Monica Seles Net Worth : Career & House

The youngest ever French Open Tennis player Monica Seles Net Worth is $20 million.

An aggressive playing baseline female player, Monica Seles, is originally from Yugoslavia born in a Hungarian family.

She managed to win eight Grand Slam titles under the age of 20, and as a result, she became renowned for being the youngest ever French Open Champion. Later on, She won her ninth Grand Slam title.

She was entitled in “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present, and Future” by the Times Magazine.


Monica Seles in Court
Monica Seles in Court

Ms. Seles left everyone with doubts about the potentiality of her becoming the most accomplished female player, but unfortunately, she was stabbed.

The stabbing attack of 1993 by a fan of her competitor changed tennis history and is still remembered.

After that, she also suffered from depression and BEDs.

Zoltan, the older brother of Monica Seles, handled all her finances and contracts.

Without a doubt, she was living her dreams and earning money too. She also signed many endorsement contracts, but she lost it all when she had a court incident that is also said to be the court incident. Clearly now, she believes in investing the money as financial security.

The left-handed female tennis player gathered 15$ million prize money.

Apart from this, she managed to accumulate huge money from her contracts and sponsorship deals.

Monica Seles appeared in the 6th season of an American tv series, “Dancing with the Stars.” which was premiered on ABC. The talented and most appreciated tennis player couldn’t make it in the show and was eliminated in the first round.

Quick Facts: Monica Seles

Name :  Monica Seles
Date of Birth: December 2, 1973
Place of Birth : Yugoslavia
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 61 Kg
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Residence: Florida, United States
Citizen/ Nationality : Born in Yugoslavia
American Citizen in 1994
Hungary citizen in 2007
Profession : Retired Tennis Player
Renowned for : Youngest Player to win eight Grand Slam Single Titles
Retirement Date : February 14, 2008
Father’s Name: Karolj
Mother’s Name: Ester
Siblings: Zoltán, older brother
Age:  50 years old – MM/DD/YYYY
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Marriage
Spouse Name: Tom Golisano
Children’s : None
Achievements : Nine Grand Slam Single Titles Winner
Memoir : Getting A Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self
Net Worth: $20 Million
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook
Last Update
November, 2023

Networth and Income

Today, the ninth-time grand slam winner  Monica seles has accumulated a net worth of $20 million.

Most of her earnings were from contracts and sponsorship deals.

She received around $14,891,762 as her prize money from different tournaments.

She gathered $13 million as a professional tennis player.

Monica Seles is focused on investing in real estate and stock markets.

She stated that she wanted to live off her bonds and not touch what she invests.

Although she was one of the most popular tennis during her career, she didn’t enjoy spending rather, she had a saving mentality which continued to date, and she didn’t enjoy showering in luxurious goods.

Most of her finances were handled by her brother and made investment decisions.



Seles owned a custom-built home in Sarasota, Florida.

It reflected a classical and Mediterranean vibe, a beautiful full-size tennis court, a two-story lanai, and a fantastic outdoor kitchen.

The house had marble flooring and included an indoor pool.

Firstly, Monica put it up for sales with an initial listing of $1.85 million but was grabbed for $1.4 million.

Monica Seles Sarasota, Florida home
Monica Seles house in Sarasota, Florida, sold in 2014


During her professional career, she bought a ford explorer bust; she later sold it.

Unquestionably, Seles, a financially concerned person, drives a  Toyota land cruiser with a starting price of $85,415, which she had won in a tournament in Japan.

Monica Seles: Endorsements

Monica Seles promoted footwear and apparel relating to tennis for Fila and signed a 4$ million contract. She also wore Nike during her matches and switched to Yonex racquets.

As of 2001, she summed up to $13 million from her winnings.

It is also recorded that Nike paid her $25 million in a five-year contract for promotions.

Yonex racquets made an $18  million deal. She earned about a million dollars per year from appearances and exhibition matches.

Now she is a paid spokesperson for Shire Pharmaceuticals who makes the drug to treat Binge Eating Disorder (BED)


Seles has always been extra careful when it came to spending money. She has either kept her luxurious life very private, or else she is concerned about overspending.

A member of the International tennis hall of fame, Monica Seles has done many interviews. She has always mentioned the importance of investments.

She mentioned that she knew the importance of investment from her parents.

Seles has contributed her earning in stocks, tax-free bonds, and real estate.

