Bandman Kevo Before Surgery Look – Age Girlfriend And Net Worth In 2023

Bandman Kevo Before Surgery

Bandman Kevo is a rapper from Chicago who started making music in 2020. People are anxious to know about the topic “Bandman Kevo Before surgery looks.” Read the article below to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Bandman Kevo ‘s real name is Kein Ford, a rapper from Chicago. He has released several singles and has built an empire of fanbases through social media.

In addition to his rapping and music career, he has also gained attention for using Onlyfans. He has made millions from Onlyfans by sharing financial principles, blueprints, and tips with his followers.

Bandman Kevo has revealed that he has made $10 million from his Onlyfans account by sharing his unique approach of providing educational videos about finance rather than adult content.

He released images of his pre-surgery corrective lines and a video explaining that he was going through cosmetic surgery and its procedure.

Bandman Kevo Before Surgery Look

According to an interview with DJ Akademiks, Bandman Kevo revealed that he got the surgery because he felt insecure after being criticized by women about his body.

Even after getting the surgery done to get rid of his insecurity, he was still getting clowned on Twitter for getting liposuction; he said he got the surgery done because his girlfriends cheated and body-shamed him.

Bandman Kevo Before Surgery
Bandman Kevo’s stomach Before (up) and after(down) Surgery. (source: Hollywood unlocked)

He has undergone liposuction surgery to change his physical looks, specifically in his stomach area. Kevo has also posted some photos of his new looks after the surgery on his social media, admitting that he has no cosmetic plastic surgery.

Likewise, after revealing that he had liposuction surgery, he went viral. He even called out his fellow rappers for not having the bravery to do the same surgery that he did. 

Some people have expressed negative opinions about Bandman Kevo getting cosmetic surgery, while others have supported him for being open and truthful.

Although he faced insult on Twitter for getting liposuction, he stated that he is not bothered by people’s opinions and that he decided to undergo the surgery for personal reasons.

Bandman Kevo age 

Bandman Kevo was born on February 16, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, which makes him 33 years old as of 2023. He started to make music at the age of 17 years.

He attended a local elementary school in his town for primary education. After that, for his high school, he went to Chicago but walked out in 10th grade as he felt the education system, in his opinion, did not teach him how to get rich, which he urgently desired.

Bandman Kevo Before Surgery
Bandman Kevo in his crib on a sunny day. (source: Instagram)

Likewise, he completed his diploma to secure a job before starting his journey in the music industry. Then in 2020, he produced a video on his official YouTube account informing his fans about his hoax and its reason.

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Bandman Kevo girlfriend

As of 2023, Kevo is currently dating Maercedes Hatcher. The couple is not married yet but has a son they welcomed in 2020.

There is not much information about Mercedes, as Bandman Kevo has chosen to keep her information out of the media and the public.

This might be for various reasons one of the many reasons may be that he didn’t want unnecessary attention from the paparazzi and media in her private life.

It is common for public figures not to disclose personal information as they wish to maintain the level of privacy over their and their loved ones’ personal lives. 

Bandman Kevo Net Worth In 2023

Different sources have their own estimation of the Net worth of Bandman Kevo as of 2023. According to some sources, his net worth is $40 million, while other suggests t is $5 million, due to which we are unable to provide a precise estimation.

However, his net worth is most likely through his music and e-commerce. He is also known for teaching others about financial principles, creating, wealth, and making money. Primarily he makes money from performing music.

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