Frank Hibbard Accident: Clearwater Mayor Injury Health Family And Net Worth Revealed

Frank Hibbard

There are rumors about Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard Accident. People want to know about Mayor’s health and how he is now. He has recently resigned from his Mayor post.

Frank Hibbard is a notable American politician who served as the Mayor of Clearwater, Florida, for two terms from 2005 to 2012. He was again elected in 2020 before resigning in the third year of his current term.

He helped attract new businesses to the area, including the Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s construction and the Capitol Theatre’s renovation.

He also worked to improve the city’s infrastructure, including expanding the Clearwater Beach roundabout and constructing a new Fire station.

The mayor worked closely with community leaders, business owners, and residents to address their concerns and ensure the city was moving in the right direction.

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Frank Hibbard Accident: Clearwater Mayor Injury Health

Speculation has been circulating on social media and online platforms that Clearwater Mayor Frank was involved in an accident.

However, there is no news or evidence to support these claims. Recent results suggest a different story entirely.

On March 20, 2023, Mayor Hibbard unexpectedly resigned from his position during a budget workshop held by the City Council.

Just under an hour into the meeting, the Mayor packed his belongings and made a surprising announcement: he was stepping down from his post.

Frank Hibbard accident
Frank Hibbard unexpectedly resigned from his position during a budget workshop held by the City Council. (Source: Tampa Bay Times)

The Mayor did not provide a specific reason for his resignation. However, he was known to be at odds with the City Council over their proposed plans for a new $90 million city hall and municipal services center.

In his conversation with FOX 13 News after his resignation, Hibbard expressed deep concern over the potential negative effects of this proposed spending on taxpayers and the city.

“I think they are making decisions that will have negative ramifications,” he stated. “Clearwater has always been a very fiscally responsible city.”

Mayor Hibbard’s sudden resignation has shaken the city’s political landscape.

Who are Frank Hibbard Family?

Hibbard was born in the bustling city of Chicago in the year 1967. As he grew up, he moved with his parents to Clearwater, Florida, where he spent his formative years.

Frank and his wife, Teresa, have resided in Harbor Oaks for over two decades. Their charming vintage home, built in 1925, has been their residence for all these years.

The couple has raised two grown children and has three adorable grandchildren. Adding to their joy, they have four lovable dogs and three grand dogs that keep them Company.

Frank Hibbard
Frank Hibbard with his wife Teresa (Source: Tampabay)

Frank and Teresa have been devoted members of the Calvary Church in Clearwater, building lasting friendships and memories.

Frank’s educational background boasts two undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics, which he diligently pursued. He further pursued his academic interests by obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Frank has various hobbies, including a keen interest in golf, tennis, and college football.

Frank Hibbard Net Worth Revealed

Frank, who recently announced his resignation as the Mayor of Clearwater, Florida, has a net worth estimated to range from $1 million to $5 million.

His net worth has primarily been earned through his successful political career.

Hibbard’s success as a politician has driven his financial success, as he entered the political arena after completing his formal education.

He was elected as Mayor of Clearwater, Florida, in 2020, with an impressive victory over three other candidates.

Frank Hibbard
Frank Hibbard at Fox13 interview after his resignation (Source: Fox 13 news)

However, with his resignation, it remains to be seen how it will impact his net worth in the future.

As a skilled politician, Hibbard has built a reputation as a reliable public servant with a deep dedication to improving his community.

His recent resignation has generated much speculation, but it’s clear that his contributions to Clearwater, Florida, will continue to be appreciated for many years.

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