How Tall Is Jesse Hutch? Height Age And Wikipedia Bio

Jesse Hutch

This article will explore the curiosity surrounding Jesse Hutch, a renowned Canadian Actor. One question that often arises is, “How tall is Jesse Hutch?” We will address this query and provide insights into his age and exciting details from his Wikipedia biography.

Respected Actor Jesse Hutch boasts an impressive career spanning Canada and the USA, making a name for himself thanks to his undeniable talent.

Notably, he won hearts as Jimmy Riley played opposite Brittany Snow’s Meg Pryor on American Dreams.

His significant role in the Sci-Fi Channel TV movie Termination Point further solidified his place as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

More recently seen on Arrow and Batwoman having recurring roles for their second seasons, respectively; Jesse continues to captivate audiences with his versatility and enjoyable performances.

Such consistent showings have earned him fans who appreciate quality acting from top-notch talents.

How Tall Is Jesse Hutch- His Height

Jesse Hutch – an exceptional Actor known for versatility in various productions, has an imposing height of 6 feet and 1 inch(1.83 meters).

Undoubtedly, this is one feature that stands him out anywhere he goes. Thus, it adds massively to his physical and Drama presentational presence too!

He’s proved himself time and time again throughout his illustrious career, showing off incredible talent while undertaking diverse characters in TV shows & movies ranging from Dark Angel to Smallville and Taken.

How Tall Is Jesse Hutch
Jesse Hutch has an excellent physical body with a tall height of 6ft 1 inches. (source: lividmagazine)

Worth mentioning is when he led the About A Girl series which aired on The N Network, and displayed exceptional range by making impressive guest appearances on the hit show; Hellcats.

The Actor’s ability to bring depth & personality into every character role, regardless of if it’s funny or scary, is rare amongst many actors.

Furthermore, weighing approximately 77 kilograms (170 pounds),  Jesse takes center stage, capturing audiences worldwide thanks to his top-notch acting skills, which never fail to make indelible impressions within the entertainment industry.

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Jesse Hutch Age

Jesse Hutch, a dynamic Actor born in Alberta, Canada, on February 12th, 1981, has amassed valuable relevance within the entertainment industry today; currently 43 years old as of 2024, he continues to exude youthful dynamism that belies experience and age.

Although his birthplace was within Alberta originally, during his formative years, Jesse initially had spent time living across different places within Canada.

Jesse Hutch
Jesse Hutch during his younger days. (source: fandom)

This allowed him an excellent opportunity for personal growth, enhanced academically by attending Algonquin College’s distinguished Outdoor Education Program. This activity increased Jesse’s learning aptitude and cultural awareness of self.

Having formerly worked as a guide for white-water rafting at some point over four years before dedicating himself entirely to acting, it became increasingly clear that this was Jesse’s true passion, an endeavor to which he wholeheartedly committed himself towards achieving full-time fulfillment.

Jesse Hutch Wikipedia Bio

As a notable Canadian American performer – Jesse Hutch has undoubtedly carved an enduring path in films and television.

His career gained momentum when he starred as Trey in the much-awaited horror movie Freddy vs. Jason in 2003.

Many more challenging movie roles followed suit, including the notable performances of Spencer in The Butterfly Effect (2004) and his character Bobby Boulet in The Tooth Fairy (2006).

However, Jesse is not just a centerpiece but a versatile Actor who charms viewers’ hearts and always impacts TV or movie sets.

For example, Gill Guys, played by Jesse, featured prominently during Season Two Episode Eight of Dark Angel, while viewers cannot forget him as Matt Simmons during Season One Episode Ten of Just Cause.

Jesse has appeared on high-profile series such as Smallville and Taken, reemphasizing his unique acting approach.

Coupled with never-ending enthusiasm for film or TV work – he continues to contribute uniquely to the entertainment industry.

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