Gavin Newsom Religion – Jewish Or Christian? Family Ethnicity

Gavin Newsom religion

Gavin Newsom religion offers a glimpse into his personal life, shedding light on the various factors that have influenced his spiritual beliefs, family connections, and cultural heritage.

Gavin Christopher Newsom is a politician as well as a businessperson from the United States. Since 2019, he has served as California’s 40th governor.

Prior to that, he served as San Francisco’s 42nd mayor from 2004 to 2011 and as California’s 49th lieutenant governor from 2011 to 2019.

After graduating from Santa Clara University in 1989, Newsom, along with his billionaire friend Gordon Getty, started the PlumpJack Group.

This business grew to oversee 23 ventures, including wineries, restaurants, and hotels. When the mayor of San Francisco named Newsom to the Parking and Traffic Commission in 1996, he made his political debut.

He later joined the Board of Supervisors and was elected to the board in 1998.

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Gavin Newsom Religion-Jewish Or Christian? 

Newsom was baptised and grew up in his dad’s Catholic faith. He calls himself an “Irish Catholic rebel” in some ways, but he still really respects the Church and has a strong faith.

When talking about the Catholic Church in 2008, he thought it was in a tough situation.

However, he sticks with the church because he feels a strong connection to a bigger purpose and a higher being. Newsom sees himself as a practicing Catholic.

Gavin Newsom religion
                                                 Gavin has been followed by thousands of netizens who are inspired by him (Source: Facebook)

Newsom has disclosed that dyslexia had a factor in his difficult upbringing. He attended kindergarten and first grade at Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires, a bilingual French-American Catholic school in San Francisco, where he started his schooling.

However, he had to transfer out due to severe dyslexia that continues to impact him, affecting his writing, spelling, reading, and numerical skills.

During his academic years, Newsom depended on a mix of audiobooks, summaries, and informal verbal guidance. Even today, he prefers to interpret documents and reports through audio means.

Gavin Newsom family

Newsom was born on October 10, 1967, to Tessa Thomas (formerly Menzies) and William Alfred Newsom III.

At the age of three, Newsom’s mother and father—a state appeals court judge and Getty Oil attorney—divorced in 1971.

He hails from a long line of San Franciscans, being a fourth-generation native. On his maternal side, his great-grandfather, Scotsman Thomas Addis, was a notable scientist in nephrology and a Stanford University medicine professor.

Interestingly, Newsom is the second cousin, twice removed, of musician Joanna Newsom.

Additionally, his aunt was married to Ron Pelosi, the brother-in-law of then-Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Newsom started dating film director Jennifer Siebel in October 2006. In February 2007, he shared that he would undergo treatment for alcohol use disorder.

The couple got engaged in December 2007 and tied the knot in Stevensville, Montana, in July 2008. They now have four children.

In 2012, Newsom moved to a home in Kentfield, Marin County, from San Francisco with his family.

Gavin Newsom ethnicity

Newsom comes from a long line of San Franciscans, being the fourth generation. His dad is Irish, and one of his maternal great-grandfathers, Thomas Addis, was a ground-breaking scientist in nephrology and a medicine professor at Stanford University.

So, it is clear that the newlywed politician and businessman, Gavin, holds a mixed ethnic background.

In October 2023, Newsom went on a week-long trip to China. He began in Hong Kong, participating in a climate change discussion at the University of Hong Kong.

Gavin Newsom religion
                                                                                  An image of Gavin with military forces (Source: Instagram)

Later, he travelled to Beijing, where he had a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Their talks covered various topics, including climate change, trade relations, and addressing fentanyl production.

The visit also took him to Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. Throughout the trip, Newsom advocated for improved relations between the U.S. and China, emphasising that a separation was not a viable option for the two countries.

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