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The British rapper, musician, songwriter, and record producer renowned for his studio album “Playing in the Shadows,” Example has an incredible net worth of $15 million.

Further, the real name of one of the gifted musicians of all time Example is Elliot John Gleave.

Furthermore, Example has become a music icon in the rap industry and has spent about two decades in this field.

Besides, Elliot John Gleave rose to stardom with the premiere of his second studio albums, ‘Won’t Go Quietly.’

Example has released six studio albums and one collaboration alum with the fellow rap artist Jadakiss.

Elliot John Gleave aka Example

Meanwhile, the rap artist has also been featured in several movies, including Between Two Worlds (2013), Shield 5 (2016).

As a matter of fact, Elliot has stated that he aspired to be a movie director shortly.

Nevertheless, he has won numerous awards and accolades as of now.

For instance, the musician Example earned three UK Music Video Awards and Hungarian Music Awards in 2013.

On top of that, Example’s hit studio album Playing in the Shadow peaked at the top spot in the UK album chart and the UK Dance Album chart.

Additionally, this album was certified as a platinum record by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI)

Subsequently, his other studio albums, such as Won’t Go Quietly and The Evolution of Man was quite a hit with being certified Gold by the BPI.

Conversely, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, also owns a record label called All The Chats.

To conclude, the rap artist Elliot John Gleave, well-known by his stage name Example, has been a top-notch musician who has inspired many youths out there.

Quick Facts about Example

Here are some quick facts about the famous British rapper, musician, songwriter, record producer Example

Born Name  Elliot John Gleave
Celebrated Name Example
Nickname (s) E.G., John
Date of Birth 20 June 1982
Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight 73 kg (159 lbs)
Age 41 Years Old
Country of Origin England, United Kingdom
Birth Place/City Hammersmith, London, England
Nationality England
Religion Roman Catholic
Race/Ethnicity White
Body Type Slim
Associated Labels Staneric, Sony, Epic, Mercury, Ultra, Ministry of Sound, Data, The Beats, Warner, All The Chats
Profession  Musician, Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer
Genre Electronic Dance Music, Rave-hop, hip hop, Eurodance, Pop
Associated Acts  Don Diablo, Professor Green, P Money, Calvin Harris
Career 2004 to present
Net Worth $15 million
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Gemini
High School Local High School
College  Royal Holloway, University of London
Father’s Name  Elaine Johnston Gleave
Mother’s Name Michael Gleave
Siblings 1 younger sister (Elise Gleave)
Relatives N/A
Marital Status Married
Pas Affair N/A
Spouse/Wife Name
Erin McNaught (m. 2013 to present)
Children/Kids Name 2 sons (Evander Maxwell Gleave and Ennio Stanley Gleave.)
Notable Work Playing In The Shadows, Won’t Go Quietly
Official Website Try This For Example Official
 Film Appearances Between Two Worlds, White Island, Shield 5
Personal Record Label All The Chats
Social Media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify
Last Update April, 2024

Net Worth and Income

The British singer, hip-hop, rap artist, actor, songwriter, music producer, Example, has a staggering net worth of $15 million.

Furthermore, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, made this outrageous fortune via his musical career and a few acting endeavors.

Aside from Example’s musical career, he has made this colossal net worth through his productive investments, endorsement deals, and other ventures.

However, the veteran artist has mostly earned his wealth from the sales of his blockbuster studio albums.

As a matter of fact his third studio album Playing in the Shadow relearsed in 2011 garnered over 2 million copies sold as of now

Not to mention this is Example’s most successful album as this record has been certified platinum BPI for its sales and peaking top spot in several British Music charts.

Other than that, his other studio albums, including “Won’t Go Quietly (2010)” and “The Evolution of Man (2012)”, have been certified gold by the BIP record association.

However, the multi-talented persona Elliot Gleave, aka Example, has gained millions of dollars through his compilation albums, mixtapes, and remix albums.

Meanwhile, he has released six studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 45 music videos, 37 singles, 4 mixtapes, and 1 remix album.

