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David Campese

David Campese has a net worth of $75 million as of [current – year], making him one of the richest rugby players in the world.

 As the first man in rugby to set the world record of 64 try score, David Campese’s net worth is $75 million.

He happens to be a famous and renowned Australian individual in the world of rugby.

Through his long-playing career from 1982-1996, David Campese became one of the richest rugby players worldwide.

To his long list of achievements, his “goose-step”; a hitch kick motion is famous in rugby.

Campese was the first man in the history of Australia to play 101 tests for the country.

David Campese’s net worth frequently rises as his influence on rugby is still very relevant in today’s context.

                                                   David Campese during one of his matches.

In fourth grade, his rugby union career started in 1979 with Queanbeyan Mighty Whites in ACT rugby competition, followed by achieving first-grade promotion.

So, later that year, he was selected to play for Australia’s “Under 21” at 19 years old.

Further, he was selected to play for New South Wales, Barbarians, Australian Wallabies, and Australian Sevens teams.     

Here are some quick facts about Campese, to know him better:

David Campese: Quick Facts

Full Name

David Ian Campese




61 years old

Date of Birth

21 October 1962


180 cm

Birth Place

Queanbeyan, Australia


Rugby Player




Queanbeyan, Randwick, Petrarca Padova, Amatori Milano



Awards Achieved

Member of the Order of Australia, Australian Sports Medal, Centenary Medal, World Rugby Hall of Fame

Debut Test Match and Final Test Match

1982, 1997

Social Media

Instagram Twitter

Net Worth

$75 million

Last Update

July, 2024

David Campese Net Worth and Income:

He proved his vivid natural skills by being the best player of his generation and being one of the best till today’s context, which added good value to David Campese’s net worth.

So, David Campese’s net worth is huge as he made an average of $2 million to $10 million per season during his career.

Campese’s net worth was raised by being the lead try scorer with 6 from six games at that World Cup.

Further, he was voted “ Player of Tournament” at the World Cup of 1991 that uplifted Campese’s net worth.

David Campese Net Worth from Coaching Career:

David Campese indulged his talent into being a coach after he retired from his playing career.

Took the role of coaching for Australia and other international teams with an estimated $44,165 to $57,171 with an average base salary of $50,149.

His Australian coaching involvement included BMW Kids Clinics around Australia, Sydney University, and Sevens Program and Kids Coaching Clinics.

As for the international team, he was actively involved as a coach for the Singapore National Team, Murray Mexted International Academy of New Zealand, and Coaching Schools in Japan for almost 10 years.

David Campese’s net worth kept rising by coaching in Natal Sharks and coaching director of Northwood Boys High School in South Africa.

All these years of his coaching career have contributed to adding value to David Campese’s net worth of $75 million.

David Campese Net Worth through books:

Campese published a series of books based on rugby throughout the ’90s and 2000.

There are 7 books written and based on him till today that are available for readers. So, these books were well received, which contributed to David Campese’s net worth and income.

List of books written by David Campese:

  1. On a Wing and a Prayer: The Autobiography of David Campese. (1991)
  2. My Game, Your Game; David Campese (1994)
  3. Campese (1996)
  4. David Campese; David John Purcell Clark ( 1996)
  5. Livewire Real Lives by David Campese, Gail A. Taylor (1998)
  6. World Cup Glory: Peter Jenkins and David Campese Follow the Wallabies. (1999)
  7. Campo: Still Entertaining; David Campese (2003)
                                                       Book Cover of Campese’s autobiography(1991)

Uplifting the Australian Rugby:

In 2017, Campese planned his return along with his family after10 years abroad.

After living in Durban and assisting in South African Rugby, he decided to come back and get involved in improving the Australian Rugby.

According to him, the skills remain the same for the game though the game has evolved and training sessions are new.

Campese officially came back to Australia in 2018 and to fulfill his determination.

Started offering coaching clinics throughout Australia by partnering with Classic Wallabies, which flourished David Campese’s net worth.

