What Is Wrong With Elizabeth Tulloch Eye – Did She Have Surgery? Health Update And Family

Elizabeth Tulloch Eye

What’s wrong with Elizabeth Tulloch Eye? The well-known American actress has an excellent reputation in the film industry, as she has been acting for more than two decades.

The American actress is recognized from the NBC tv series Grimm as she played the role of Juliette Silverton / Eve. She has also worked in the famous superhero tv series Superman and Lois as she played the role of Lois Lane in The CW.

The actress also goes by her nickname “Bitsie” and starred in other DC comic television series such as The Flash and Supergirl in 2018-2019, Batwomen in 2019, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in 2020.

Bitsie kicked off her career in 2001 when she played the role of Bitsie Tullock in a short film named R2-D2: Beneath the Dome. Her first movie was released in 2008, Lakeview Terrace 2008, with amazing cast members that included Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson, and many more.

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Is there a problem With Elizabeth Tulloch Eye – Did She Have Surgery?

Tulloch was visually impaired in 2012. She then got an ICL medical procedure which helped her achieve better vision as the surgery was successful.

Due to the ICL surgery, the actress’s strabismus has become quite noticeable. The strabismus was not that noticeable before she had her surgery.

Elizabeth Tulloch Eye
The actress during a scene in the new episode of Superman and Lois. (Source: Instagram)

Due to the medical procedure, the actress’s appearance was quite different and noticeable in the first and second seasons of the famous show Grimm. Between these two seasons, she had taken 5 weeks of hiatus to get her eyes fixed.

During the NY Post interview, she said she was visually impaired and required permanently implantable contact lenses under her iris. She said, “it was crazy to be blind all her life and suddenly see things as she woke up.”

When the actress got her surgery done in 2012, she tweeted that after 13 years, she would remove her ICL. The reasons are unknown why she would remove it after undergoing such a procedure.

Elizabeth Tulloch Health Update

Nowadays, the talented actress is doing very well in her acting career, and most importantly, her health. She stays fit and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

She doesn’t mind what people think and says when it comes to surgery. She flaunts it freely, and her charms plus good looks are enough to make anyone nervous around her.

Elizabeth Tulloch Eye
Elizabeth in 2015 when she had a new hairstyle for a scene in Grimm. (Source: Instagram)

The actress doesn’t mind the flaws she has regarding strabismus. She had it from the day she was born. She is not insecure about it, as it’s normal for her. However, during her ICL surgery in 2012, she talked about having anesthesia which affected her health as she couldn’t drink or eat well.

But that’s the talk about the past because she is taking the film industry by storm today, and the heartthrob star is as beautiful as ever.

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Elizabeth Tulloch Family explored

Elizabeth was born in San Diego, California, on January 19, 1981. However, she was raised in Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina by her parents and grandparents.

The Grimm actress’s father, Andrew Cheesman Tulloch, worked in Latin American Banking, and her mother, Wilhelmina Andrea, was a butcher.

Elizabeth Tulloch Eye
Tulloch and her husband during his birthday. (Source: Instagram)

The 42-year-old married woman has a beautiful daughter with the “Grimm” co-star David Giuntoli. The couple met each other while working on the set together, and in July 2016, they revealed that they had already been engaged in April 2016. 

The lovely pair got married in June 2017, and later, in October 2018, the actress confirmed her pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter in 2019. The name and identity of their daughter are unknown to the world.

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