Brandon Ingram Net Worth: Endorsement & Achievement

Brandon Ingram, a professional Basketball Player, associated with the National Basketball Association (NBA) from the United States of America, has a net worth of $12 Million as per the 2021 update.

Brandon Ingram, also known as Brandon Xavier Ingram, was born to his father Donald Ingram and mother Joann Ingram in Kinston, North Carolina, on September 2, 1997.

In fact, Ingram had a successful academic and sportsmanship record during his high school career. To explain in brief, he won 4 state titles in a row regularly and was honored with North Carolina’s Mr. Basketball.

North Carolina Mr. Basketball (Brandon Ingram) on the Court

Then, he was picked by New Orleans Pelicans under National Basketball Association. Since 2016 he introduced himself as the key player as Los Angeles Lakers elected NBA draft.

Consequently, he introduced himself as NBA All-Rookie Second Team, NBA All-Star, and NBA Most Improved Players from 2017 to 2020 AD.

Before, he played college basketball for Duke Blue Devils Club and achieved the title “Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year.”

Quick Facts

Net Worth$12 Million

Name Brandon Ingram, aka Brandon Xavier Ingram
Birth Date September 2, 1997
Parents Donald  Ingram (Father) and Joann Ingram (Mother)
Profession Basketball Player
Age 26 Years Old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Home Town Kinston, North Carolina
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Education Kinston High School, North Carolina, Duke College
Major Award Most Improved Players, 2020
Zodiac Virgo
Marital Status Unmarried
Height 6 feet and 6 inches
Weight 86 Kg
Chest Size 46 Inches
Biceps Size 16 Inches
Waist Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 15 (US)
Hobbies Tattoo (46) and Baseball
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Career Debut August 23, 2016
Jersey Number 14
Position Small Forward, Power Forward
Siblings Bo Ingram (Brother), Brittany Callender (Sister)
Social Site Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Net Worth $12 Million
Merch Signed Jersey 
Last Update April, 2024


Brandon Ingram Net Worth

Despite a short 5-year career in Basketball, Brandon has made a total of 12 million dollars net worth as of 2021. His main source of earning is a salary.

In fact, Ingram signed a 4-year contract with the Loss Angeles lakers for 23.8 Million dollars. When we calculate annually, it becomes around 6 million dollars.

In addition, Brandon is rising in his career as in November 2020, he signed the contract paper of 158 Million Dollars with Pelicans for 5-years. 

However, in 2019 he earned 7.27 million dollars. But all these earning cannot be calculated as net worth as he has to pay a huge amount as income tax to the government.

Besides his salary, Ingram also took initiation for an endorsement deal and signed with Adidas Basketball in 2016. Then he was introduced and emerged as an aspiring fashion designer.

Brandon Ingram House and Car

Brandon Ingram bought a house for his parents in 2016. So that, he feels quite happy to be able to buy a house for his parents. Brandon is highly thankful for the contribution of his parent for making him a successful Basketball player.

Indeed it’s motivating to everyone that the second-youngest player in the draft has so much love and affection for his parents.

Similarly, Brandon has earned a Range Rover car. His dream car, 2019 Range Rovers, has a starting price of $89,160 in the market.

Range Rover Car of Brandon Ingram

On the other hand, he has modified the car completely inside, and people may surprise whether it is New Orleans Pelicans brand or Range rover Car.

For example, Ingram has used car accessories like steering wheel covers, floor mats, car decals, magnets, and hitch cover of Orleans Pelicans.

Brandon Ingram Endorsement and Movies


Brandon appeared in a commercial of Adidas Basketball for Speed Stick with Minnesota Timberwolves and Kris Dunn after signing an endorsement deal with Excel Sports Management. During the deal, founder, president Jeff Schwartz was also present.

Being an endorser of Adidas, Brandon Ingram almost wears all the dresses of Adidas Company. So that he is seen wearing Adidas T-shirt and trousers, likewise, he wears a fashionable Adidas cap, socks, shoes.

Similarly, he joined the team of L.A. street artist Jonas to campaign for Delta’s ” Beyond the Court” in 2017. In addition, he performed with Laker teammate Jordan Clarkson and presented their position out of court.

Likewise, he joined with Clarkson renowned fashion designer, and presented his desire for art by drawing cartoons of basketball players. In another case, he has 46 tattoos on his body.

Moreover, by joining New Orleans Pelicans, Brandon Ingram has started an endorsement campaign for many products Like Personalized Silk 50* 60 ” of northwest Company, which cost $69.95.

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Similarly, he uses Personalized Opal Draft Tumbler of 240z, Personalized MVP Tumbler, Sparo Personalized Trifold Wallet (Black and Brown), among many others.

Besides these, he has endorsed Panini America and Quest Nutrition.


