Angel Locsin Parents: Emma Colmenares, Angelo Colmenares

Angel Locsin Parents

Angel Locsin is a prominent Filipino actress and a humanitarian. Who are Angel Locsin parents? Refer to the article to learn more about her personal and professional life.

Angel Locsin gained recognition for her versatile roles and impactful contributions in films and television series.

Commencing her acting journey in the early 2000s, Angel soared to fame with iconic portrayals of heroic characters in television and film.

Her breakthrough came with the fantasy series “Mulawin,” followed by her acclaimed role as the titular superhero in “Darna.”

Notably, her performances as a fledging lycanthrope in the supernatural drama “Lobo” earned her an international Emmy Award nomination.

Locsin’s career encompasses a range of well-received romantic dramas. She has starred in “Love Me Again” and “Unofficially Yours.”

Moreover, Angel garnered multiple Best Actress awards for her portrayal of a devoted single mother in the family drama “One More Try.”

Beyond her acting skills, Locsin’s commitment to humanitarian causes is noteworthy. Forbes recognizes her as one of Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy.

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Who are Angel Locsin Parents?

Angel Locsin’s parents, Angel Colmenares, and Emma Colmenares, have played significant roles in her life.

Her father recently celebrated his 95th birthday.

Angel Locsin Parents
Angel Locsin wishes her dad a happy 90th birthday. (Source: Facebook)

Angel featured her dad, Mr. Colmenares, in a heartfelt vlog shedding light on his remarkable life journey. She remembered his experiences during World War II.

Moreover, the actress’ dad recalled being the youngest among 11 siblings, narrating how his family navigated challenges during the war, including hiding in mountain caves.

Additionally, the Filipino star mentioned her father’s journey after he lost his eyesight due to retinal detachments.

She emphasized his quiet strength and how he turned faith to guide him.

Mr Angelo also shared his passion for sports. He further highlighted his achievements as a swimmer and coach.

Angel Locsin Siblings

Angel Locsin, a renowned actress and philanthropist, has siblings, Ella and Angelo Colmenares, whom she loves dearly.

Ella, Angel’s sister, recently spoke up against red-tagging by a military official.

She emphasized that supporting human rights does not equate to being a terrorist, responding to the baseless accusations made against her.

Ella, a regular Filipino citizen, and a mother, expressed dismay over the unwarranted allegations that disrupted her peaceful life.

Regarding the philanthropist’s other sibling, Angelo, there needs to be more information about them.

Angelo may prefer a private life away from public attention.

Despite not having much information, it is clear that Angel’s siblings are vitally knit and play a vital role in their lives.

Similarly, the Filipino TV star prioritizes her siblings over everything. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to her sister and brother.

Who is angel Locsin husband?

Angel Locsin is enjoying a serene period in her life. She is relishing her marriage to her husband, Neil Arce.

Amid her hiatus from the entertainment world, her friends shared insights into her content married life.

Angel Locsin Parents
Angel Locsin is currently focused on her married life with Neil Arce. (Source: Instagram)

Her friend expressed her joy in seeing Angel taking a break.

She highlighted the famous actress’s dedication to work and remarkable effort during the pandemic and calamities.

Despite Locsin’s absence from the limelight, she continues her philanthropic endeavors, extending help to those in need.

Moreover, the Filipino movie star has kept her social media account under private settings, particularly her Instagram account.

Nonthelss and her husband, Neil Arce, often share pictures of them on dates, sharing glimpses of their love life with the public.

The couple has no children of their own as of 2024. They might have a plan for their upcoming life, including their kids.

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