David Campese: Charity Work

Rugby Ambassador for the Australian Rugby Foundation:

In 2020, Campese took the role of rugby ambassador for the Australian Rugby Foundation.

He is expected to work across the country for game development mainly to encourage the participants, rather new or old, involved with the Classic Wallabies.

Other roles include helping to uplift key qualified individuals and the Rugby community.

The foundation recognizes David’s value in the Rugby world mostly because of his passion for uplifting the game and encouraging people to give a chance to the game.

Foundation believes that he is the supreme candidate for the ambassador role.

He understands the generation and, so none other individual understands the sport more than him.

Campese’s vision involves helping the coaching clinics and encouraging rugby sessions to schools with determination to inspire the newer generation in rugby by both his role of the player and coach.

Brand Endorsement, Commercials, and Journalism:

Brand Endorsement :

The value of David Campese’s net worth keeps on increasing due to his income through his numerous partnerships with well-known worldwide brands.

To name a few, for instance, he has been an ambassador for brands like Coke, BMW, Beats by Dr. Dre.

Furthermore, he has acted as the brand ambassador of Mars, Speedo, etc., and indulges himself in advertising tasks, including social media, prints that contribute to David Campese’s income.

Advertisement Campaigns:

Throughout his long career, he has managed to showcase himself in advertising campaigns for big companies.

David Campese’s total net worth includes income from brands like Beats by Dr. Dre, Ladbrokes, and Air New Zealand.

As a result, his passion for traveling worldwide to share his story and act as an example for inspiring players has contributed to his success and Campese’s net worth.


Following his retirement, he displayed his skills in journalism, and as a result of his passion and skills, he wrote for Daily Telegraph in Sydney by indulging in three columns of rugby.

Campese also showed active participation on websites like Rugby Zone, a South African online website, and an online sports portal known as The Roar that added value to David Campese’s total net worth after retirement.

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David Campese: Career

During his early career in 1982, he shocked the world with his talent by giving a marvelous performance against New Zealand “Under 21”.

Also, in 1983 his signature goose-step against Argentina got him his way past the opponent fullback and left people in awe.

The referee of Welsh was so impressed by him and acknowledged Campese by calling it the best try he had ever witnessed in his life.

                                                Campese celebrating his win at Rugby World Cup 1991

Highlights and Achievement of his career:

  • Rugby World Cup 1991; Player of the tournament
  • Italy 2002; Fair Play Award
  • London 2002; Inducted in Rugby Hall of Fame and Centurians Award
  • Australia 2003; Australian Medal
  • Paris 2008; “Legends” Oscar for the best winger in the world
  • 2013; International Rugby Board’s prestigious member

Member of “The Hong Kong Magnificent Seven”:

In 2015, Campese was announced as the fifth member of “The Hong Kong Magnificent Seven” by the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union.

This campaign was mainly initiated to acknowledge the seven most influential players in the last 40 years of Seven in Hongkong.

Among which Campese was one of them, Campese showcased many appearances in Hong Kong throughout his career.

From contributing to defending Australia its title from previous tournaments to achieving two more cups in later years.

This campaign by Hong Kong Rugby Football Union acknowledged their top seven international players that have played at the Hong Kong stadium among the past four decades,

And thus, David is regarded as an inspiration in the rugby world with a convincing finale and a great career with sevens that lasted for more than a decade.

3 Facts abour David Campese:

  1. Campese often tweets controversial statements and criticism regarding other players and matches, which brings him in highlight quite often.
  2. His nephew Terry Campese is also a renowned professional rugby player.
  3. Campese caused trouble for his team and himself by his risk-taking in defense which cost his team the match and the entire series.


Does David Campese have children?

Yes, he has three children; Sienna, Jason, Mercedes.

Does David Campese own Campos Coffee?

No, he has no relation with them, but the name sounds similar, which is why people believe he is associated with them.

What is David Campese doing now?

David Campese is occupied by his newly formed role of Rugby Ambassador by rejoining Australian Rugby. 

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