Is Alessia Russo Lesbian? Girlfriend Or Partner In 2023

Alessia Russo Lesbian

Is Alessia Russo lesbian? She is a notable English professional footballer born 8 February 1999 in Maidstone, England.

She excels as a forward for the Women’s Super League club Arsenal and also represents the England national team.

Russo’s football journey is marked by her contributions to various clubs and international age groups.

During her college career, she has previously played for clubs such as Chelsea, Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester United, and the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Beyond her club achievements, Russo has also showcased her talent on the international stage, representing England in various youth age groups and later becoming a prominent figure in the senior England women’s national team.

Her achievements include victories in the UEFA Women’s Championship and the FIFA U-2s World Cup.

With a rich club and international football background, Alessia Russo continues to make her mark on the sport with her skills and dedication.

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Is Alessia Russo Lesbian?

No, Alessia Russo is not lesbian; she has never revealed that she is dating a girlfriend on any of her social sites to date.

As there is no information regarding her sexuality, we cannot determine that Alessia is lesbian.

There is also no information about her being linked with the LGBTQ community.

She was born to her parents, Carol and Mario Russo. Growing up in a family of athletes, she developed a love for football from a young age.

She has two older brothers, Luca and Giorgio Russo, who also share a passion for the sport.

Alessia’s family has Italian origins, and her Sicilian grandfather’s love for Manchester United influenced the entire family’s affinity for the club.

Alessia Russo Lesbian
Alessia Russo recently signed for Arsenal Football Club. (Image Source: Instagram)

Raised in Maidstone, Kent, Alessia spent her childhood in a loving household of five members.

She was the only girl among her siblings, and her upbringing was characterized by a strong bond with her brothers and a shared passion for football.

This affection for the sport was nurtured by her father’s and one of her brother’s involvement with non-league football clubs.

Her dedication and talents were evident even at a young age, and she played for Bearsted F.C. Girls U10 during her childhood.

Her Italian heritage and family’s connection to Manchester United fueled her passion for the sport.

Despite not having information on her sexuality, we will be the first to update you on Alessia Russo’s lesbian.

Alessia Russo Girlfriend Or Partner In 2023

There are no specifics accessible about Alessia Russo’s boyfriend or her relationships because she has not disclosed anything about her personal life or current partner.

Continue reading to learn more about one of the most well-known English footballers and her personal life.

There have been rumors of her dating Malory Conners. As per the sources, they are not dating.

Additionally, Corey Conners is already married to Malory Conners. Thus, the professional football player is not dating him.

Alessia Russo lesbian
There is no information available on Alessia Russo’s partner. (Image Source: Instagram)


As of 2024, she has been tight-lipped about her boyfriend or partner and dating life.

She seems to be solely focused on her career; on the other hand, she might have been dating in private, keeping her lover away from the limelight of the media.

Despite not having information on her partner, we cannot say she is single.

Maybe Alessia is dating someone and has decided to keep it a secret to keep her love life private and avoid the spotlight.

However, we will update you about her partner when we get information from relevant sources, so stay in touch.

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