Hacker Pompompurin Arrested, Case Details Age And Wikipedia Biography


People on the internet are curious to learn more about Pompompurin arrested news. The article will provide you with insights on his case details, age, and Wikipedia biography.

Pompompurin is an alleged owner of BreachForums, frequently used as a platform for people to exchange and trade hacking tools, exploits, vulnerabilities, phishing kits, etc.

In March 2022, the hacking forums were on the rise, with the website gaining over 500k members quickly. 

In addition, the dark web hacker forums have been leaking information to many companies where the clients basic information, such as their address and bank account number, has been revealed on the dark web.

The news of the alleged owner of the hacking website’s arrest has caught the attention of people on the internet and the media.

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Hacker Pompompurin Arrested

According to CPO magazine, the alleged owner of BreachForums was arrested by FBI Special Agent John Longmire on March 15, 2023.

The hacker was charged with cybercrime as the alleged culprit of the 2021 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hack.

Pompompurin arrested
The alleged owner of the hacking website, Pompompurin, was arrested on March 15, 2023. (Source: Bleeping Computer)

Similarly, the alleged owner was also involved in many high-profile hacking cases. He also claimed responsibility in 2021 for breaking into the organization’s email servers and disseminating thousands of fictitious cybersecurity alerts, as per the sources.

In addition, the hacker was also involved in the FBI’s InfraGard network breach in 2022, which resulted in the sale of the contact details of more than 80,000 of its users.

Moreover, thousands of databases containing personal information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses, were hacked by BreachForums, and the stolen material was then sold on the hacking forum.

Pompompurin Case Details 

Federal agents arrested Pompompurin at a Peekskill, New York, residence by 4:30 p.m. on March 15, 2023, as per the reports.

The suspected administrator of the cybercrime website was freed on a $300,000 bond and was scheduled to appear before a judge at the Eastern District of Virginia District Court on March 24, 2023.

The owner of BreachForums’s profile. (Source: Bleeping Computer)

In addition, the hacker’s release terms included giving up his passport and being confined to the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York as well as the Eastern District of Virginia.

According to TC, the accused owner of BreachForums faces a possible five-year jail sentence if found guilty on one count of conspiring to commit access device fraud.

Furthermore, the extradition is being handled by the Justice Department’s Office of Foreign Affairs, according to sources.

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Pompompurin Age And Wikipedia Biography

The real name of the alleged owner of the world’s largest hacking forum is Conor Brian Fitzpatrick. His date of birth has not been recorded on the internet yet. However, as per the news outlets, he is 20 years old.

Pompompurin who has been arrested for cybercrime. (Source: Peekskill Herald)

Conor reportedly liked Mark and MaryAnn McCarra Fitzpatrick at a Peekskill, New York, restaurant.

According to Peekskill Herald, the hacker graduated from Peekskill High School in 2021. The people around him described him as a quiet and smart kid.

According to the reports, the alleged instigator of the dark web hacking website had not been attending his high school for two months.

However, there is not much information regarding the hackers personal lives. He has been in the spotlight since his March arrest for hacking different departments’ information and leaking it on the dark web.

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