Sebastian Maniscalco Sister: Who Is Jessica? Parents And Family

Sebastian Maniscalco Sister

As the well-known comedian continues to make a positive impact on and off the stage, Sebastian Maniscalco sister, Jessica Dadon, is an integral part of his life and career.

Sebastian Maniscalco is an American stand-up comedian and actor from Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Maniscalco began performing at open mics while working as a waiter at the Four Seasons Hotel. He gained recognition through his performances at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

Aside from his stand-up career, Maniscalco has also contributed doing supporting roles in films such as “Green Book”, where he played Johnny Venere, and “The Irishman” (2019), portraying “Crazy” Joe Gallo.

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Sebastian Maniscalco Sister: Who Is Jessica?

Jessica Dadon is the sister of known stand-up comedian and actor, Sebastian Maniscalco. While she may not be as well-known as her brother, Jessica plays an important role in Sebastian’s life and has her own unique identity.

Born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Jessica was raised in a working-class family with Italian immigrant parents.

While Sebastian has pursued a comedy career, Jessica has carved her path, embracing her Italian heritage and enjoying family gatherings centered around food and laughter.

Sebastian Maniscalco Sister
Sebastian Maniscalco with his sister, Jessica on her wedding day (Source: Facebook)

Jessica has also earned appearances on her brother’s Instagram, showcasing their close bond as siblings.

Jessica’s wedding day was a special moment in her life, and Sebastian took to social media to celebrate their sibling bond and share a beautiful picture of her on that special occasion.

While she may not seek the same level of fame as her brother, Jessica’s presence and support have undoubtedly been the closest to her.

Who Are Sebastian Maniscalco Parents?

Sebastian Maniscalco’s parents, Salvatore Maniscalco, and Rose Maniscalco, played a significant role in shaping the comedian’s life and career.

He was born to Italian immigrant parents on July 8, 1973, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Sebastian grew up in a traditional Italian household.

His father, Salvatore, worked as a hairstylist, while his mother, Rose, served as a secretary.

Throughout his comedy acts, Sebastian often shares humorous stories about his parents, showcasing their old-school love and the impact they had on his upbringing.

Sebastian Maniscalco Sister
Sebastian Maniscalco with his parents at an event (Source: Instagram)

Through his storytelling and observational humor, he connects with audiences by tapping into shared experiences and family dynamics.

He credits his father for instilling a strong work ethic in him, and he often mentions his mother’s cooking skills, which have inspired his passion for Italian cuisine.

Sebastian Maniscalco’s parents have played an important part in shaping his career and contributing to his success as a renowned American comedian.

Sebastian Maniscalco Family

Sebastian Maniscalco’s family is an essential part of his life and comedy. He is married to Lana Gomez since 2013, they have two children together. Their daughter, Seraphina Simone, was born in 2017, and their son, Caruso Jack, was born in 2019.

Sebastian often draws inspiration from his family for his stand-up routines, incorporating stories and humorous moments from their lives.

Lana Gomez and Sebastian met at the gym, where their shared sense of humor sparked a connection. Their relationship is characterized by a mutual appreciation for each other’s sharp humor.

Sebastian Maniscalco Sister
Sebastian Maniscalco with his wife and kids at her daughter’s birthday (Source: Instagram)

Sebastian often jokes about their different upbringings, with Lana’s Jewish background providing comedic material for his routines.

Their children, Seraphina and Caruso, have already made appearances in Sebastian’s comedy acts and on his social media platforms, displaying their comedic talents.

The Maniscalco family’s warm and light-hearted interactions create a joyful atmosphere, and their presence adds depth and relatability to Sebastian’s performances, making them even more endearing to his fans.

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