Ahed Tamimi Parents: Bassem Tamimi, Nariman al-Tamimi, Family

Ahed Tamimi parents

Ahed Tamimi parents: Ahed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, is a Palestinian grassroots activist who organizes demonstrations in the West Bank against Israeli settlements.

Ahed is a young Palestinian activist from the village of Nabi Salih in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. 

She is best known for her confrontations with Israeli soldiers captured in photos and videos, which have led some pro-Palestinian supporters to view her as a symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation.

Tamimi published a book in 2022 titled “They Called Me a Lioness,” detailing her experiences.

In late 2017, she was arrested by Israel after a video went viral showing her slapping an Israeli soldier.

This incident attracted major international interest and debate. Tamimi agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced to 8 months in prison before being released in July 2018.

After her father was detained in 2023 during clashes between Israel and Hamas, Tamimi was arrested again in November over an inflammatory Instagram post allegedly connected to her that called for violence against Israeli settlers. She was released on November 29th.

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Ahed Tamimi Parents: Bassem Tamimi, Nariman al-Tamimi

The well-known activist Ahed Tamimi parents are Bassem and Nariman Al-Tamimi.

Bassem Tamimi, Ahed’s father, is a Palestinian activist who organises protests in the West Bank against Israeli settlements being built on Palestinian land.

In 2011, he was arrested by Israeli authorities and later convicted in 2012 by an Israeli military court on charges of “inciting people to throw stones and holding an unauthorized protest march.”

He received a prison sentence as a result. He is also the father of Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian woman who confronted Israeli soldiers and was arrested.

Ahed Tamimi parents
On July 29, 2018, Ahed Tamimi was released from prison into her mother’s arms after serving an 8-month sentence (Source: The Times Of Israel)

Bassem was only 10 weeks old during the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank, hiding in a cave with his mother during the conflict.

As a grassroots activist, Bassem organised weekly protests in his village, Nabi Salih, against the seizure of their well by the nearby Israeli settlement, Halamish, established in 1977.

After a plea bargain, Ahed was sentenced in 2018 to spend 8 months in prison over the widely publicised incident.

Ahed Tamimi and her mother, Nariman Al, were jailed by Israeli authorities for confronting and shoving Israeli Defence Forces soldiers near her home in the West Bank village of Nebi Saleh in late 2017.

Ahed Tamimi Family

Ahed was born on January 31, 2001, in the small West Bank village of Nabi Salih in the Palestinian territories.

Her father is activist Bassem Tamimi, cousin of Ahlam Tamimi, who was involved in the 2001 Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem.

According to Bassem, the Tamimi family has experienced a life defined by Israeli checkpoints, identity checks, detentions, home demolitions, intimidation, humiliation, and violence under the occupation.

He says Ahed is often threatened by Israeli forces when recognized. To protect her from harassment at checkpoints, her parents moved her to a relative’s house in Ramallah so she could continue school.

Bassem estimates their family home, slated for demolition in 2010 just before the village began weekly protests, has been raided over 150 times by the military as of 2017.

Their friend Alison Avigayil Ramer, a Jewish-American Israeli, has written about the persistent harassment Ahed and her family have endured over the years due to their Gandhian-style pacifism.

Ahed Tamimi Siblings

Ahed has two brothers named Mohammed and Wa’ed. In May 2018, Wa’ed was arrested over an incident from March 2017 where he and other villagers threw stones at an Israeli army jeep that had become stuck in Nabi Saleh.

According to the indictment, a soldier suffered a hand injury from the rock throwing.

Wa’ed’s arrest came less than a month after his sister Ahed and mother Nariman were released from prison for slapping an Israeli soldier, in a case that drew major international attention.

Ahed Tamimi parents
                                           An image of Ahed Tamimi’s brother, Wa’ed (Source: The Times Of Israel)

The Tamimi family has been actively involved in protests against the Israeli occupation and expansion of settlements on Palestinian land in their village.

Wa’ed’s stone-throwing arrest adds to the numerous members of the family who have faced detention for their activism and clashes with Israeli forces.

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