Subsequently, Gleave, aka Example, has featured in several mixtapes, including Friday Night Freestyles, Summertime Shootout, and There Is No Competition.

Meanwhile, he has been a featured artist in numerous hit studio albums, for instance, “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over (2011)”, “She Doesn’t Put It Down (2012)”, “Try It, and Uptown Vibes in (2015).”

According to several online sources, Example earned about $355,000 from his acting role in” Between Two Worlds” and “Shield 5.”

To sum up, the British artist Gleave aka Example has an estimated earning of half a million from his slew of endorsement deals.

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Net Worth of Example in Different Currencies

Let’s check out the famous British rapper, musician, songwriter, record producer Example’s net worth in numerous currencies, including BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 12,707,325
Pound Sterling £ 10,895,250
Australian Dollar A$ 20,530,125
Canadian Dollar C$ 18,906,075
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,098,570,000
BitCoin ฿ 313

Example: Lifestyle & Vacations


On June 20, 1982, the rap artist Example was born by the name of Elliot John Gleave.

Further, Gleave was born and raised in Hammersmith, London, the United Kingdom.

As a matter of fact, Elliot John Gleave was born to Elaine Johnston Gleave and Michael Gleave.

Nevertheless, his parents also have a daughter named Elise Gleave.

Moreover, Elliot was an astute, fast learner and had a photographic memory; as a result, he always excelled during his secondary school education at Ashcroft Technology Academy.

As a matter of fact, he also has a Bachelor’s in Arts majoring in Media from the Royal Holloway, University of London, graduating in 2003.

Despite having excellent academic success, Gleave, aka Example, had a neurodevelopmental disorder called Asperger Syndrome (AS).

Example with his wife Erin McNaught and kids

On top of that, he was portrayed as a freak during his childhood for possessing magnificent grades in education.

Thereby, the 14-year-old Example started rapping to be fit in the society and among his peers.

Nonetheless, he was inspired by the music of famous 1980s rappers, Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg in his teen days.

Not to mention, in 1992, Gleve had to flee from a house party in Shepherd’s Bush where is demolished an opponent in a rap battle.

Unlike many rap artists, Example rarely goes night clubs, partying since he tied a knot in 2013.

Additionally, he is married to a gorgeous Aussie actress and model named Erin McNaught.

On top of that, a couple resides in Brisbane, Australia, with their children Evander Maxwell Gleave and Ennio Stanley Gleave.

Work Outs and Diet

Subsequently, Gleave, aka Example, is a family guy and has a vigorous workout schedule.

With that being said, he has indulged in numerous charities and organizes events to help many foundations.

In addition, the rap artist Example wakes up early in the morning and goes to walk outdoors.

Elliot Gleave working out

Not only does he go jogging outdoors, but he also attends gym sessions for an hour.

Additionally, the workout session of Elliot John Gleave mostly comprises Skipping, Push-Ups, Lunges, Crunches, Bent Over Row, and many more.

Along with strict workout plans, he also has a healthy diet consisting of green vegetables, nuts, protein shakes, chicken breast, and salmon.


A British artist Example is a family man who enjoys spending quality time and traveling with his family.

Furthermore, Elliot John Gleave is currently married to a gorgeous model Erin McNaught since 2013 and living in Brisbane, Australia.

Moreover, Gleave and McNaught are happily married and have two children, and all four often take a quick trip here and there.

Not to mention, the Gleave family were spotted enjoying their holidays in Simpson Falls, Australia.

In addition, Elliot Gleave, aka Example, often takes a trip to London, England, to catch up with her parents living over there.

Example: Houses & Cars


With a net worth of $15 million, the British musician Example has purchased a few astonishing mansions over the years.

House in London

The multi-millionaire rap artist Example owned a property in London city, England.

However, he sold this abode in 2019 before moving to Brisbane, Australia, with her Aussie wife Erin McNaught and their sons.

Unfortunately, there are no specific details regarding the house of British artist Elliot Gleave aka Example.

