Golriz Ghahraman Tattoo Meaning And Design? How Many Tattoo?

Golriz Ghahraman Tattoo

Golriz Ghahraman tattoo takes center stage in the public eye. The topic has piqued the curiosity of many as this young member of the New Zealand Parliament has expressed her desire to ink traditional Kurdish deq tattoos. 

Golriz Ghahraman is an emerging Iranian-born New Zealand politician. Likewise, she serves as a member of the New Zealand parliament. Besides, her political career, she is a human rights lawyer and author. 

The New Zealand politician, born in 1981 in Mashhad, Iran, is a member of the Green Party. Also, she made history by becoming New Zealand’s first refugee MP, arriving as a child asylum seeker from Iran.

Before politics, Golriz served as a lawyer, specializing in government accountability and human rights.

What does Golriz Ghahraman tattoo say? Does she have any tattoos on her body? Here is everything to know about her tattoo’s meaning. Let’s explore the former politician’s latest update.

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What Does Golriz Ghahraman Tattoo Say? Meaning And Design Revealed

New Zealand refugee MP Golriz Ghahraman tattoo meaning has been a subject of speculation and curiosity among her supporters.

Moreover, the emerging politician has publicly addressed her interest in indigenous tattoos reflecting her Iranian heritage on Facebook in 2021. She wrote: 

This Friday I’m finally getting my traditional Kurdish deq tattoos. I could not be more excited to help revive this beautiful indigenous tradition and connect with the incredible proud elders I remember wearing theirs back home.

They represent a pre-Islamic culture of strength, nature, and the night sky.

Clearly, Golriz expressed her desire to ink traditional Kurdish deq tattoos, highlighting indigenous tradition. Also, the meaning of the tattoos represents a pre-Islamic culture of strength, nature, and the night sky.

Golriz Ghahraman Gay Rumors
Golriz Ghahraman tattoo: The politician embraces her Iranian heritage, inking traditional Kurdish deq tattoos. (Source: NZ Herald)

As of this writing, Ghahraman has not officially confirmed how many tattoos she is planning to get. Likewise, the lawyer has not engaged in public discussions about it.

Also, it is crucial to respect a member of parliament’s privacy when it comes to revealing her body snpas if not provided.

Golriz Ghahraman tattoos could be her private matter, and she has the prerogative to choose whether she wishes to share or keep it confidential.

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Golriz Ghahraman Relationship Update

New Zealand Politician Golriz Ghahraman’s relationship status has been subject to change over the years. 

Likewise, the former MP has chosen not to make any public statements regarding her dating life. Hence, it is essential not to make assumptions about her partner details.

Looking at the former politician’s online activities, it becomes apparent that she seems to be single.

Also, all of her posts on social media predominantly revolve around Ghahraman’s professional life, with no photos or clips suggesting the presence of a partner.

Additionally, New Zealand’s first refugee MP deliberately safeguards her personal life, refraining from divulging her professional life to her dating life.

Ghahraman’s public interviews give her love life less credibility and present herself as a prominent politician.

Perhaps, Golriz wants to focus more on her professional career for now.

Golriz Ghahraman Latest Update

In 2024, politician Golriz Ghahraman’s health remains a focal point in her personal life. Also, her controversial role as a member of the New Zealand Parliament has been in the limelight.

Since Golriz’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018, she has battled the challenges of living with a chronic autoimmune disease.

Recently, the politician shared additional aspects of her life, revealing her status as immunocompromised. Also, she opened up about her ongoing battle with chronic fatigue.

Unfortunately, the toll of MS has manifested in nerve damage, impacting both her vision and the sensation in the soles of her feet.

Despite these chronic health issues, Golriz navigated the New Zealand healthcare system. Similarly, her firsthand experiences highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the system.

Moreover, Ghahraman has voiced concerns about the broken lack of leadership within the country’s health and disability system.

Golriz Ghahraman Gay update
Golriz Ghahraman tattoo: The politician raises the voice for better healthcare facilities. (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, Golriz’s critiques underscore the challenges she has encountered in accessing healthcare services, a struggle that is compounded by other common citizens with similar complexities. 

Besides, she has expressed gratitude for the care she received from healthcare professionals. However, the politician has not shied away from criticizing New Zealand’s intricate and fragmented healthcare system.

Also, Ghahraman has been active in various advocacy work, remaining a staunch advocate for improving and funding several health services.

In addition, Golriz emphasizes a society where citizens do not have to grapple with concerns about the financial implications of healthcare, prioritizing accessibility and affordability.

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