Is Brian Cornell Gay? Target CEO Sexuality And Partner

Brian Cornell

Is Brian Cornell Gay has been the most searched topic on the internet and people are curious to know more about his sexual orientation. This article will provide you with insight into his sexuality and his partner.

Brian Cornell is an American businessman. He serves as Target Corporation’s chairman and chief executive officer (CEO).

From 2004 until 2007, the entrepreneur served as Safeway Inc.’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

The businessman was granted “The Visionary” award, presented annually to “an outstanding retail industry leader” by the National Retail Federation for 2022.

Moreover, the CEO of Target has been gaining a lot of media attention. And along with his rising fame, many are curious to know more about his personal life as well.

Is Brian Cornell Gay? – Target CEO Sexuality

Recently, there has been a rumor circulating that the businessman is gay. However, he has not addressed the rumors yet.

As per sources, he is a straight man. It is unclear where the rumor started, but it seems like people on the internet have been spreading the news as a harmless joke.

Is Brian Cornell gay
When visiting Target shops, Cornell occasionally questions customers about their purchasing experiences. (Source: Target Corporate)

However, we need to understand that, being a sensitive topic, such a joke may have a negative impact on some people’s emotions.

Moreover, it seems like, despite not being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, the CEO of Trag is a supporter of the community.

Further more, the entrepreneur has a strong opinion on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how they can help in the growth of a business.

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Brian Cornell Partner

The CEO of Target is a married man. And many are curious to know more about his supportive partner.

The businessman took his wedding vows with his loving bride, Martha. As per the sources, the two met in college and have been together since then.

Brian accompanied his wife Martha to the Victoria Beckham Target Launch Event, despite the fact that it is unusual to see them together being photographed by the media.

Brian Cornell
The Brian Cornell with his supportive wife, Martha Cornell. (Source: SMHF)

The entrepreneur’s wife has kept her profile low and does not often enjoy the spotlight on her personal life. Thus, information about her professional and personal lives is unknown.

Moreover, the pair together have two children: a daughter named Megan Cornell and a son named Jonathan Cornell.

According to, the couple’s adult son, Jonathon, is married to the stunning Allison Nase. After dating for 2.5 years, Jonathan and Allison were united in marriage on November 21, 2016.

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Brian Cornell Net worth – explored

According to celebrity net worth, the businessman’s net worth is $80 million. He is listed as the richest businessman.

The entrepreneur serves as Target Corporation’s chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). He also serves as Yum! Brands’ non-executive chairman.

Brian Cornell
The American entrepreneur serves on the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s museum council as well as Catalyst’s board of directors. (Source: Business Insider)

Gregg Steinhafel was succeeded as chairman and CEO of Target by Cornell in August 2014. His leadership approach is both data-driven and active.

In addition, the businessman has closed the loss-making Target Canada during his leadership. He was selected “Business CEO of the Year” by CNN in 2019.


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