Is Amber Midthunder Pregnant? Baby Bump And Weight Gain

Amber Midthunder Pregnant

Rumors regarding the actress’s supposed pregnancy have prompted talks about the possibility of a baby bump and changes in weight. “Is Amber Midthunder pregnant?”

Amber Midthunder, the talented American actress, has solidified her place in the entertainment industry.

She’s achieved this through her remarkable performances in acclaimed series such as Legion and Roswell, New Mexico, and notable appearances in Longmire, Banshee, and Reservation Dogs.

The actress’s standout portrayal as Naru in the fifth installment of the Predator franchise, Prey, showcases her versatile acting prowess.

She won the Breakthrough Performance Award at the Saturn Awards in 2022 and was nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

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Is Amber Midthunder pregnant?

Rumors abound about Amber Midthunder’s potential pregnancy, fueled by recent observations and tabloid reports.

Speculation arose after a noticeable stomach bulge was spotted during a December 18, 2023, romantic dinner.

Notably, she toasted with water instead of wine, a common indicator of abstaining from alcohol associated with pregnancy.

However, neither confirmation nor denial has emerged from Midthunder or her representatives.

Amber Midthunder Pregnant
Speculations among fans have increased due to the growing traction of pregnancy rumors surrounding Amber Midthunder. (Source:

When approached, the actress’s spokesperson declined to comment on personal matters, intensifying ongoing speculation surrounding the alleged pregnancy.

These rumors follow closely on the heels of engagement speculations that surfaced earlier in the same week.

The absence of an official statement has kept the public guessing, leaving fans and media outlets eagerly awaiting any further developments regarding the actress’s personal life.

Amber Midthunder Pregnant: Baby Bump Or Weight Gain

Recent photographic evidence fails to depict substantial weight gain or noticeable physical alterations in Amber Midthunder’s appearance.

Despite circulating speculations regarding a possible ‘baby bump,’ there is no concrete validation or refutation of these rumors through an official statement.

Analyzing the recent visuals of Midthunder, there is a lack of discernible evidence supporting significant changes in her physique or weight.

The perceived ‘baby bump’ continues to be a topic of intrigue and debate, yet the absence of authoritative confirmation sustains the speculative nature of these discussions.

Amber Midthunder Pregnant
The latest image of Amber Midthunder depicts her appearing to relish the surrounding scenery. (Source: Instagram)

In the absence of official clarification from Midthunder, the public remains curious about the truth behind these pregnancy speculations.

While tabloids and social media platforms buzz with rumors about her pregnancy, the actress has maintained a discreet stance, neither confirming nor denying these speculations.

As fans await further developments, the details surrounding her personal life continue to be a subject of curiosity and fascination among her followers and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

The debates and conjectures surrounding the alleged pregnancy status of the actress persist.

They reside in the domain of uncertain speculation and intrigue among her admirers and media observers until an official statement emerges, as mentioned previously.

Amber Midthunder Boyfriend: River Thomas

Reports indicate that Amber Midthunder is in a relationship with River Thomas.

Their last publicly shared picture together dates back to December 2021, showcasing them posing atop a car with spray paint bottles in hand—an advertisement for a brand called Products of My Environment.

Further glimpses into their relationship were offered through intimate photos shared in October 2021.

These images portrayed the couple in affectionate moments, including snapshots on a bridge with a “Toronto” sign and River giving Amber a piggyback ride.

Amber Midthunder Pregnant
Amber Midthunder was captured in a photo alongside her boyfriend, River Thomas, on Valentine’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, River greeted her on Valentine’s Day on February 15, 2023, with the message, “Wishing my lovebug a happy Valentine’s Day.”

Regarding Amber, she has maintained a relatively reserved stance concerning her relationship, opting not to disclose further information or provide updates.

Thomas is known for his involvement in the film We Were Children, though his public presence remains relatively low-key, much like their shared public appearances on Amber’s social media.

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