Hugh Jackman Net Worth: Movies & Lifestyle

The reel life Wolverine in X-Men Series, actor Hugh Jackman has a net worth of $180 million as of 2023.

Along with acting, Jackman is also a proficient singer, theater artist, and producer.

Jackman holds the Guinness World Record for portraying one character for the most extended period.

In the X-Men franchise from Marvel Movies, Jackman portrayed the particular role.

He portrayed Logan, commonly known as “Wolverine,” for almost 17 years, making him the only person to have the longest career as a live-action superhero from Marvel.

Hugh Jackman in an Awards Show
Hugh Jackman in an Award Show

On October 12, 1968, Jackman was born in New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, and he initially studied BA in Communications before entering into show business.

Jackman is also famously known for his other movies like The Greatest Showman, Prestige, Prisoners, and Van Helsing.

Quick Facts

Born Name Hugh Michael Jackman
Date of Birth October 12, 1968
Age 55 years
Nationality Australian
Birth Place/City New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 6’2.5″/188 cm
Debut Movie Erskineville Kings (1999)
Religion Christian
Active Since 1994
Weight 82 kg
Gender Male
Build Athletic
Net Worth $180 million
Profession Actor
Body Measurements Chest-43 inches, Bicep-16 inches, waist-32 inches
Breakthrough Role As Wolverine in X-Men
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Dark Brown
Wife/Spouse Deborra-Lee Furness
Kids 2(Oscar Maximillion Jackman & Ava Eliot Jackman)
Father’s Name Christopher John Jackman
Mother’s Name Grace Mcneil
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Actor, Singer, Theater Artist, Producer
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Last Update December, 2023

Hugh Jackman Net Worth and Income

Jackman has a huge net worth of a staggering $180 million, most of which came from the superhero franchise from Marvel called “X-Men.”

For his role as Wolverine, Jackman has collected around $100 million from the franchise alone.

He started his role of Wolverine in 200 movies X-Men,” for which he was paid $500,000.

Hugh Jackman in his famous role of Wolverine
Hugh Jackman in his famous role of Wolverine

The salary increased exponentially along with the success of the franchise.

Jackman received around $20 million for his lead and approximately $7 million for movies with his cameo appearances per movie in the franchise alone.

The franchise of X-men has made around $6 billion as of recent times.

For his appearances in other movies, Jackman took multiple paychecks, which range from $10 million for Australia(2008), $9 million for Real Steel(2011), $ 5 million for Les Miserables (2012), and $10 million for The Greatest Showman (2017).

Here is the net worth of Hugh Jackman in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 151,672,500
Pound Sterling £ 129,921,300
Australian Dollar A$ 238,989,780
Canadian Dollar C$ 221,894,100
Indian Rupee ₹ 13,374,288,000
BitCoin ฿ 5343.21

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Hugh Jackman House and Cars


Along with his wife, Deborra Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman has an exciting portfolio of multiple houses in Australia and the United States.

The couple bought an NYC triplex apartment with a bargain price of $21 million with was initially priced at around $40 million.

The apartment comprises the 8th, 9th and 10th floors with 11,000 square feet of living space.

The apartment is located at 176 Perry Street, New York.

Interior of house in NYC which Jackman got for bargain price of $21 million
Interior of the house in NYC, which Jackman got for the bargain price of $21 million

Jackman also has a luscious ocean-front apartment near Bondi Beach, which costs around $5.9 million.

The apartment house is newly built and has a spacious state-of-the-art kitchen with European oak floors.

The balcony faces towards the Bondi beach encompassing the splendid view of the ocean with hot and breezy winds.

Hugh Jackman's Bondi Beach Apartment
Hugh Jackman’s Bondi Beach Apartment

Hugh Jackman and his family also spend most of the year in this apartment.


Jackman is one of the car connoisseurs who like to drive around in one of the luxury cars he owns.

This was not the case few years before as Jackman bought his first four-wheeler for $800 but owning $400 to his friend.

Currently, Jackman owns Audi Q7, a Volkswagen  Bus, and a beautiful Audi R8 V10 Spyder.

Hugh Jackman snapped at 'The Wolverine' premiere in Audi R8.
Hugh Jackman snapped at ‘The Wolverine’ premiere in Audi R8.

The car costs around $208,000, and also Jackman is one of the ambassadors of Audi.

Jackman’s Car Collection Price in USD
Audi R8 Spyder $208,000
Audi R8 $142,000
Audi Q7 $ 57,000
Range Rover Vogue $55,000
VW Bus T1 $75,000

Hugh Jackman Lifestyle and Vacation


Hugh Jackman’s physique keeps on changing along with the characters he plays on screen, which is why Jackman loves to hit the gym most of the time.

We can see his body transformation in the different movies where he goes lean for one and instantly bulking up for a second.

Hugh Jackman in one of his gym sessions.
Hugh Jackman in one of his gym sessions.

