50 Cent Net Worth [2021 Update]

Rapper and Business Mogul 50 Cent’s Net Worth is $30 Million as of 2021

Grammy award-winning Rapper 50 Cent, originally Curtis James Jackson III, was born in Queens, New York, on July 6, 1975.

He is mostly known for his multi-platinum records and his excellent business approaches, and of course, for his net worth of $30 Million.

His mother, Sabrina, was just 15 when Curtis was born. Curtis never knew his father. Sabrina moved out of the house shortly after Curtis was born.

After his father’s disappearance and mother’s death, Curtis was raised by his grandparents, who had nine children of their own.

Curtis’s mother was not around much. She turned into dealing drugs on the streets of southside Jamaica, one of the roughest neighborhoods of New York City.

Childhood of Curtis Jackson "50 Cent"
Childhood of Curtis Jackson “50 Cent”

He adored his grandparents, but they had a responsibility for their own children, so little Jackson spent most of his childhood in the street of Queens because he did not want to burden his grandparents.

Early Life

As a youngster, Jackson had a dream of becoming a boxer. Curtis did what it took to survive in the neighborhood.

To make himself a more imposing presence on the street, he joined a youth boxing program. To further defend himself, Curtis got his hand on a gun.

He fought at the junior level boxing as well. By the time Curtis was twelve, he was following in his mother’s footsteps.

He saw drug dealers with a lot of money, flashy clothes he wanted to emulate.

Curtis went to Andrew Jackson High School but got arrested for possession and selling of drugs. Jackson did not go to college.

When Curtis was 19 years old, an undercover police officer arrested him for selling cocaine, and three weeks later, when his house was raided, police found heroin and crack and $15,000 in cash.

50 Cent arrest in 1994 for selling drugs and possession
50 Cent arrest in 1994 for selling drugs and possession

The charges could have sent him to prison for nine years, but he was offered an alternative as a teenager facing his first felony—the Shock Incarceration program. 

He served six months in boot camp, where he got his GED.

Dealing days

Curtis went back to dealing, but he knew his luck would run out eventually. It was time for a radical change of plan.

Inspired by rappers who turned their greedy street stories into cold-hearted cash Curtis came up with new hustle.

In 1996 he had a chance to meet with one of Run DMC members at Manhatten night club. Curtis recorded a rough demo track for Jam Master Jay.

The track was raw but very real. Seeing the potential, he signed Curtis to his label. And just like that 21 years, the old crack dealer had a new career.

Jam Master Jay signed Curtis for an album, but it never came out.

By 1996 Curtis had transferred himself from street-wise drug dealer to a rapper.

Entry in Music Industry

He named himself “50 Cent” as a metaphor for change. An even bigger change came to his life a year later.

When Curtis was just 22, he and his girlfriend, Shaniqua Tomkins, had a baby boy Marquise Jackson. He started becoming more serious about life that he knew he had to take care of his son.

His other album with Columbia label was dropped before release. That very album “Power of the dollar” was later reproduced, which showcases Jackson’s aggressive rapping style.

The track “How to Rob” was a big hit in which Curtis details plans to steal from stars such as Jay-z, P.Diddy, and Mase.

In 2000, Jackson was shot nine times point-blank in front of his house, which left him with multiple injuries.

After recovery, he started making low-budget recordings in collaboration with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo as a G-Unit crew.

They created many low-budget recordings, but their efforts came to the attention of Eminem, and Dr.Dre wh heard 50 cents “Guess Who’s Back?” track in 2002 and signed him jointly to Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment.


Quick facts

Born Name Curtis James Jackson III
Nickname Interscope, Fiddy, Boo Boo, 50 Cent
Date of Birth 6th July 1975
Height 6 ft or 183 cm
Age 45 Years Old
Nationality American
Birth Place/City South Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA
Profession Rapper, Song Writer, Business
Net Worth $30 Million
Body Measurements Chest – 49 in or 124.5 cm Arms / Biceps – 17 in or 43 cm Waist – 34 in or 87 cm
Social Media InstagramFacebook
Weight 94 kg or 207 pounds
Hair color Balck
Hair type Curly
Distinct feature Beard
Skin Tone/Complexion Dark
Last Update 2021

50 Cent Net Worth and Income

50 Cent invested in many different projects, but one of the best ventures he did was with Vitamin Water when he converted his fame for a minority stake in return for being a celebrity spokesperson and offering his name for the drink “Formula 50”.

The Coca-Cola Company later acquired the company from Glaceau for $4.1 billion, making 50 Cent approximately ten times more money than he ever made from music.

Initially, it was said that 50’s equity stake in Vitamin Water was 10% which would have meant $410 million, but the numbers were widely dismissed by investment bankers and said that 50’s stake was close to 2.5%, which means he made $150 million before tax from the sale.

50 Cent launched his champagne Le Chemin du Roi line, which means “for winners only,” with gold plated cross on every bottle costing $1000 a bottle.

Effen Vodka Deal

It is not his only venture into drinks branding. He has a partnership with Effen Vodka, which is a Holland-based company.

He has a minority stake in the company. Although he was rumored to have sold his stake for $60 Million, it was later denied by the company’s owner Beam Suntory.

Besides beverages, 50 Cent has other business ventures as well. His other business includes headphones, Mattresses, Branson Cognac.

All of these business ventures have contributed to his net worth of $30 Million.

