Why Did Remy Ma Divorce Husband Papoose? New Boyfriend And Family

Remy Ma Divorce

The rumors about Remy Ma Divorce and husband Papoose have sparked curiosity about their relationship status, potential new partners, and family dynamics.

Remy Ma, whose birth name is Reminisce Kioni Mackie, is an accomplished American rapper known for her remarkable contributions to the hip-hop genre.

Born on May 30, 1980, Remy Ma’s journey to stardom began when Big Pun, a legendary figure in the rap scene, discovered her.

Her breakthrough came as a member of Fat Joe’s group, Terror Squad, where she showcased her impressive lyrical skills.

In 2006, Remy Ma released her debut studio album, “There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story,” which achieved recognition by reaching the 33rd position on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Why Did Remy Ma Divorce Husband Papoose?

Recent reports have stirred speculation about the relationship between renowned hip-hop couple Remy Ma and Papoose.

The two are still officially married, but rumors that surfaced in September 2023 have cast a shadow on their union.

Allegations of infidelity involving Remy Ma and another rapper named Eazy The Block Captain have come to light, leading to turmoil in their marriage.

Feeling betrayed by these accusations, Papoose reportedly filed for divorce, citing the alleged cheating as the driving force behind his decision.

In the past, Remy Ma had initiated divorce proceedings, attributing the split to “irreconcilable differences” and claiming that Papoose had been unfaithful.

Remy Ma Divorce
Papoose reportedly filed for divorce due to the cheating allegations. (source: hiphopdx)

These allegations remained unaddressed by Papoose, who expressed deep sadness about the divorce news via social media.

The journey of Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship has been marked by its ups and downs.

They began their connection in 2007, solidifying their commitment in 2008 with a wedding ceremony held while Remy Ma was serving a prison sentence.

Remy Ma New Boyfriend 

Remy Ma, tMa’s celebrated rapper and member of the hip-hop duo Terror Squad, finds herself at the center of a swirling controversy amid allegations of infidelity and a rumored new relationship with battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain.

These claims have ignited a media frenzy and raised questions about the state of her marriage to fellow rapper Papoose.

The storm began in September 2023 when rumors began circulating that Remy Ma had been unfaithful to Papoose with Eazy, The Block Captain, triggering a divorce filing by Papoose.

However, Remy Ma has publicly denied these allegations and expressed a sense of “comfort” regarding the situation, leaving fans and observers perplexed about the real story.

Remy Ma Divorce
The couple has been together since 2007 and got married in 2008. (source: people)

A YouTube video further fueled the gossip mill, suggesting that Remy Ma’s purported affair with Eazy The Block Captain had been ongoing for months, with rumors even alleging a physical altercation between Papoose and Eazy over the summer.

A photograph on blogger Tasha K’s platform in September 2023 seemingly depicted Remy Ma and Eazy, The Block Captain, on a “date.”

Adding to the intrigue, a September 2023 rap battle involving Geechi Gotti saw the rapper confront Remy Ma about the infidelity allegations through his lyrics, raising questions about Papoose’s absence from the event.

It’s crucial to emphasize that these reports and rumors have not been officially confirmed by Remy Ma or Eazy The Block Captain, leaving much speculation and debate surrounding the authenticity of these claims and the future of Remy Ma’s relationship with Papoose.

Remy Ma Family

Remy Ma‘s family is a blend of love, music, and a deep bond that has weathered various storms.

The rapper, known for her formidable talent and presence in hip-hop, shares her life with her husband, Papoose, and their children.

Remy Ma and Papoose are at the heart of this family, who have been inseparable since 2007.

Their journey together led to a marriage in 2008, a commitment they upheld even during Remy Ma’s prison sentence, demonstrating the strength of their connection.

Remy Ma and Papoose welcomed two beautiful children into their lives.

Their son, Jayson, now 20 years old, has embarked on his rap career, following in the musical footsteps of his talented parents.

In December 2018, the couple celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Reminisce Mackenzie, affectionately known as the “Golden Child.”

 Remy Ma has another child from a previous relationship, adding a unique dynamic to their familial bond.

Papoose, a father figure in his own right, brings three more children into their family circle: Dejanaehemele and Destiny.

Remy Ma takes on the role of a devoted stepmother to these children, further cementing their tight-knit family.

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