Hugh Jackman loves workout and is often seen working out, which he posts in his Instagram posts.

He has been featured multiple times on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine as well.


Hugh Jackman is often seen taking a break for vacation with his family.

Paparazzi often snap at jackman with his chiseled body, and Jackman certainly knows how to look photogenic in most candid ways.

Hugh Jackman with his daughter in vacation in Greece
Hugh Jackman with his daughter on vacation in Greece

Jackman loves to travel around the world with his family when he is not shooting for any projects.

Hugh Jackman Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Books Publication


Hugh Jackman has worked in almost 50 feature-length movies to this date.

His first movie was Erskineville Kings (1999), for which Jackman was nominated and won Best Male Actor in Film Critics Circle of Australia.

Just a year later, in 2000, he was cast in the role of Wolverine, which was going to make him a household name in superhero genre movies.

Jackman grabbed the role from the audition, and we could see his outstanding performance in the below audition clip.

His breakthrough performance in the movie X-men leads to further roles in other films as well.

The franchise has earned around $6 billion altogether to date.

Movie Title Worldwide Box Office
X-Men $296,872,367
X-Men 2 $406,348,630
X-Men: The Last Stand $459, 260,946
X-Men Origins: Wolverine $374,825,760
The Wolverine $416,456,852
X-Men: Days of Future Past $747,862,775
Logan $614,202,315

X-Men Franchise Earnings till date with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Apart from his acting career and earning from it, Jackman also has ventured into several other businesses.

Jackman, along with John Palermo, has collaborated to form a production company called Seed Productions.

He also has a fair amount of investments in other businesses like a non-flavored beverage made of Australian flowers and an Australian clothing brand RM Williams.

Jackman also owns his coffee brand called Laughing Man Coffee. The profits from this venture are shared for philanthropic purposes all around the world in impoverished countries.

They also invest in the coffee farming communities around the globe, especially in Colombia, Peru, and Ethiopia, for their growth and success.

For his company Laughing Man Coffee, Jackman also owns two cafes in the heart of New York City.


Hugh Jackman is one of the brand ambassadors for Audi cars.

Along with this, Jackaman also has other famous brands as their endorsement, like Asahi Super Dry Beer, Body by Milk, Lipton tea, and Micromax.

It was quite a shock seeing Jackman as the brand ambassador of Indian tech mobile company Micromax.

Jackman in an advertisement for Micromax Phones
Jackman in an advertisement for Micromax Phones


Hugh Jackman is also seen endorsing products like Montblanc, Barbara Schneiderlevy, and his best friend Ryan Renold’s Gin called “Aviation.”

Books Publications

Hugh Jackman, along with Dean Carey, has written and published a book called The Acting Edge: Performance UNLEASHED.”
The book is designed for actors, teachers, and directors to give them an extra edge for the art of drama.

Hugh Jackman Charity

Jackman has a philanthropic mindset. Therefore he is seen collaborating and working with several non-profit organizations for the welfare of different societies.

He owns a coffee company called Laughing Man Coffee which helps needy persons all around the globe.

Along with this, Jackman also is an ambassador for World Vision Australia.

In collaboration with World Vision Australia, Jackman has visited different parts of African countries to meet the young farmers and uplift the families out of poverty.

Hugh Jackman in his visit to Ethiopia with a young framer.
Hugh Jackman in his visit to Ethiopia with a young framer.

It was this incident that propelled Jackman to open up his coffee line.

The Charity helps with educational programs, community development, and social entrepreneurs around the globe.

Hugh Jackman Career

Jackman started his career in an Australian television series called Correlli, which also starred his wife Deborra -Lee Furness.

His passion for acting was prominent when he started doing broadways like The Boy from Oz and A Steady Rain.

It was only through his broadway performances that he started to gain recognition and got a chance to star in other feature films.

Along with Wolverine, Jackman also has portrayed various exciting roles in movies like Van Helsing in movie Van Helsing, magician Robert Angier in The Prestige, as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, etc.

3 Facts about Hugh Jackman

  • Hugh Jackman in 2008 was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by the People’s Magazine.
  • The character Wolverine in comics is 5″3 but Hugh Jackman playing the live-action version is actually 6″3. A foot longer than the original Wolverine in Comics.
  • Jackman is also a singer and had his first tour in 2019, where he performed songs from the album “The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.” He also sang various broadway and Hollywood musical numbers. The show was across North America, Europe, and Oceania.


What did Hugh Jackman do before acting?

Hugh Jackman was a graduate in communications major from the University of Technology, so to pay for his acting classes, he worked temporarily as the gym teacher, party clown, and many smaller roles.

What is Hugh Jackman’s favorite food?

Hugh Jackman loves the food prepared by his mother. The most favorite food for him is his mom’s Caramel Cake.

What made Hugh Jackman famous?

Hugh Jackman was mainly made famous by his comic book character Wolverine in the movie X-Men franchise.

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