Earnings By Year

2007 $32 million
2008 $150 million
2009 $20 million
2010 $8 million
2011 $6 million
2012 $7 million
2013 $7 million
2014 $8 million
2015 $4 million
2016 $6 million
2017 $5 million
2018 $4 million
2019 $4 million
2020 $3.37 million

50 Cent House, Cars, Bikes

Mansion in Farmington Connecticut

For a rapper who has a $30 Million net worth, it’s no surprise that he has a lavish Mansion.

Surrounded by 17 acres of Connecticut Landscape, this house boasts over 53,000 sq feet of living space.

This masterpiece boasts 21 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, an indoor pool, and hot tub, grotto, pond, guesthouses gardens, night club, basketball court, game rooms, recording studio, gym, conference room, and home theater.

The rapper bought this estate in 2004 for a price of $4.1 million. Before the purchase we made, the property belonged to former heavyweight champaign boxer Mike Tyson.

50 Cent Mansion in Farmington Connecticut
50 Cent Mansion in Farmington Connecticut

Though the property is a masterpiece, it has not been an easy sell. 50 Cent has been looking for buyers for years.

First, it was put to sell for $18.5 million in 2007, but due to a lack of interested buyers, it was in sale ever since recently, a businessman from Florida bought the compound for $2.9 million on April 3, 2019.

Because of the size of the property and the land, it sits on, it is tough to maintain. The house typically costs over $50,000 per month to maintain and finance.

The services alone costs over $20,000 per month. This might be the only reason that it was hard to get a buyer for the property.

50 Cent now lives in Houston, but he has not revealed the specification of the house.

Cars and Bikes

Just like the buying expensive mansion hip-hop star loves collecting expensive, supercars and superbikes.

Below is the list of all the cars and bikes owned by rapper 50 Cent during his career.

Lamborghini Murcielago Price: $3,50,000

Rolls-Royce Phantom Price: $2,50,000

Ferrari F50 Price: $2 Million

Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Price: $2.5 Million

Lamborghini Aventador Price: $4,00,000

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Price: $3,00,000

Ferrari FF Price: $3,00,000

2011 Range Rover Sport Price: $65,000

2012 Bentley Mulsanne Price: $4,00,000

2012 Bentley Mulsanne Gold: $4,00,000

Maserati MC12 Price: $1.5 Million

Smart Car Price $12,000


Yamaha YZr R1 Price: $32,000

Custom made 3 wheel bike: The speed Racer

Ferrari 488 Price: $3,30,000

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Price: $3,25,000

Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible Price: $3,56,500

50 Cent Lifestyle, Jewelry, Watches Collections

Rap artists are known for their expensive taste in Jewelry, and 50 Cent is no exception to this rule.

The rapper-turned entrepreneur boasts quite an impressive collection of chains and other accessories.

Here are some of his iconic collections of Jewelry, watches, and other accessories. It has been reported that 50 Cent’s jewelry collection has a value of over $3,00,000.

The most iconic Jewelry of all is his G-Unit spinner Chain which has an estimated $75,000.

50Cent and his G-Unit Spinner
50Cent and his G-Unit Spinner

The rapper has got quite a good collection of rare and expensive timepieces. And he is not shy about showing them off.

His collection of watches includes Krieger, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille 1103. These watches ranges between $1,000 to $1,00,000.

Charity Works

G-Unit foundation was established in 2003 by 50 Cent and his group G-Unit.

It is a non-profit foundation that focuses on improving the quality of life for low-income and underserved communities across the United States.

After selling his Farmington Mansion, 50 Cent donated a whopping $2.9 million to the G-Unit foundation.


Curtis Jackson, a small-time drug dealer from Queens, New York, became a recognized rapper after being discovered by Eminem and Dr. Dre in 2002.

The record deal has made him so much money he is never afraid to flex his money and expensive things on social media.

50 Cent has a love for luxurious and finer things in life. He is never shy to flaunt his Jewelry, shiny watches, cars, and other expensive toys.

Once the richest rapper in the whole world, his bank accounts took hits several times over the years.

In 2007 he had an estimated net worth of $150 million, which later dropped to $30 million, which is still very respectable.

Besides making music and rapping, 50 also engaged himself in plenty of business ventures.

Turning anguish into fame, Curtis invested in multiple companies, which would later help him make a staggering fortune. 

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Curtis currently has a net worth of around $30 million, a massive drop from recent years, when his net worth was declared $150 Million by Forbes.

Curtis is one of the richest rappers in the world. Even though he decided to file for bankruptcy in 2015, it is believed that the decision was purely intentional to get himself out of paying Millions of Dollars.

Compared with other artists in the music industry, 50 Cent had a short time in the limelight, 50 Cent founded a record label, the clothing company even acted in several movies with Hollywood legends such as Al Pachino & Robert Deniro.

He found a boxing promotion company, The Money Team, in collaboration with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2012.

3 Facts about 50 Cent

–  Curtis’s favorite song from his album Get Rich Or Die Trying is “Many Men.”

– 50 Cent never had a real job

-50 Cent makes around $9,223.74 per day.


Which is the most sold album of 50 Cent?

2003 Debut Album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” Sold 9 Million copies.

Is 50 Cent Married?

50 Cent has been involved with several women, but he is not married. But has had children with two of them.

Is 50 Cent broke?

In 2015, he did file for his bankruptcy, but some say it was purely intentional to save his millions of dollars.

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