She is all about financial security and has maintained an investment portfolio that includes large-capitalization like Coca-Cola, General Electric, Home Depot, AOL Time Warner, American International Group.

Seles earns about $450,000 a year from her tax-free bonds and plans her budget to spend her expenses within that limit.


She wrote a memoir in 2009, “Getting a grip: On my Body: My mind, Myself.

Her writings reflected upon the moments when she struggled through depression and Binge Eating Disorder(BED).

Undoubtedly, She was an astonishing tennis player, but Monica seles lived her life with a binge eating disorder, but nobody seemed to notice that in contrast to her fame and success.

In addition, she states that she used to eat in private and also had to suffer from fluctuating weights.

Above all, she highlighted her reason behind the BED and depression were to be her father’s death and the stabbing attack, which is still recalled as a dark history in tennis.

Despite everything she suffered from, she is working with a pharmaceutical company to address the BED disease.

On the other hand, She is still remembered in the tennis community for her great performances.

Charity & Foundation

A retired tennis female player who was renowned for her best matches has been conducting charity works in her way.

Sometimes, she is hosting a kid’s clinic with other players from Hungarian who are also retired.

She has donated autograph tennis racquets to be auctioned, which will benefit Ronald McDonald House.

She has supported many foundations such as American Foundation for Aids Research, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, North Shore Animal League.

As a huge animal lover, a BED survivor, and a retired professional tennis player, we can see most of her charity in these fields.

She has been working actively as a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company named the Shire who makes drugs to treat BED.

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During her professional career, she had achieved many awards and prize money. Everyone assumed that she would be the masterly woman in tennis.

As she was taught early, she dominated the tournaments and won consecutively.

Tournaments Date Accomplishments
Australia Open 1991 Title Holder on First Attempt
Australia Open 1991-1993 Winner of title consecutively in each year
Australia Open 1991-1999 Won for 33 following times
French Open 1990-1992 Title Holder for three times
French Open 1990 Youngest Champion at the age of 16
Grand Slam 1991 100% winning without any defeat

The Court Incident

Seles started building her professional career at a very young age.

Unfortunately, she was stabbed by an obsessed german fan of Steffi Graf.

Even though it took her only a few weeks to heal, she continued her career only after two years. She also reported that she received threatening messages during her career.


At a match in the Italian Open 2003, she injured her foot and withdrew from her second match. Unfortunately, she lost her first-round game at a Grand Slam in her entire career, which made her think of herself as a failure, and as a result, she decided to discontinue playing in an official tour match.

Subsequently, She lost two matches in New Zealand, and despite that, she kept playing competitively. Finally, after losing against Navratilova, She won the game on the 5th of April at her third attempt and declared to rejoin the official tour match. She did a lot of major warm-up events but later announced her retirement.

Despite so much success, she retired at the age of 25 after devoting her 18 years as a professional tennis player. Also, she got elected to the international tennis hall of fame.


Her dating life started back in 2009 with a business tycoon named Tom Golisano and finally got engaged in 2014.

Monica Seles’ s Husbands Net Worth is $4.2 billion

Tom, her husband, has two children from his earlier marriages, whereas she has none of her own.

Monica Seles and her husband Tom Golisano
Monica Seles and her husband, Tom Golisano

Undoubtedly, Monica Seles doesn’t enjoy spending much on luxurious stuff and spend lavishly, but her husband owns a $75 million yacht and houses in new york, Florida, and many more.

Moreover, Her husband is a self-made billionaire and also ranks as the 238th wealthiest person in America.

Some Interesting Facts

Firstly, Monica Seles started learning tennis at the age of five, and her first coach was her father, a professional cartoonist.

Moreover, She was inspired by tennis because of her brother when she noticed him playing. Subsequently, after few years, Monica Seles and her brother were enrolled in the tennis academy at the same time.

In addition to her passion, Monica Seles is passionate about photography and enjoys it.

Monica Seles tweets her instagram handle
Monica Seles tweets about her love for photography

FAQs about Monica Seles

Does Monica Seles have children?

No, She hasn’t got a child of her own but is a step-mom to two children

Who stabbed Monica Seles?

Gunter Parche stabbed Monica Seles. He was an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf.

Who did Seles Marry?

Monica Seles married a Billionaire named Tom Golisano, who is 32 years older than Seles.

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