Gloria Estefan Net Worth : Music Career & lifestyle

Cuban-American singer, songwriter, business mogul, and actress Gloria Estefan’s net worth is $500 Million as of July, 2024.

Gloria is considered to be the most successful and popular crossover music artist in history. She has sold over 130 million records globally.

Gloria Estefan, originally Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo Garcia, was born on September the 1st, 1975, in Havana, Cuba. Her family flew to the states during Cuban Revolution.

Her father, José Fajardo, joined US Military and fought in Vietnam War, whereas her mother, Gloria García, was a School teacher in Dade County Public School System.

Gloria Estefan as a Child
Gloria Estefan as a Child

Gloria’s maternal grandparents were Spanish immigrants. They immigrated to Cuba from Asturias, Spain.

Gloria’s maternal grandmother was originally from Logrono, Spain.

However, Gloria’s parental grandparents ran one of the first Cuban restaurants in Miami, Florida.

She also had uncles who were songwriters and singers.

Gloria was raised Catholic and went to St. Michael-Archangel School as well as Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in Miami.

She was also an active member of the National Honor Society.

Gloria Estefan attended the University of Miami and obtained a degree of BA in Psychology and a minor in French.

Because of her language skills, she was once approached for a potential job opportunity by Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A).

She also worked as a translator at Miami International Airport in Customs Department for a time.

In the year 1974, she became a naturalized U.S citizen.

Quick Facts

Name Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo Garcia
Nickname Gloria Estefan
Date of birth September 1st, 1975
Age 48  years old
Star sign Virgo
Place of birth Havana, Cuba
Current residence Star Island, United States
Sex Female
Father’s name José Fajardo
Mother’s name Gloria García
Siblings Becky Garcia
Profession Professional Singer, Songwriter, Businesswomen, Restaurateur
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs.)
Chest 34 inches
Waist 25 inches
Hip 33 inches
Shoe size 6.5 US
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Cuban
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Tattoo No
Marital status Married
Spouse Emilio Estefan
Net worth $500 Million
College/University University of Miami
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Website Gloria Estefan
Last update July, 2024

Gloria Stefan Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

Being one of the most fortunate and successful musicians of all time, Gloria has collected quite a fortune in her career.

According to multiple sources, her net worth stands at $500 million.

Similarly, according to critics, she is the most successful crossover Latin music performer.

Having sold 131 million records globally, she has sold 31 Million records just in the United States.

She is on the list of 100 best-selling artists of all time.

Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan

Likewise, she has been nominated and won numerous accolades, including the MTV Video Music Award, Hispanic Heritage Award, Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, and most honorable and prestigious American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Her success story does not stop there; apart from singing, she has been a part of multiple other endeavors.

She has made her appearance in few documentaries, TV shows, and films.

Moreover, she has authored a couple of books for kids, making it to the New York Times best-selling list and was ranked number 3.

Further, she has partnered on a cookbook that explores traditional Cuban recipes.


Year Source Finance
2020 Annual Average Income $81.6 Million
2011 Record Sales $3,90,000
2007 Record Sales $1,100,000
2006 Record Sales $1,40,000
2004 Record Sales $50,000
2003 Record Sales $40,000
2001 Record Sales $30,000
2000 Record Sales $6,20,000
1998 Record Sales $9,50,000
1996 Record Sales, Double Platinum Album $8,50,000
1995 Record Sales 6 Times Platinum Album $6,60,000
1990 Record Sales $12.7 Million
1989 Record Sales $4.7 Million
1987 Record Sales $4.1 Million

Reportedly, on average, Gloria Estefan earns $2 23,744.39 every day, $9,322.68 every hour, and $155.38 every minute.

Besides music and book publications, Gloria Estefan is also known for her business skills.

Gloria also has a huge investment in real estate all over the country.

Estefan, along with her husband, owns and operates several globally recognized businesses such as Music publishing companies, restaurants, and a couple of Hotels.

Reportedly, Gloria owns a minority stake in Miami Dolphins, which is a major franchise in the NFL.