House in Brisbane

The British rapper Example moved to Australia in March and bought a magnificent mansion.

Further, he currently resides in this luxury house with his beloved wife Erin McNaught and their 2 children.

In addition, this residence is located in Brisbane, Australia, which is the hometown of McNaught.

Not to mention, this abode was purchased by Example and her wife for the whopping price of 2.8 million.

Example's house in Brisbane
Example’s house in Brisbane

Nevertheless, it is a Paddington house that has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a powder room.

As a matter of fact, this residence cover over 1100 square feet of area.

Subsequently, Gleave and McNaught’s mansion also has a rooftop deck with a designer pool, loft-style mezzanine, sauna.

Above all, this mansion is a lovely and delicate house that has won a 2018 Master Builders National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards.

To sum up, the interior design of this award-winning mansion is quite exquisite and its facade.


Elliot John Gleave, a.k.a Example, has treated himself to few luxurious automobiles.

It is no surprise that the British artist possesses astonishing cars with a fortune of $15 million.

Without further ado, let dive into magnificent cars owned by the legendary rap artists Example.

McLaren 570s

First and foremost, Example drives a stunning sports automobile, McLaren 570s, orange in color.

Not to mention, it is amongst the most expensive cars of all time with the market starting price of $192,500.

Furthermore, this luxury car is equipped with a 3.8 Lt M838T E twin-turbo V8 engine with a horsepower of 562 hp.

Example with his McLaren 570s

In addition, it is one of the fastest automobiles that can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 6 sec whereas hitting 60 mph from 0 in just 2.7 seconds.

To sum up, the top speed of this McLaren 570s model is 204mph (328 kmph) with a torque of 600 NM, i.e., 443 lb. ft.


In addition to the luxury McLaren 570s, Example owns yet another stunning car from Bentley automobile company.

Moreover, this luxury has an estimated cost of this amazing car is just $155,000.

Not to mention, it is boosted with a V8 engine that can generate a horsepower over 500 hp with 400 to 1100 Nm torque output.

Meanwhile, this automobile can rocket to the top speed of 318 kmph (198 mph) with an acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph (0 to 60 mph) in just 4 seconds.

Example’s Watches & Jewelry Collections


The British artist Example is a fervent lover of timepieces from the Jaeger Le Coultre brand.

Further, Elliot Gleave, aka Example, has several watch collections from Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturers.

Not to mention, the timepieces from this brand are quite outrageous as the base price of these elegant watches is about $2000.

Jewelry Collections

The veteran rapper Elliot Gleave aka Example, is a surprising exception compared to other rap artists regarding love lust for a jewel.

Most rappers adore wearing ostentatious pieces of jewelry; however, that’s not the case with musician Example.

The British artist Example is not crazy about wearing flashy chains, lockets, bracelets, and all those stuff and leads a life without them.

Media, Endorsement & Investments


British rap artist Elliot Gleave rose to prominence with the release of his studio album “Won’t Go Quietly” in 2010.

Following the release of this studio album and several successive studio albums, Example was summoned by many TV shows for the interviews.

Further, he has been interviewed for the Daily Motion show, Beta News Agency, and many more.

As a matter of fact, the rap artist Example has appeared and performed live in the television talk show.

Elliot Gleave aka in cover of FHM magazine
Elliot Gleave, aka in the cover of FHM magazine

However, the veteran musician Elliot Gleave aka Example is a quiet guy and hardly reveals about himself in the media.

Not to mention, Example has been featured in several exclusive magazine covers.

Moreover, the British rapper was on the cover of Bounce magazine in April 2018.

In addition, Elliot Gleave was featured in the exclusive cover of FMH magazine A Man’s Guide to Fatherhood.


The British rapper Example owns numerous productive endorsement deals, which has helped him garner a total of $15 million net worth.

Furthermore, Example has made an endorsement deal with a British audio products manufacturer and record label called The Beats.

Subsequently, he has a multi-year endorsement contract with the Ministry of Sound label and Data record label.

