Is Boe Sosa Arrested Again In 2023? What Did He Do?

Boe Sosa Arrested

“Boe Sosa Arrested news has garnered curiosity among his fans and followers with many wanting to learn what crime he committed. 

Boe Sosa, a 16-year-old rapper hailing from the Sacramento area, has garnered attention and risen to fame in the early 2020s with his authentic and candid lyrics reflecting life in the inner city.

Despite his young age, Boe Sosa has already made an impact in the music industry.

Starting his rap career as a teenager, Boe Sosa began releasing autobiographical songs that delve into the realities of street life and his personal experiences with incarceration.

His raw and honest approach to storytelling has resonated with audiences, attracting fans who appreciate his genuine expression.

Even at a young age, Boe Sosa’s talent and dedication have shone through.

At just 16 years old, he released notable tracks like “Off the Porch” and “Keep It Wit Me.”

These early releases showcased his lyrical prowess and garnered attention for his unique perspective on life in the inner city.

As Boe Sosa continues to develop his craft and navigate the music industry, his introspective lyrics and raw storytelling have set him apart as a rising star in the rap scene.

With his authentic voice and compelling narratives, he has captured the attention of listeners who appreciate his honest portrayal of the world around him.

Is Boe Sosa Arrested Again In 2023?

Boe Sosa, the 16-year-old rapper, faced legal troubles in 2018 when he was arrested for his alleged participation in an armed robbery.

Initially held in juvenile hall, discussions arose about potentially trying him as an adult, a move that could have resulted in a 10-year sentence.

Boe Sosa Arrested
Boe Sosa’s song titled “Lifetime Kommitment” was released in 2019. (source; mymixtapez)

However, specific details about the armed robbery and charges were not disclosed. In a recent turn of events in 2023, Boe Sosa found himself in legal turmoil once again.

On May 4, he was arrested for his alleged involvement in a stick-up the previous December, targeting three pounds of marijuana.

Although released from custody with specific conditions, including a curfew, school attendance, and testing, a court hearing was scheduled to determine whether he would be tried as an adult.

The hearing, set for May 16, resulted in his release from Juvenile Hall, with the case remaining in juvenile court.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest have raised questions about his character, especially considering his success as an artist with videos garnering millions of views.

Boe Sosa’s fate hinges on the ongoing legal proceedings, with the possibility of facing a 10-year sentence if tried as an adult.

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What Did Boe Sosa Do? 

Based on the information provided, Boe Sosa was involved in a legal incident in 2018 related to an alleged armed robbery.

The specific charges and details of the incident are not fully disclosed, but it is reported that he was arrested on suspicion of robbery by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s gang unit.

Boe Sosa Arrested
Boe Sosa has not been arrested as of 2023. (source: Youtube)

The incident in question occurred on December 10, 2017, at a gas station in Marysville.

According to reports, the suspect arranged a meeting with three individuals to purchase three pounds of marijuana.

However, upon their arrival, the suspect allegedly brandished a dark-colored handgun and robbed them of the marijuana.

The victims stated that they had advertised the marijuana for sale on Facebook, and one of them had been in contact with the suspect via Facebook Messenger to set up the meeting.

It is important to note that the case against Boe Sosa was ultimately dismissed and all charges were dropped.

This means that legally, he is not considered guilty of the alleged crime.

It is unclear what led to the dismissal of the charges, as specific details regarding the resolution of the case were not provided.

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