Kyte Baby CEO: Who Is Ying Liu Husband Chin Lau? Kids And Family

Kyte Baby CEO

Meet Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu and her husband Chin Lau, after facing heavy criticism over handling of employee’s maternity leave.

Ying Liu is a famous entrepreneur and CEO of Kyte Baby. Likewise, the bamboo-based clothing line produces wearable items for babies, toddlers, and adults.

Liu in her latest video revealed that Kyte Baby “prides itself” on being a “family-oriented company.”

After facing heavy backlash, the CEO would be reviewing the company’s human resources “policy and procedures,” in light of the controversial incident.

Here we look back Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu and her husband Chin Lau.

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Kyte Baby CEO: Who Is Ying Liu Husband Chin Lau?

The founder of Kyte Baby Ying Liu hails from Guangzhou, China. Liu went on to establish Kyte Baby, a bamboo-based clothing line for babies, adults, and toddlers.

Reportedly, her business struggled during its early years. However, Ying’s perseverance and leadership made Kyte Baby a success.

Now, the company is known for producing its soft, sustainable products sold online and in baby boutiques nationwide. 

Ying tied the knot with Chin Lau. Likewise, she and her husband met while working as economists in Canada.

Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu
Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu apologized to her company’s employees amid ongoing controversy. (Source: The Sun)

Liu earned a Ph.D. in economics in Canada. Eventually, she and her husband moved to Dallas-Fort Worth.

The founder and owner of Kyte Baby now lives in Southlake. Likewise, she took her first job as an interpreter and guide for American adoption groups in China.

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Meet Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu Kids And Family

Kyte Baby CEO Ying Liu revealed her inspiration for the company and raising her five children. Likewise, her children include two sons: Tin, 17, and Tone, 7, and daughters: Fe’, 14, Cee, 12, and Kei, 10.

Moreover, the clothing line founder said that being a mom often means searching for creative solutions to whatever challenges parenthood brings.

Hence, that was why Ying came up with the idea that Kyte Baby was born. 

Reportedly, Liu’s daughter Kei suffered from chronic eczema. However, pajamas made her daughter hot and uncomfortable.

Hence, Ying came up with a material to alleviate her baby’s irritation, discovering bamboo fabric. Also, the fabric had yet to make its way to the mainstream clothing market.

Ultimately, Liu began dressing her daughter in bamboo clothing and swaddled her in bamboo blankets. Hence, her daughter Kei’s skin and sleep improved after the bamboo dressing remedy.

Kyte Baby Controversy Explained: Faces A Heavy Backlash

Kyte Baby CEO and the baby clothing company face heavy backlash for a recent controversy over its remote work policy. Immediately, CEO Liu has issued apologies. 

Hey guys, it’s Ying. I wanted to hop on here to sincerely apologize to Marissa for how her parental leave was communicated and handled amid her incredible journey of adoption and starting a family.

Likewise, the children’s clothing brand was criticized for the way it handled one employee’s request to work remotely while her newborn son was treated in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The controversy came into public view after Kyte Baby CEO took to TikTok to issue an apology to the employee, identified as Marissa Hughes, whose parental leave request was rejected.

Kyte Baby CEO Controversy
Kyte Baby CEO issues an apology on TikTok amid controversy. (Source: Yahoo News)

Following the recent controversy with Kyte Baby, the founder is under scrutiny and now facing a boycott.

Even after Liu tried to reverse that decision, issuing apologies in an initial statement on the company’s TikTok account, the boycott trend seems to continue.

Amid the ongoing controversy, a GoFundMe account benefiting employee Hughes’ family has since reached beyond its goal.

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