Gloria Estefan Houses, Cars, Jets


40 Star Island Drive House, Miami, Florida

Gloria and her husband Emilio purchased a 1.4-acre waterfront property in Star Island, Miami, for $1.8 Million in 1993. Emilio’s mother used to live in the house.

But after she passed away, Mr. and Mrs. Estefan rented out the guest house for $30,000 per month.

Gloria Estefan House in Star Island, Miami
Gloria Estefan House in Star Island, Miami

However, in 2015 they listed the property for sale for $40 Million. Unfortunately, due to a lack of interested buyers, they lowered the price to $27.5 Million.

The house boasts a circular driveway and an outdoor kitchen.  Likewise, the house offers fetching landscaping, a stunning view of Port of Miami, a huge swimming pool, and two hot tubs.

The house additionally features a five-bedroom main house and a three-bedroom Villa.

39 Star Island Drive House, Miami, Florida

Just six houses up from their then mother’s house, the Estefan’s own another mansion with a market value of a whopping $30 Million.

Gloria and Emilio have owned the place since 1986.

The gated community on the artificial island is home to numerous celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and many more.

The property boasts 9,854 Square feet of living space with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house was built in 1925 and renovated in 1980.

This three stories house elevator and a swimming pool in the backyard.

Moreover, the house is endowed with some of the finest wood, stone floor, marble, fireplace, vaulted ceilings, dock, gazebo, and fountains.

Furthermore, the majestic villa is extravagantly landscaped with palm trees and a full tennis court in the front yard.

Recent tax updates are 2019 $169,845 and 2020 $181,804.


1952MGTD Replica

The car was bought new by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. The car was given away at one of her concerts in Miami in the early ’90s & used in one of her music videos.

Car is a Factory Built replica called a “Lafer” & built-in Brazil, in 1983.

A rear VW motor powers the car, & 4 speed with windows that slide down into the doors, beautiful tilt seats, with headrest, full wood dash.

1958 Chevrolet Corvette C1

The classic 1958 Corvette is a rare and collector car.

It seems like Gloria has great taste in wheels. This car costs over $50,000 depending on the condition and miles on the odometer.

The car was featured in one of her music videos.

Dodge 600 Convertible

The mid-sized convertible is a classic Dodge.

Gloria and Emilio used to drive around on this car back in the days, but no reports have been found whether the couple still owns it or not.

Similarly, she also owns a Mercedes R129 SL.

Gloria Estefan Multi-Million Dollar Bus Accident Settlement

Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, and their nine-year-old son were in a serious bus accident in 1990.

Even though it was a million years ago now but is still worth mentioning.

Back then, Estefan was just 32 years of age. In the accident which occurred in Pennsylvania, Gloria sustained a broken vertebra.

Fortunately, she was not paralyzed but still suffered from numbness in her feet and ankle.

Gloria Estefan on a Wheelchair after a bus accident
Gloria Estefan on a Wheelchair after a bus accident

The singer had to go through four hours operation to stabilize her spine with metal rods.

The accident occurred due to poor weather conditions.

Reportedly, the bus was hit from behind by a tailor-tractor.

Gloria had to cancel her upcoming concerts, take bed rest for the entire year, and required additional physical therapy just because of the negligence of the driver of the tailor-tractor.

Members of her band were injured as well.

The legal team of Gloria Estefan filed a lawsuit for a total damage of $50,000, but upon further investigation, Gloria was awarded $8.95 million as a case settlement.


Mr. and Mrs. Estefan has been spotted in the different occasion in front of the same aircraft.

Some speculations have been made about couples owning the jet, but there is no concrete report about the news.

Lifestyle and Vacations


One of the richest singers of all time, Gloria Estefan, has changed her dressing style lately.

She has maintained a very glamorous style since rising to international fame.

During her early days, she had curly hair and opted for trendy outfits. However, she has tended to style her hair in loose waves rather than curls.

Gloria Estefan wore several elegant black dresses on the red carpet in the 1990s.

