What Happened To Cam Akers? Where Is is Going After Leaving Rams? Trade Rumors

What Happened To Cam Akers

What Happened To Cam Akers: Fans eagerly seek the latest developments surrounding Cam Akers, particularly regarding potential trade rumors, transfers, and other related news.

Cam Akers is an American football running back for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

He was twice named to the Atlantic Coast Conference team at Florida State, where he played collegiate football.

At the 2020 NFL Draft, the Rams selected Akers in the second round. Kers is a player with much potential who is still relatively young. He runs with strength, good speed, and elusiveness.

He can catch the ball well out of the backfield as well. He has, however, also had to deal with injuries and inconsistent play.

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What Happened To Cam Akers: Unraveling the NFL Player’s Journey

Since being selected in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Cam Akers’ career with the Los Angeles Rams has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster.

He showed flashes of his enormous skill in his debut season, running for 625 yards and scoring twice.

The anticipation was spoiled, though, as he tore his Achilles tendon horribly during the 2021 preseason, keeping him out for most of the season.

Akers had a tough road ahead of him in 2022 as he attempted to reclaim his pre-injury form.

Despite his best efforts, he only gained 786 yards and seven scores in 13 games, and three of his fumbles led to lost possessions.

What Happened To Cam Akers
Cam Akers with the trophy (Image Source: Instagram)

When Akers was benched mid-season after a poor performance, a tense relationship with Rams head coach Sean McVay also came to light. Even though Akers reportedly asked for a trade, the Rams could not negotiate a deal.

The Rams’ future with Akers is still up in the air. According to reports, the Rams aggressively contacted other teams about a trade for him.

This choice may have been made for various reasons, such as questions about his durability after the severe 2021 injury or a simple desire to get value for him before his contract ends in 2024.

Concerns about his fit in the offensive system of the Rams may also have played a role. Akers’ future is uncertain because he is a young, talented athlete.

If a good trade opportunity arises, he may continue serving as the Rams’ backup quarterback or get a new start with a different team. The next phase of Cam Akers’ NFL career will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Where Is Cam Akers Going After Leaving Rams?

Following his release from the Los Angeles Rams, Cam Akers’ future team is still in the air due to several factors.

The unique requirements of other NFL clubs, the Rams’ trade demands, and his performance in the early weeks of the season will all impact where he ends up.

Baltimore Ravens are a notable prospective place for Akers to end up. When J.K. Dobbins sustained an ACL tear during the preseason, their depth at running back was compromised.

The Ravens already have a good rushing game, so adding Akers might give them another weapon to go along with Gus Edwards.

The New York Jets are an additional fascinating choice. The Jets have a youthful, talented squad, but their running game could improve.

Their attack, led by quarterback Zach Wilson and wide receiver Elijah Moore, should benefit from the arrival of Akers.

The Miami Dolphins are another option for a prospective destination. Despite having various offensive options, they may use a dependable running back.

The offensive system of the Dolphins, which is headed by Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa at wide receiver and quarterback, respectively, may fit Akers nicely.

Beyond these possibilities, groups like the Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts may emerge as candidates for Akers’ services.

These clubs all have young, gifted quarterbacks who may benefit from an effective running attack.

The Rams could decide to keep Akers if a good trade opportunity doesn’t arise since they value his youth and unrealized potential.

 Cam Akers Trade Rumors

Trade rumors regarding Cam Akers have been swirling for a while now. They date back to last season when he is said to have asked for a trade after being benched by Rams head coach Sean McVay.

While the Rams could not locate a potential trade partner then, they have continued to look at dealing Akers this offseason.

What Happened To Cam Akers
Cam Akers during his match (Image Source: Instagram)

The Rams may be driven to try to trade for Akers for various reasons. First, it’s feasible that they no longer think he fits their offensive scheme perfectly.

The Rams may think they can rely on other running backs like Kyren Williams and Darrell Henderson Jr. to supplement their offensive firepower since they have a variety of great playmakers like Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Tyler Higbee.

Second, worries about Akers’ health following his 2021 Achilles tendon injury may influence the Rams’ choice.

His ability to return to his pre-injury form has reportedly been difficult, casting doubt on his long-term viability as a feature back.

The Rams could also want to get something in return for Akers before his contract ends in 2024.

Akers could bring in a good draft selection or a talented young player in a trade because of his youth and promise.

Akers’ early-season performance ultimately determines how valuable he is in a deal.

The Rams should be in a good position to strike a deal if he can show that he is still a quality running back.

On the other hand, if his play deteriorates, the Rams could have to lower their asking price.

As the season goes on, the trade market becomes even more fascinating as several clubs, notably the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins, look to be in the market for a running back.

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