Grant Solomon Crime Scene Photos Of Car Accident, How Did He Die? Parents And Girlfriend

Grant Solomon

Grant Solomon was a high school senior and a star baseball player. Grant Solomon crime scene and death caught quite the attention of people despite lacking media coverage. Here’s everything we need to know about this case.

Grant Solomon was a young baseball star at Grace Christian Academy in Franklin, Tennessee. He had just turned 18 when he died on July 20, 2020, in a tragic car accident. 

His father, Aaron Solomon, a former Nashville television and radio personality, was the only witness to his death.

However, many people, including Grant’s mother, and his sister believe that Aaron was involved in Grant’s death and that he lied to the police.

The case has sparked controversy and protests, as well as a petition to reopen the investigation.

Grant Solomon Crime Scene Photos Of Car Accident – How Did He Die?

According to The Tennessean, Grant Solomon was killed after he was struck by his own car while in the parking lot of a baseball training club in Gallatin, Tennessee.

His father claimed it was a “single car accident” and a “freak accident”. He said Grant had left the car running and got out to check something when the car rolled over him and dragged him into a ditch.

Grant Solomon Crime Scene
Scene after the car accident of Grant Solomon. (Source: Medium)

However, some of Grant’s loved ones have disputed this version of events and have called for a new investigation into his death. They believe Grant may have been murdered by his father or someone else.

Grant’s sister and his mother have alleged that Aaron Solomon was abusive and violent towards them and Grant.

They have accused him of raping Gracie and killing Grant. They have also claimed that there are inconsistencies and errors in the official police report and the medical examiner’s report.

According to Investigation Discovery, Grant’s sister posted a YouTube video in May 2021, where she called her father “a rapist, a liar, and a killer”. She also said her brother feared their father and his “terrifying behavior”.

His mother has also expressed her doubts about Aaron’s story and has said she wants justice for her son. 

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Grant Solomon Parents – who are they?

Grant Solomon’s parents are Aaron Solomon and Angelia Solomon. Aaron Solomon is a former Nashville radio and television personality. 

The teenager’s sister, Gracie Solomon, and his mother, Angelia Solomon, have alleged that their father was somehow involved in the deadly incident and claimed there are inconsistencies in the official police report.

Grant Solomon
Picture of Grant Solomon with his father Aaron Solomon. (Source: Medium)

They have launched a social media campaign and a petition to demand a new investigation into Grant’s death, claiming that he was murdered by his father.

Aaron has denied all the allegations and filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Angelia, in March 2022.

He said the accusations were part of a smear campaign to ruin his reputation and hurt his relationship with his children. He also said he loved Grant dearly and was devastated by his loss. He later withdrew the lawsuit in June 2022.

The case has divided the community and sparked controversy over what really happened to Grant Solomon.

Some people have expressed their support and sympathy for Aaron, while others have questioned his credibility and motives.

The Gallatin Police Department has not reopened the case, saying they have no evidence to suggest foul play or homicide.

Grant Solomon Girlfriend revealed

There is no information about Grant Solomon’s girlfriend. It could mean he was single at the time of his death. For now, Grant Solomon’s girlfriend will remain a mystery.

Grant Solomon was a talented and popular student who excelled at baseball and basketball. He had recently graduated from Grace Christian Academy and had plans to attend college and pursue his baseball career.

Grant Solomon
Grant Solomon’s sister Gracie Solomon on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

He was described by his friends, teammates, and coaches as a fierce competitor, a loyal friend, and a kind person.

Grant Solomon was a bright young man who had a promising future ahead of him. His death was a tragedy that deserves a thorough and unbiased investigation. His loved ones deserve closure and peace.

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