Amancio Ortega Net Worth : Investments & Lifestyle

Amancio Ortega is the founder of Zara company and has a net worth of around $88.9 billion.

He was born in Busdongo de Arbas, Leon, Spain, on 28 March 1936.

Amancio left school early at the age of 14. Afterward, he started working as a shop hand for a shirtmaker in Gala, where he learned to make clothes

He started his career in 1963, where he started the textile manufacturing business.

Amancio Ortega

Ortega is the former chairman and founder of the Inditex fashion group. It is a multinational clothing company known for Zara clothing and accessories shops.

According to the Forbes Billionaires list of 2021, he is the 11th richest person in the world.

Moreover, Ortega is the second richest person in Europe besides Bernard Arnault.

Amancio is the head of the Ortega family. Ortega’s family is regarded as one of the wealthiest families in Europe.

 In 2015, Amancio became the richest person with a net worth of $80 billion.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on Amancio Ortega.

Full Name Amancio Ortega Gaona
Age 81 Years Old
Birth Date  88
Religion Catholic
Birth Place Busdongo de Arbas, Leon, Spain
Net Worth $88.9 billion
Ethnicity White
Nationality Spanish
Education Dropped school at an early age.
Zodiac Aries
Father Name Antonio Ortega Rodriguez
Mother Name Josefa Gaona Hernandez
Siblings  Josefa Ortega Gaona, Pilar Ortega Gaona, Antonio Ortega
Weight 136 lb (62 kg)
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black
Interests Poultry, Horse riding
Profession Businessman
Tatoo None
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse  Rosalia Mera (1966-1986),Flora Perez (2001-),
Children Marcos Ortega Mera, Marta Ortega, Sandra Ortega Mera
Active Since 1940
Retired 2011
Awards 2009 Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit, Castelao Medal, 2017 Philanthropic Initiative
Endorsements None
Associations  Zara Home, Pull and Bear/ Often, Oysho, Zara
Social Media None
Zara’s Merch Perfume, Shirt, Blazer, Skinny Jeans
Last Update July, 2024

Net Worth and Income

Amancio Ortega’s net worth is around $88.9 billion.

He has achieved net worth through various business portfolios like tourism, gas, banks, fashion, and real estate worldwide.

Furthermore, Ortega has received more than $4.5 billion as a dividend since the company’s establishment.

Similarly, his yearly dividend amounts to $400 million.

In 2019 he earned a net income of €1.8 billion. His company Pontegadea also booked €1.64 billion as Inditex’s dividends.

In 2020, dividends from Inditex company were $779,000,000.

Similarly, he made €621 million from the real estate business.

In 2021, the Spanish tycoon sold the Telexius tower to ATC and was able to gain €400 million.

However, he received a loss of around $10 billion due to covid pandemics.

Amancio Ortega’s net worth over the years is shown below.

Year Net Worth
2021 $88.9 billion
2020 $55.1 Billion
2019 $62.7 Billion
2018 $70 Billion
2017 $71.3 billion
2016 $67 Billion
2015 $64.5 Billion
2014 $64 Billion
2013 $57 Billion
2012 $37.5 Billion

Net Worth of Amancio Ortega currency in Different Countries

Let us know about his net worth in different countries.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 75 Billion
Pound Sterling £ 64 Billion
Australian Dollar A$ 119 Billion
Canadian Dollar C$ 110 Billion
Indian Rupee ₹ 6,632,903,000,000
BitCoin ฿ 2671945.54

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Amancio Ortega: Property, Cars, Yacht & Jets


Ortega has a combined property of more than $17.2 billion.

He lives in an apartment located in La Coruna, Spain. It is near the major port in the  Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, he bought the beautiful 330,000 square feet building in London for a whopping $550 million.

Many companies like Condé Nast, The Economist, and Spotify are located in this Adelphi building.

Epic Residences and hotel at Miami

Similarly, he bought Torre Picasso in 2016. It is the tallest sky scrapper in Spain, located in Madrid. It cost him an astonishing $536 million.

Similarly, in 2019 Amancio’s investment firm bought Downtown Chicago hotel for $72.5 million.

He also has purchased one of the US best luxury hotels, The Epic Residences & Hotel in Miami.

Amancio also possesses a building in Washington and two office blocks in Seatle, the US, leased to Amazon.

His other properties include Manhattan’s historic Haughwout Building and equestrian center in Galicia, Spain.


Ortega possesses a luxurious Audi A8, which was designed in 2009. This car can achieve a maximum speed of 155 mph.

Audi A8 has a starting price of $86,500.

Similarly, its features include a multimedia interface, adjustable suspension, and many more.

He also has a black Mercedes-Benz GL Class (X166) and Mercedes-Benz-S-Class (w221). These cars have an average price of $25,000.

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Ortega bought this yacht for €6 million. It is 6.38 meters wide and 31.5 meters long.

Interestingly, This yacht is named after his mother’s birthplace, the town of Valladolid.


