Steve Raible Wife Illness: Sharon Raible’s Lupus And Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease

Steve Raible Wife Illness

Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding Steve Raible wife illness shed light on the factors contributing to her diagnosis of lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis disease.

Raible is a famous play-by-play radio commentator for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL (National Football League).

Raible also served as a weeknight news anchor for KIRO 7 in 1993 in Seattle, Washington. However, he retired in 2020.

Moreover, Steve played as a wide receiver for the Seahawks. Similarly, he stood by the team in their first six seasons.

Steven Carl Raible was born on June 2, 1954. Likewise, he hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

Raible completed his graduation from Trinity High School in 1972. Also, he began his college football career, playing for Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Raible served his duties as a tight end and wide receiver in the wishbone offense. Also, he played under head coach Pepper Rodgers.

The favorite commentator won five Regional Emmy Awards, including two for “best anchor.”

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Steve Raible Wife Illness Update

Reportedly, Steve Raible’s wife, Sharon Raible, is coping with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis disease.

As suggested by medical experts, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and lupus are categorized as autoimmune diseases.

The medical condition results from the immune system mistakenly attacking the self-body. Likewise, people with RA have an immune system that mainly goes after their joints.

Also, the case is similar for at least 2 out of every three people with lupus.

However, there is no current illness update regarding Sharon Raible.

Similarly, longtime Seattle broadcaster Steve Raible announced his retirement as a news anchor at KIRO in 2020. His wife’s illness seems to have played a significant role in his decision to retire.

Beyond Raible’s journey, the former Seahawks receiver has actively contributed to the cancer community.

Likewise, he and his wife have supported Cancer Pathways, a nonprofit organization.

Steve Raible Wife Illness update
Steve Raible Wife Illness: The former Seahawks receiver and his wife on the 20th Anniversary Captains. (Source: Cancer Pathways)

The married couple also intended to travel and spend more time together after Raible’s retirement.

Moreover, given Sharon’s challenges during Steve’s late-night shifts and long working hours, he decided to retire and spend more time with his wife.

Besides, Steve and Sharon were co-captains for Cancer Pathways’ 20th Anniversary year.

Having faced challenges from his wife, Raible also understands the importance of community health organizations like Cancer Pathways. 

Raible and his wife have been involved in events, including cancer survivor fashion shows. Also, the two use their platform to raise awareness and support for those affected by disease.

Raible and Sharon’s commitment to the cancer community highlights their compassion and dedication to positively impacting society.

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Sharon Raible has Lupus And Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease

In 2020, former Seahawks receiver Steve Raible revealed that his wife, Sharon, has been coping with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis diseases.

Also, his wife’s diagnosis of the condition played a significant role in Raible’s decision to retire.

Likewise, the medical condition causes mild symptoms like fever, weight loss, and dry eyes. Eventually, it causes pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Moreover, RA can cause joints to become misshapen.

Hence, the couple intended to spend more time together, mainly given the challenges Sharon faced during Steve’s late-night working hours. 

Meet Steve Raible Wife Sharon Raible

Steve Raible tied the knot with Sharon Raible. Likewise, the romantic couple has been married for 39 years.

In 2020, the talented Seattle broadcaster announced his retirement as a KIRO news anchor. He was only 65 years old at the time.

Steve Raible Wife
Steve Raible Wife Illness: The longtime Seattle broadcaster worked as a news anchor at Kiro. (Source: The Seattle Times)

However, not much about the former Seahawks receiver regarding his wife and her background is revealed. 

Reportedly, Steve made his retirement decision to spend more time with his wife, especially considering her health challenges.

Despite stepping back from his role as an anchor, Raible continues as the Seahawks’ radio play-by-play commentator.

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