

Fast forward to November 26, 2012, and Melinda, in an exclusive interview, dropped the bombshell of her separation from Wayne in July of that year.

Melinda Messenger Divorce
Melinda Messenger Divorce: Melinda Messenger shared insights into the reasons behind their separation. (Source: Daily Mail)

The couple, who had previously weathered a temporary split in 2008, admitted to having grown too far apart despite concerted efforts to salvage their marriage.

Melinda shared insights into their amicable separation, highlighting their enduring care and love for each other.

The focus shifted to their shared commitment to nurturing a positive family dynamic for the sake of their three children.

As the narrative unfolded, Melinda, seemingly untroubled by the prospect of entering her forties, maintained a positive outlook on the future.

Despite their separation, the couple continued to explore ways to spend family time together, exemplified by planned vacations and shared experiences.

In a subsequent interview on February 25, 2021, Melinda shed light on the evolving dynamics post-divorce.

She characterized Wayne as feeling more like a family member, akin to a cousin, underscoring the depth of their continued connection.

Despite leading separate lives – Wayne in Devon and Melinda elsewhere – they remained united in their dedication to co-parenting and ensuring the well-being of their children.

As the story stands, Melinda Messenger and Wayne Roberts navigate the complexities of post-divorce life, focusing on preserving a positive family unit.

Melinda Messenger is Engaged to Dr. Raj Joshi

In a delightful turn of events, former glamour model and TV presenter Melinda Messenger has shared the joyous news of her engagement to survival expert Dr. Raj Joshi.

Their love story unfolded during the filming of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins in Vietnam in September 2022, where Dr. Joshi served as the medic.

Despite their initial encounter being far from glamorous, with Melinda visiting him during the shoot covered in the challenges of the wilderness, their connection deepened over time.

Dr. Joshi, an accomplished expedition leader and doctor with a history of involvement in BBC documentaries and humanitarian projects, proposed during a trip to New Zealand.

Melinda Messenger Divorce
Melinda Messenger has found new joy as she announces her engagement after going through a divorce. (Source: Uk Mirror)

The couple, who plan to marry in 2024, celebrated the Maori New Year, Matariki, during this special occasion.

This engagement marks a significant chapter in Melinda’s life after divorcing Wayne Roberts, with whom she shares three children.

Despite past relationships and challenges, Melinda’s journey takes a heartwarming turn with her newfound love and engagement with Dr. Raj Joshi.

Although when they’ll get married has not been decided, it’s clear they’re super happy together.

Given how things are going, wedding bells might ring sooner rather than later!

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