Is James Bouknight Arrested Again In 2023: Arrest Charges And Sentence

James Bouknight Arrested

Is James Bouknight arrested again in 2023? Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding the young basketball talent contribute to his arrest charges and controversy. 

James David Bouknight is an emerging basketball star. Likewise, he is renowned for his exceptional skills and impressive contributions to the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA.

Bouknight’s noteworthy journey to NBA stardom commenced during his college basketball days. Similarly, he began his college basketball career with the UConn Huskies.

Here, Bouknight showed his remarkable talent and unwavering work ethic. Hence, he was able to capture the hearts of several basketball enthusiasts.

Despite his fame within the boundary of sports, Bouknight remains enigmatic about his personal affair, shrouding it in mystery.

This intentional seclusion leaves fans and curious onlookers intrigued and eager to uncover the secrets of Bouknight’s arrest news.

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Is James Bouknight Arrested In 2023: Where Is He Now?

As suggested by ESPN, Charlotte Hornets guard James Bouknight was found unconscious and intoxicated. Likewise, reports mentioned that he was holding a gun with his vehicle in drive.

Hence, Bouknight was arrested on Sunday morning on DWI charges. The facts came from Charlotte Mecklenburg County Police.

James Bouknight Arrested Charges
James Bouknight Arrested: The Hornets star released an injury update following knee surgery. (Source: clutchpoints)

As per the new details on Bouknight’s arrest, Bouknight passed out in his vehicle in a Charlotte parking lot on Sunday morning. Hence, his car blocked the traffic way.

Reportedly, officers found Bouknight unconscious inside the vehicle with the engine running and in the drive.

As mentioned in the reports, Bouknight had the handgun in his hands. Officers also revealed tha the basketball star refused to comply with the joint once Bouknight was awakened.

Also, the basketball guard appeared confused for several minutes. Then, he ate leftover food inside his vehicle and then crashed into two police cars. Bouknight also left the car and was detained. 

Similarly, a breathalyzer test confirmed Bouknight’s blood-alcohol level was 0.14, highly exceeding North Carolina’s legal limit of 0.08.

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James Bouknight Arrested: Charges And Sentence

Basketball guard James Bouknight was not charged for possession of a gun.

Open carry is permitted in some cases as per North Carolina law. The firearm is sometimes considered legal. Also, Bouknight had a pending concealed carry permit.

Bouknight later confessed that he had approximately four tequila shots before driving home.

James was placed under arrest for DWI since he was intoxicated in a public area and behind the wheel of a vehicle driving in the traffic way.

Hence, Bouknight was charged a bond of $2,500. Also, the basketball guard was set to appear in court to answer the DWI charges on 10 November. 

As mentioned in court documents obtained from the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Superior Court, Bouknight also faced pending charges for three other incidents.

Bouknight is due in court on 29 November on charges of speeding, wanton disregard, and reckless driving.

Moreover, the basketball guard has a court date on 6 December for speeding and reckless driving to endanger. Besides, Bouknight has a court date on 13 December for wanton disregard and reckless driving.

James Bouknight Latest Update

Basketball star James Bouknight’s discretion regarding his personal life speaks volumes about his unwavering commitment to basketball.

In 2023, James’s latest life update remains private and devoid of romantic entanglements.

There is no evidence of his notable controversy. Also, on Instagram, he reveals no personal details.

The shortage of the latest updates regarding his personal life underscores his current status as a clear focus on his basketball career.

James Bouknight Arrested Update
James Bouknight Arrested: The basketball star might reveal more about his personal life as time passes. (Source: oklahoman)

With a promising career ahead, Bouknight seems to prioritize his athletic aspirations over unwanted controversies and involvements.

Athletic dedication is common among athletes. Also, Bouknight’s demanding schedules and rigorous training require undivided focus.

It is crucial to note that not all sports stars choose to make their personal lives public, and the NBA athlete who values their privacy appears to be the same.

Bouknight’s decision to maintain this aspect of his life in secrecy showcases his commitment to shielding his private matters from the scrutiny of public controversies.

As a young sportsman with a promising future, James deserves the space to prioritize his professional career without unnecessary distractions.

Bouknight’s heart lies on the basketball court, as he deliberately keeps his personal life out of the spotlight, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the beautiful game.

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