Brandon Ingram is also an actor and producer. In conclusion, movies of Brandon are The Day I met Her (2017), Funny Boy (2020), NBA and TNT (2020), and NBS and ESPN ( 2018- 2020).

Brandon Ingram Lifestyle

Brandon spent his early childhood age in a 1-story house at Highland Avenue in Kinston. His brother lived in another house. However, they met every weekend and used to play Basketball. Undeniably, his brother was the first basketball coach.

26 Years old Ingram is not married yet, but he has sweets in both hands. Yes, he is exactly in the middle of a love triangle. Evidently, his full-time girlfriend is Amber Washington, and he is also partially dating professional dancer Raelynn Inez.


Love Triangle of Brandon Ingram

In addition, he prefers to make his romantic life more scandalous, as he often buys tickets for both women to watch his games. Like everyone, his girlfriends are found making the statement that each one of them had better seats.

He loves to celebrate Birthdays, so he celebrated his 19th Birthday and experienced great enthusiasm than others.

Despite his glorious and successful history, Brandon suffered from Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). This disease was found in Ingram in March 2019.

As an illustration, DVT is a disease that occurs when a blood clot (thrombus) is developed in one or more of the deep veins in the human body. It is usually seen in the legs.

Food Habit

In 2018 Ingram joined a partnership project with Protein Powder. At that time, he shared chicken alfredo as his snacking habits at late night.

Similarly, he prefers to have omelets with bacon and ham. Likewise, he also likes to eat hash browns, toast, and orange juice for breakfast.

Then, the daily routine of players is not other than training. Whatever he takes, that all is digested within 10 minutes. Well, now it must be clear that he must love any food. It also makes us realize how much the player must spend their stored energy to finish the game.

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Definitely, every player takes the best diet for the recovery of their body. Ingram is equally serious in this matter. Once he is wounded, he takes suggestions from a team.

Similarly, in lunch, he goes for grilled chicken and grain. Within an hour, he takes cashew and seasonal fruits. When we come to his dinner, he takes either any chicken or steak and fish sometimes.

Achievement and Awards

Here is the list of achievement and awards won by Brandon Ingram

Achievements and Awards Year
North Carolina Mr. Basketball 2015
McDonald’s All-American 2015
ACC Rookie of the Year 2016
Second-team All-ACC 2016
AP Honorable Mention All-American 2016
NBA All-Rookie Second Team 2017
NBA All-Star 2020
Brandon Achieving All-Star Title in 2020


Brandon Ingram has proved as a charitable person over the years. For example, he donated 982 pairs of shoes to his hometown in July 2020.

Similarly, in the same year, he distributed groceries through tax donations. In fact, the objective of distributing groceries was to reduce greenhouse emissions from landfills with this program.

Likewise, in 2018, he distributed school bags, school supplies, and shoes to the children of Kinston.


The foundation of Brandon Ingram can be categorized into three levels, i.e., School, College, and NBA. In school, he achieved so many awards.

Firstly, Kinston High School of Carolina must be acknowledged here for providing an appropriate environment to Ingram.  Similarly, the role of his parents and brother is quite important to make him stand at present.

Most importantly, dedication and hard work were all set to make the present position of Brandon Ingram.

Secondly, in Duke College of Carolina, he outdid excellently and prepared the ground for the NBA draft.

In addition, he achieved so many awards in his college days as well. Above all, his position in the NBA draft is the greatest achievement till now.

Facts of Brandon Ingram

Ingram is the second-youngest player in NBA. In fact, Dragan Bender, 19, is the youngest to him. At least, Ingram’s thin body is always questionable to his supporter; however, Ingram doesn’t see weight as a huge problem.

Furthermore, Brandon Ingram is a right-handed player, but his left hand equally works with his right hand.

While talking about the attitude and behavior of Ingram, he is a normal human being as he shows all types of character. Undoubtedly, the role of discipline is important to become a successful player.

Albeit,  he was suspended in four games in a court fight against Houston Rockets in October 2020.

Most Dangerous Court Fight of Brandon Ingram Ever Captured

At this point, Orleans Pelican has suffered from injuries of its key player as Brandon Ingram; unfortunately, he suffered a left ankle inversion sprain on March 2021.

Similarly, Williamson is going with treatment for his major injury. As a result, they missed many games on the schedule during the season.

Although Ingram is a successful player, his defensive rating is 114.9, and it is considered low. Basically, his defensive score in comparison to other powerful players is not good at all. In fact, below 110 points defensive is considered a low rating in basketball.

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In summary, he is established as the star in basketball because of the constructive or attacking game style.


What position does Ingram play?

Ingram plays power forward and small forward.

Where is Brandon Ingram now?

Brandon Ingram is in New Orleans, Pelican.

Is Brandon Ingram left-handed?

No, He is a right-handed player.

How many games has he played for NBA?

He has played 313 games in his NBA career.



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