Mr. and Mrs. Estefan at Tony Awards
Mr. and Mrs. Estefan at Tony Awards

In 2019 at Olivier Awards, she wore a stunning floor-length gown with a sleeveless neckline and embroidered sleeves.

She does follow the latest fashion trends. Lately, she loves wearing Satin Clutch, Corset Dress, Pencil Skirt, Fitted blouse, Wool Coat.

The queen of Latin music does not follow a strict dies regime; she hates eating healthy food.

She does Lyengar Yoga twice a week and plays Tennis.


Being a singer comes with a perk of traveling, a lot, actually. One of the greatest singers of all time, Gloria Estefan, has been to many countries for her shows and tours.

She has been to Amsterdam, all over the United States, and many more.

She also likes to spend her free time sun tanning on the beach with her husband, Emilio Estefan.

Charity‌ ‌

Gloria Estefan has been working continuously for the welfare of people around the globe.

She has been actively involved in seven charitable foundations and supports eight causes.

Similarly, in1997, she established Gloria Estefan Foundation, which promotes education, cultural development, and Health.

The organization capitals itself through earnings from several of Gloria’s songs, benefit concerts, and donations from supporters.

Animal causes also have been really close to Gloria’s heart.

The foundation has donated $3 Million to different people and charities in need to date.

Moreover, Estefan also served as a chairperson for the Capital Campaign that raised $40 Million to build the Miami project since its inception.

Movies, Music Videos, Investments, & Book Publications


Grammy-winning singer and entrepreneur Gloria Estefan has appeared in numerous music videos of her own.

Similarly, she has worked as a writer, producer, and director on music videos and even acted on some of the films over the years.

She has appeared in movies such as 1999 “Music of The Heart” and 2000 “For the Love of the Country.”

Likewise, she has made multiple appearances on live television shows such as Graham Norton Show and Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Moreover, she has been nominated for 15 awards and has won 9 out of those.


Entrepreneur Gloria and her husband have invested in numerous business ventures over the course of her career.

Reportedly, Gloria and her husband own a minority stake in Miami Dolphins, which is a major franchise in the NFL.

Likewise, the couple owns a couple of award-winning Cuban restaurants in Miami.

Larios on the Beach

Larios on the Beach, a restaurant, was owned by the singer Gloria Estefan which was opened in 1992.

The restaurant was known for its award-winning cuisine and world-famous Mojitos.

It was the go-to destination for authentic Cuban Cuisine and was located at Miami Beach.

The restaurant is closed permanently.


Currently, the couple owns two hotels in Florida, United States, which includes Vero Beach Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa & Cardozo South Beach in Miami.

Estefan's Resort Cardozo South Beach in Miami
Estefan’s Resort Cardozo South Beach in Miami

Cardozo South Beach in Miami was reopened in 2019. After three and half years of closure and spending $15 Million on its renovations.

Books Publications

Grammy-winning singer is also known for her best-selling books. In 2005 she published the children’s book The Magically Mysterious Adventures of Noelle the Bulldog.

In fact, the book actually made it to number 2 on the list of New York Times best-sellers. The book also has a rating of 4 out of 5 by Goodreads.

Likewise, her other books include a cookbook, Estefan Kitchen, and Noelle’s Treasure Tale.


Gloria met her future husband in 1975 while performing in the church. Emilio Estefan has a band named Miami Latin Boys.

After an outstanding performance, Gloria and her cousin Mercedes were able to impress Emilio and were invited to join the band permanently.

Gloria Estefan 2021
Gloria Estefan 2021

They even changed the name of the band to Miami Sound Machine.

Later they started recording songs and releasing albums that were huge hits in the US and around the world.

The next year Emilio and Gloria got married.

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Facts about Gloria Estefan

  • Gloria Estefan has released 15 studio albums so far.
  • During her college days, Gloria was only allowed to perform on the weekends.
  • Gloria can speak English, Spanish and French languages. Due to her abilities in languages, she also got a job at the Miami airport.


How many children does Gloria Estefan have?

Gloria has two children a son Nayib Estefan and a daughter Emily Estefan.

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