Ghostface Killah Net Worth: Career & Investments

One of the lead members of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, rapper, and songwriter Ghostface Killah’s net worth is $17 Million as of June, 2024.

After the success of “Enter the Wu-Tang” (36 Chambers), the members went on pursuing solo careers to varying levels of success.

In 1996 Ghostface Killah debuted his solo career with Ironman, which was well received by the music critics.

He tasted the blood of success and continued releasing critically acclaimed albums such as Supreme Clientele and Fishscale.

His stage alias was taken from one of the characters of the Kung Fu film Mystery of Chessboxing, released in 1979.

He even started his own record label named Starks Enterprises.

Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah

Ghostface is well-Known for his loud and fast-paced flow and his emotional stream-of-consciousness.

He was included in MTV’s list of “Greatest MCs of All Time” as honorable mentions in 2006.

Similarly, placed him on their list of the “Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987-2007)”, calling him “one of the most imaginative storytellers of our time.

Likewise, Q Magazine called him “rap’s finest storyteller.”

Furthermore, Pitchfork Media stated that “Ghostface has unparalleled storytelling instincts; he might be the best, most colorful storyteller rap has ever seen.

Moreover, NPR has called him “a compulsive storyteller.”

Early Days

Originally, Dennis David Coles, Ghostface Killah was born on May 9th, 1970, in Staten Island, New York, United States.

Dennis was raised in the Stapleton Housing Projects in Staten Island, New York.

There is not much information available about is early days of the rapper, but in one of his autobiographical songs, “All I Got Is You,” he tells the story of his childhood.

He raps about growing up in a small three-bedroom apartment without a father who left him at the age of six. Growing up poor, he experienced hard living conditions like Plucking roaches out of the cereal box.

Dennis attended junior high school on Staten Island.

Quick Facts

Full Name Dennis David Cole
Known as Ghostface Killah
Date of birth May 9, 1970
Place of birth Staten Island, New York, USA.
Residency Staten Island, New York, USA.
Age 54  years old
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Islam
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Father Not Available
Mother Not Available
Siblings Brother & Sister
Girlfriend Kelsey Nykle
Labels Razor Sharp Records, Def Jam, Universal Music Group, Epic Records
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hobbies Sports, Philanthropic works
Height 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 100Kg or 220 lbs.
Body Measurements 44-16-37
Brand Endorsements Wu-Goo hash Oil.
Distinctive Features Large and Imposing Body
Education Not Available
Favorite Food Fired Fish Halibut
Favorite Musicians All Soul artists from the 70s
Profession Rapper, Singer, and Song Writer
Website Ghostface
Years active 1991-Present
Social media TwitterInstagramFacebookDeezerYoutube, Spotify
Net worth $17 Million
Last Update June, 2024

Ghostface Net Worth and Income

Lead member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang-Gang Dennis David Coles, AKA Ghostface Killah, has a net worth of $17 million as of now. He is the richest member of the group Wu-Tang-Gang.

He earned his net worth by performing on stage, endorsement, social media, and producing and selling more than millions of albums worldwide.

DMX earned some money from his endorsement deals with various companies, popular brands for promotional advertisement. He has earned millions from his sponsors.

Most of his net worth values are from his digital album sales and streaming.

As a group, Wu-Tang-Clan has sold over 6.5 million copies in the US and over 40 million copies worldwide.

Ghostface was successful as a Wu-Tang-Clan group so is he as a solo artist.

On 29th October 1996, his album Ironman made $1 Million combining CD, cassette, and digital downloads.

Similarly, His other album Supreme Clientele released on 8th February 2000, made over $6 57,000 to the rapper combining all of the platforms.

With business ventures, gigs, concert appearances, and royalties, Ghostface will earn around $1.75 million this year.

With business ventures, royalties, concert appearances, and other income sources, it is estimated that Ghostface will earn about $1.75 Million this year.

Tours Earnings

There are no hard numbers regarding the earnings of the rapper from tours and concerts.

However, one could estimate that he at least bags around $10,000 per concert in take-home pay.

The money is a bit controversial as numerous sources have accused him of charging his opening acts up to $1,100 to open for him for getting exposure to new audiences.

Reportedly, per year earning of the rapper is $2.89 million that is from his digital streams and tours.

Similarly, he earns about $2 40,833.33 per month and $55,576.92 per week.

Likewise, his per day income is $7,917.81, $329.91 per hour, and $5.5 every minute.

Net Worth of Ghostface Killah in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Killah’s net worth in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 14,303,035
Pound Sterling £ 12,290,405
Australian Dollar A$ 22,616,460
Canadian Dollar C$ 21,050,505
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,263,153,550
BitCoin ฿ 467.97

Ghostface Killah Houses, Cars, and Jewelry


At this point, Ghostface Killah has decided not to divulge where he lives to the public.

Even though he is often seen near his old stomping grounds of Staten Island, which makes sense as he was born and raised in the area and represents a key portion of the New York Rap Scene.


While Ghostface has had a fleet of vehicles during his long reign as a prince of Rap.

