Meet Devale Ellis Siblings Brian And Tori Ellis Nephew Aiden And Family

Devale Ellis

Devale Ellis is an American actor and former American football wide receiver. But what do we know about his family? Who are  Devale Ellis Siblings? Find out in the article below.

Devale Ellis is a multi-talented individual known for his work as an actor, player, content creator, and social media personality.

Devale Ellis began his career as a professional football player. He played college football at Hofstra University and later signed as a free agent with the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

After leaving football, Ellis transitioned into the entertainment industry. He has appeared in TV shows and films, including “The Game” and “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Devale has also gained significant attention for his role in the popular web series “The Ellises.” Devale Ellis is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Meet Devale Ellis Siblings – Brian And Tori Ellis

Brian Ellis is Devale’s younger brother and a head football coach at Canarsie High School in Brooklyn, New York. He led the team to its first PSAL Championship game since 2003.

He also played football at Hofstra University with Devale. He is married and has a son named Aiden, who is Devale’s nephew and godson.

Devale Ellis Siblings
Devale Ellis with his brother and sister. (Source: Mixed Article)

Tori Ellis is Devale’s youngest sibling and an entrepreneur. She has a Ph.D. in education and runs her own consulting business.

She is also a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. She often appears on Devale’s YouTube channel “The Ellises” where they showcase their family vlogs and skits.

Devale, Brian, and Tori are very close and supportive of each other. They grew up in Brooklyn with their parents, who instilled in them the values of hard work, education, and family.

Devale Ellis siblings are Brian Ellis and Tori Ellis, and they are both accomplished professionals and loving parents. They are also his best friends and biggest fans.

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Devale Ellis Nephew – Aiden

Aiden is the son of Brian Ellis, who is Devale Ellis’s older brother. Aiden is also Devale’s nephew and godson.

However, there is limited information available about Aiden, as it appears that Devale’s brother may have chosen to keep his son’s life away from the public eye, allowing him to have a more private and normal upbringing.

Devale Ellis
Devale Ellis with his son, brother, and nephew. (Source: Facebook)

As a result, details about Aiden’s personal life and activities are not widely known or accessible now.

While the lack of detailed information about Aiden makes it difficult to delve into his personal life, it can be assumed that he is cherished and loved by his family, including Devale, who is his uncle and godfather.

Devale Ellis Family Details

Devale was born on April 2, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York to his parents Troy and Karen Ellis. He attended Hofstra University, where he was a wide receiver for the Hofstra Pride football team.

Devale met Khadeen while they were both students at Hofstra. They got married in 2010 and welcomed their first son Jackson in 2011. They had their second son Kairo in 2014 and their third son Kaz in 2017.

Devale Ellis Siblings
Devale Ellis with his wife and children. (Source: The Root)

Devale and Khadeen started their YouTube channel in 2016 to share their experiences as a young black couple raising a family in New York City. 

Devale also pursued his passion for acting and producing after leaving football. He made his acting debut in the web series The Couple in 2013.

He then appeared in several short films and TV shows, such as The Blacklist, Gotham, NCIS: New Orleans, and Insecure.

In 2019, Devale landed his first major role as Zac, a mechanic who struggles with his relationship and finances, in the Tyler Perry drama series Sistas on BET. 

Devale has also produced and starred in the comedy web series Brooklyn.Blue.Sky., which won the Best Web Series award at the American Black Film Festival in 2018.

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