Adam Bandt Sexuality – Is He Gay? Partner and Parents Of The Aussie MP

Adam Bandt Sexuality

Adam Bandt sexuality is not gay. He is married to his beautiful wife, Claudia Perkins. The pairs are blessed with two kids.

Australia’s federal representative for Melbourne and leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Paul Bandt, is a former industrial lawyer and politician. 

From 2012 to 2015 and again from 2017 to 2020, he was the co-leader of the Green Party. In February 2020, after Senator Richard Di Natale resigned, he was chosen as the new leader.

Bandt was elected to the House of Representatives in the 2010 federal election, becoming the second Green overall and the first to do so at the national level. 

The Australian Labor Party’s Lindsay Tanner defeated Bandt in a close race when he first ran for the seat in 2007. In the years that followed his victory in the 2010 election, Bandt kept his place in the legislature.

On February 4th, 2020, Bandt won with no opposition. Nick McKim defeated Sarah Hanson-Young and Mehreen Faruqi to win the position of second co-deputy, and Larissa Waters was elected as the first co-deputy without any resistance.

The political journalist Paddy Manning has referred to Bandt as the first Greens leader from the party’s left wing.

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Adam Bandt Sexuality – Is He Gay?

Adam Bandt’s sexuality has been questioned, as the Australian MP has a decisive verdict on the LGBTQ+ community and does community services.

Working in all these sectors, people are curious and make fun of him being gay. However, Adam is not gay and is married to his lovely wife. 

Following significant improvements to the Safe Schools LGBTI anti-bullying program, Greens MP Adam Bandt started a crowdfunding drive in 2016 to fund the purchase of rainbow gay pride flags for schools.

Adam Bandt Sexuality
Adam Bandt’s Strong Stand For Same-Sex Marriage (Source: They Vote For You)

The Turnbull administration adjusted the Safe Schools curriculum, limiting it to secondary schools, transferring the program to a government website, and deleting all references to additional reading and websites. 

Parents permit their children to participate, and before schools choose to use the materials, they must get permission from the parent body.

Who Is Adam Bandt Partner?

Adam Bandt is married to his beautiful wife, Claudia Perkins. Bandt’s partner is Claudia Perkins, a former team member of Labor who is currently a part-time yoga instructor. They are parents to two girls.

Adam Bandt Sexuality
Adam Bandt With His Wife (Source: Twitter)

In 2010, they first became romantically involved. Julia Gillard received political advice from Claudia Perkins. Claudia left her party and started working for Adam Bandt when Julia Gillard won. Wren and Elke were now a blessing for the marriage.

Bandt and Perkins are well known for adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, and Perkins most recently made news by permanently tattooing the slogan “Coal Kills” in her hair.

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Adam Bandt Parents Details To Know 

Adam Bandt’s parents are of German descent. Johann Friedrich Ludwig Bandt, a Prussian immigrant who became a miller in the village of Quorn, was his ancestor.

With two marriages and 23 offspring, Johann Bandt had a large family spread out from their settled town. Lewis Bandt, a member of his family who worked at the Ford Australia plant, relocated to Geelong in Australia.

Allan Bandt, Adam Bandt’s father, owned and operated Bandt Gatter in Perth, Australia. Before moving into human resources and starting a consultancy, he worked as a social worker.

Moira, Bandt’s mother, is a naval engineer’s daughter. She was born and raised in South England before moving to Australia. She started as a teacher before becoming the school’s principal.

When Adam Bandt was only eleven years old, his family relocated to Perth because of his father’s job.

Bandt praised his mother for being “a practical environmentalist” and his father for having a strong sense of social justice.

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