Perhaps the most luxurious is a Mercedes Maybach S 600.

This particular wheel carries the elegance of a Mercedes, the luxury of a Maybach, and a price of nearly $200,000.


Just like his taste in cars, he also has a great taste for jewelry. He has been spotted wearing different shiny and expensive bling’s.

Ghostface Killah with a GHOST
Ghostface Killah with a GHOST

His signature Ghost spelled hand knuckle looks like it is made out of hard diamonds. These pieces can cost up to an easy million dollars, and the rapper owns several pieces.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Over the years, Hip hop has given many style icons, but only a few are as colorful as Ghostface Killah.

Killah manages to keep it simple yet stylish. In terms of shoes, Killah goes for a pair of Clarks Wallabees and matches these designer pairs, and he puts on a Polo Tee and a colorful hat.

For his wardrobe, he picks up Cross Colors, Dapper Dan, and a Ralph Lauren jacket.


Ghostface makes sure to make full use of his vacation and try out all kinds of activities his travel destination has to offer.

With more than seventeen tours coming this year all over the United States, he gets to visit places like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco ad many more.


While not a long-term contributor to any charities, Killah has more than one instance given thousands of dollars to individuals in need, including a small handful of homeless individuals while on tour in the Denver, Colorado, area.

Similarly, Wu-Tang Clan raised money to help three charities in Ottawa over COVID-19.

The charities included Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Food Bank, and Ottawa Mission shelter.

Over $1 70,000 was raised in just one day.

Wu-Tang Clan also partnered with StockX for charity.

They were the first celebrity group to partner with StockX for a charity IPO under the codename CREAM.

Fans who donated $10 on StockX to support CREAM got a chance to win autographed clothing and accessories from Ghostface Killah and other rappers.

100% of the proceeds went to Wu-Tang foundations which would later be put to use in health, poverty, and other sectors.

Movies & TV, Investments, & Book Publications

Movies & TV

Killah has made an appearance in multiple big-screen movies as well as television series over the years.

He has 4 credits as an actor, including movies and television series like Hip Hop Square, 30 Rock, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Up and above.

Similarly, he has a guest credit for Party Legends, Human Giants, and The Mo’Nique Show.

Likewise, Ghostface has 5 credits as a TV performer, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 2009 Hip Hop Honors, Vh1 Hip Hop Honors, and Rock ‘n’ Jock Grid Iron MTV Jams Concert.

Moreover, He was also a cast member in the reality show in 2014 called Couples Therapy.

Also, He was accredited for Voice over for an animated film in 2007, The Boondocks.


Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah launched a cryptocurrency firm in 2017.

The rapper’s firm hopes to raise $30 million during its initial coin offering, according to CNBC reports.

The name is derived from the 1993 classic song C.R.E.A.M. which stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

The CREAM has been replaced with Crypto.

CREAM launched its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on November 11th, 2017, in an effort to raise $30 million.

Basically, these tokens by CREAM can be traded for Ethereum via the blockchain.

It appears that the ICO hasn’t gone well, as the coin’s value has plunged more than 96% since it launched back in January 2017.

The Cream Dividend distribution token first went on sale back in November 2017, when coins were sold for $0.02 per coin.

The price for the cryptocurrency afterward spiked in January 2018 to a high of $0.12 before riding a downward trending wave.

The value of the coin was just $0.0045 in July 2018, making it a crypto-flop.

The latest update of the CREAM is not available.

Ghostface is not the only celebrity to attach their names to ICOs in a bid to sell more Paris Hilton, and Jamie Foxx has already attached their names before.

Books Publications

Ghostface Killah has authored two books in his career.

The first one is “Iron Man: True Reflections from the Soul of the Wu-Tang Clan,” released in 2007.

The second book authored by Ghostface is 12 reasons to die, released in 2020.

The book was released in collaboration with five authors, including Ghostface. Book has 3.6 out of 5 ratings from Goodreads.


Ghostface was lodgers with future Wu-Tang member Robert Diggs, aka “RZA.”

The two would soon find another five New York-based rappers to join the group to form Wu-Tang Clan.

Their first studio album, “Enter the Wu-Tang,” was certified platinum released in 1993.

Ghostface Killah Performs with Raekwon
Ghostface Killah Performs with Raekwon

Similarly, their second studio album, “Wu-Tang Forever,” reached number one on the Billboard charts and sold over eight million copies worldwide.

The group was one of hip hop’s first to release a successful clothing line and merchandise arm connected to their empire.

Outside of the group Ghostface Killah has released over 10 single studio albums and four compilations.

Similarly, he has been a part of the acting community and has also made an appearance in video games as himself.

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Facts About Ghostface Killah

  • Wu-Tang Clan was investigated by the FBI because the file on the group claimed that they were into money laundering.
  • Ghostface Killah was one of the first rappers to respond to “50 Cent’s” How To Rob.
  • According to Ghostface Killah, their song “Supreme Clientele” was a Better song than his solo “Ironman.”


Does Ghostface Killah have children?

No, Ghostface does not have children. As a matter of fact, he is not married either but does have a girlfriend.

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