Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra Family And Siblings

Joey Calcaterra

Joey Calcaterra is a basketball player who plays for the University of Connecticut. People are curious to learn about the topic “Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra.” Please read the article below to learn more about his personal and professional life. 

Joey Calcaterra has become one of college basketball’s rising stars due to his exceptional performances for UConn.

He has shown a remarkable ability to hit three-pointers from “way downtown” and make clutch plays, such as catching and scoring in one fluid motion.

Calcaterra’s leadership skills and team-oriented approach have been critical to UConn’s success, including their 16-0 run against Marquette and program record of 17 triples against Oregon.

His capability of delivering results when the stakes are high has been proven by his assistance in UConn’s journey to the Final Four in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra?

No, Joey Calcaterra is not related to Grant Calcaterra. Despite having the same last name and being athletes, they come from different families and parts of the United States.

While Grant Calcaterra plays football for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL), Joey Calcaterra plays basketball for the University of Connecticut.

Despite their different sports and career paths, athletes with the same last name are frequently mistakenly assumed to be related.

However, it is essential to note that family ties do not always influence a person’s athletic ability or career choices. In the case of Joey and Grant Calcaterra, their shared passion for sports may be a coincidence rather than a familial connection.

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Joey Calcaterra Family

Joey Calcaterra was born on October 15, 1998, in Novato, California, to his parents, Rich and Wendy Calcaterra.

Joey Calcaterra’s parents have supported their son’s professional development and are proud to see him succeed. Furthermore, the basketball player comes from a loving and supportive family.

Joey Calcaterra
Joey Calcaterra With His Family. (Source: Instagram)

He spent his formative years in California, where he developed a strong passion for basketball at a young age.

This passion embedded itself deep within him at a tender age and drove him to join his high school team where he could enhance this gift even further, ultimately leading up towards two outstanding achievements: competing professionally as part of Cal Lutheran and then San Francisco State teams.

Despite being in his youth, Joey has already cemented a reputation amongst those who follow basketball avidly.

He is renowned for his exceptional abilities to handle the ball and for having an instantaneous response rate while on the court.

It will be thrilling to witness his future accomplishments as he furthers his growth and skill development, with unwavering support from his family every step of the way.

Joey Calcaterra Siblings

Joey Calcaterra, the youngest of three brothers, has emerged as a prominent player in college basketball thanks to his exceptional scoring abilities and leadership skills on the court.

However, his success is not solely attributed to his innate talent and hard work. His older brothers, Frankie and Nick, who are also passionate about basketball, have significantly shaped Joey’s career path.

Is Joey Calcaterra Related To Grant Calcaterra
Grant Calcaterra spends quality time with his two brothers and one sister. (source: Instagram)

Frankie Calcaterra, Joey’s elder brother, was a star player and team captain at Cal Lutheran, where he played college basketball.

Nick Calcaterra, Joey’s other older brother, was known for his sharpshooting skills and determination while playing at San Francisco State.

Their collective love and enthusiasm for basketball have helped Joey pursue his dreams and emerge as a rising star in the sport.

The Calcaterra brothers share a strong bond nurtured through their love for basketball. Joey is proud to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and carry on the family legacy in the sport, with Frankie and Nick cheering him on every step.

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