Mimi Keene No Makeup And Plastic Surgery Transformation

Mimi Keene No Makeup

Sex Education actress Mimi Keene no makeup makeup look showcases her beauty with minimal cosmetics. She doesn’t use heavy makeup.

Mimi Keene is a young, skilled English actress primarily recognized for her role as Cindy William in the BBC serial series EastEnders.

Her fans additionally know her as Ruby Matthews on the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education and Nathalie in the film After Everything.

The lovely actress began her journey on stage, making her professional debut at the Royal Theatre in 2010. She also did voice work for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 video games.

Apart from the actress’ talent in the entertainment industry, her beauty is often a topic of conversation in the media. Interestingly, many of her followers have adored Mimi Keene’s no-makeup appearances. 

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Mimi Keene No Makeup

Many celebrities, including actresses, often opt for light makeup for a more natural appearance. These light looks enhance their features without appearing overly done.

Likewise, actress Mimi Keene has no makeup; makeup looks include minimal cosmetics, allowing her to embrace her natural beauty with confidence and grace.

It’s not that Mimi has no makeup, but she likes to keep it simple regarding her beauty routine, emphasizing her natural features.

Most recently, the actress shared her makeup routines with her fans, giving them insights into her beauty regimen.

Mimi Keene No Makeup
Actress Mimi Keene prefers light, natural looks. (Image source: Instagram)

In a Vogue Beauty Secrets interview, the actress admitted she’s a big fan of Glossier’s serum hybrid, Futuredew. Alongside it came several other cult-face items and brands; naturally, many have been influenced.

Mimi mentioned in her Beauty Secrets video that Glossier’s Futuredew is one of her all-time favorite products “in the world” because it provides a “dewy base.”

She uses it as a primer before applying the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk concealer.

Mimi Keene Plastic Surgery Transformation

Mimi is making headlines for her alleged cosmetic surgery endeavors and her spectacular performance on Sex Education Season 3.

Many people have noted changes in Mimi’s breasts and other alterations to her appearance, claiming she just underwent breast augmentation.

However, there are no verifiable sources to back up the claims. Many people believe that the changes in her breast size are also the effect of puberty.

Her breasts have naturally grown larger as she has grown older.

Mimi Keene No Makeup
Fans have speculated Mimi Keene might have done breast implantation. (Image source: Instagram

Furthermore, viewers saw alterations in her face that suggested she had minor botox or lip augmentation surgery. However, there is no substantial evidence to back up these assertions.

Meanwhile, the Ruby Matthews actress from Sex Education will unlikely comment on her new look anytime soon. As a result, all of these rumors that cannot be confirmed or denied will remain.

Mimi Keene Skin Care Routine

On September 20, 2023, Vouge recently disclosed Mimi’s skincare routine. Her routine comprises a six-step skincare process followed by easy, glowy, day-to-night makeup looks.

According to her, she started her beauty lessons in her early secondary school years.

She begins by applying Blistex balm to her lips. Following that is a great way to stay dry. She dislikes water from the sink because it spills down her arms.

Likewise, the actress exfoliates her skin with Youth to the People’s Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm.

Mimi Keene No Makeup
Mimi Keene follows her daily skincare routine to maintain her glow looks. (Image source: Instagram)

She uses the 111 Skin Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask, which is composed of real gold and helps to brighten the under-eye region.

Following the application of the eye patches, a very mild moisturizer is applied. Before applying makeup, she completes her skincare routine with extra Blistex balm and sunscreen.

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