Spanish tycoon owns an $80 million yacht named drizzle. It is 67 meters in height.

Furthermore, it can achieve a maximum speed of 16 knots and has many other in-built features.


Global Express BD700

Ortega has a $45 million jet built by Bombardier.

The jet can fly at a speed of 950kmph and can travel long distances.

This jet can carry about 8 to 18 passengers, along with 1 to 2 attendees and two crew members.

Moreover, it has facilities like a gallery, dining room, shower, wardrobe, lounge area, workstation, and lavish room with a foldable bed.

Gulf stream G650

He also possesses a $65 million Gulf stream G650.

It can fly at a maximum speed of  982 km/hr and can fly up to a distance of 14,835 km.

Furthermore, This jet can accommodate 11 to 18 passengers at a time and has many in-built facilities.

Amancio Ortega: Lifestyle & Vacations


With the amount of net worth he has, we can assume that he can live a  luxurious life.

However, Ortega loves living a simple lifestyle. As a matter of fact, until 2012, he had only given three interviews.

Amancio likes to keep a low profile. He wears the simple uniform of a blue blazer, grey trousers, and a white shirt. He doesn’t like wearing a tie.

Amancio and his daughter
Amancio and Marta Ortega

Furthermore, he spends most of his time in the gym keeping his body fit.

Amancio does not like to be with bodyguards and loves living his life freely.

He loves horse riding and is also seen raising chickens in his country estate.


He mostly spends his time on work and rarely goes on vacation.

However, he went to Greece to spend quality time with his family members.

Similarly, in 2017 he went on a vacation to St Tropez with his family members. Ortega was spotted relaxing in his Drizzle in the Mediterranean Sea.


Ortega has been helping a lot of people through his charity organization.

Along with his wife, he founded Fundacion Paideia in 1986.

It aims to provide education, training, motivation to people with physical and mental disabilities.

Likewise, Fundacion Paideia also promotes youth development, education, entrepreneurship, and many more.

Ortega is also president of a non-profit organization, The Amancio Ortega Foundation.

He established this organization with a donation of 60 million Euros.

This organization aims to promote social actions, culture, education, research,  and welfare.

Furthermore, he donated €300 million to buy equipment for the treatment of cancer in Spain.

Amancio also bought radiotherapy machines to equip them in Spanish hospitals.

Moreover, he donated €20 million to Caritas International, an organization supporting the Roman Catholics.

Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


According to Forbes, he holds about 60% ownership in Inditex. It is one of the large clothing companies.

Inditex has more than 7200 stores around the globe with more than 92,000 employees.

Similarly, Ortega is the chairman of Pontegadea Group.

It is one of the Spain’s largest real estate companies. As of 2020, Pontegadea has a portfolio of €15.163 m.

This company includes real estate in Barcelona, New York, London, Miami, and Madrid.

Furthermore, Amancio has around a 10% stake in telecom unit Telxius. He bought Telxius in 2018 for €378.8 million.

He also owns a 5% share in Enagas, which is a Spanish natural gas company.

Moreover, Ortega has a 21.6% share in Grilse, a company that deals with real estate.

Grilse company’s other shares are owned by her wife Flora and his daughter Marta.

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Interestingly, Ortega has never advertised his products or brands in any medium.

Book Publications

Covadonga O’Shea has written the book named The Man from Zara: The Story Of The Genius Behind The Inditex Group.

This book is about Amancio Ortega’s childhood life, career, the struggle for success, and many events of his life.

Similarly, a documentary based on ZARA: The Worlds Richest Man in 2016 was released by Prime Entertainment Group.


Amancio started his career as a shirtmaker in the local shop, where he learned about clothing.

Ortega started his business career through the textile manufacturing business in 1963.

Similarly, In 1972 he founded Confecciones Goa, which used to sell bathrobes.

Likewise, Ortega and his wife opened their first Zara store in 1975.

His policy to bring new products quickly made his business successful.

Similarly, in 1985 he incorporated Inditex, which is the holding company of Zara.

Within few years, his business expanded to France, Portugal, US.

In 2001 public offering worth $2.7 billion was provided by Inditex to expand his business.

His business grew exponentially within few years to become one of the best fashion and clothing companies.

Finally, Amancio retired from the position of chairman in 2011.

3 Facts about Amancio Ortega

  • Ortega didn’t want to name his company Zara but wanted to call Zorba, after his favorite character from the movie Zorba the Greek.
  • He is very humble and likes to live a simple life. Ortega goes to the same local coffee house and orders the same thing every day.
  • He likes to keeps a low profile. As a matter of fact, There were no pictures of him until 1999.


What is the main philosophy of Amancio Ortega?

Amancio’s business works on two principles

  1. Give customers what they want.
  2. Get it to them faster than anyone else.

Who founded Zara?

Amancio Ortega and his wife Rosalia Mera founded the Zara company. It was founded in 1975.

 What is Zara’s total net worth?

According to Forbes, Zara has a net worth of $14.7 billion, making Zara the 41st valuable brand.

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