As a matter of fact, most of his studio albums have been released by these two record labels.

Likewise, Elliot Gleave, aka Example, has also released a couple of albums associated with the Staneric and Sony record label.

Other than that, he has an endorsement deal with several other record labels, including Ultra, Warner, Epic, and MErcury record labels.

To sum up, the British rap artist Example makes a total of about half a million from these endorsement deals and sponsors.


The famous rapper Examples has invested a portion of his fortune in launching his own record label.

Furthermore, Elliot Gleave aka Example is the owner of the record label called All The Chats.

In addition, Elliot Gleave, aka Example, has also invested in different companies’ stick and finance markets.

And according to several online sources, Example has half a million worth of shares in numerous firms and organizations.

Not to mention, the rap artist Example and her gorgeous wife Erin McNaught together ha established an apparel store in Brisbane, Australia.

Other than that, there are no specifics about the investment made by the famous British musician Example.

So guys, do stick with our page for further updates regarding his financing and other stuff.

Example: Career

Early Career

Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, started rapping and taking rap in a rap battle in the Shepherd’s Bush, England.

In addition, he met the rap legend Joseph Gardner with whom he launched a demo album during their college years.

Further, Example released three singles in January 2006, including the hit track I Don’t Want To.

As a result, The Beats and Radio 1 showed interest in him and signed him in April 2006.

Soon after, he rapped on the British radio network Radio 1 and released a single What We Made” with The Beats record label in November 2006.

After a while, the Rap artist Example released a couple more singles with the official Beats label, You Can’t Rap & I Don’t Want To, in June 2007.

Nevertheless, he released yet other singles entitled Me + Mandy in March 2007, which was self-released.

Not to mention, Gleave, aka Example, had set up his own mini record label called All The Chats in February 2008.

As a matter of fact, he even released music videos of the track Me + Mandy long with the You Can’t Rap and I Don’t Want To.

Studio Albums

Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, released his first-ever album entitled What We Made on September 17, 2007.

Although his debut album turned out to be a mediocre album, Gelev’s music career was in jeopardy.

However, he overcame all the criticism, circumstances and knocked off all the doubters with his second studio album.

On 21st June 2010, the rap artist released his second studio album entitled Won’t Go Quietly via Ministry of Sound, Data label.

Subsequently, this studio album garnered Example fame as it peaked Top spot in UK Dance Charts whilst peaked fourth at UK album charts.

On top of that, his third studio album Playing in the Shadows was released on September 4, 2011.

As a matter of fact, this album release was the major breakthrough in the career of Elliot John Gleave, known by the stage of Example.

Besides, it earned the number one spot in both the Uk Dance Albums chart and UK album charts within a week of its release.

Furthermore, Example released yet another studio album called The Evolution of Man on November 19, 2012.

Album cover of The Evolution of Man by Example

Not to mention, this album was labeled gold by BPI, which peaked number 1 on UK Dance Album charts.

Nevertheless, the British artist Example became among the few artists to have three successive studio albums, ranking number 1 in the UK Dance Albums chart.

After the successful launch of the fourth studio album, Gleave released his fifth studio album called Live Life Living on July 7, 2014.

In contrast, this album was not released with his long associated record label “Ministry of Sound, Data” but was launched by Epic Records, Sony record labels.

To sum up, he recently dropped his sixth studio album, Some Nights Last for Days, on June 12, 2020, with yet another new record label called Staneric Recordings.

Remix & Complilation Albums

As of this writing, the British musician Example has released a remix album via his own record label, All the Chats.

Further, this remix album is entitled We Didn’t Invent The Remix that was released in 2006.

Cover of We Didn’t Invent The Remix by Example.

In addition to the remix album, Gleave, aka Example, has dropped four mixtapes overall.

Furthermore, he launched his first-ever mixtape called “What We Almost Made (2009)”, followed by “The Credit Munch (2009)” and “The Big Dog Blog Mix (2009).”

All of these three mixtapes were released by the Data Record label.

However, his fourth mixtape was launched in association with Staneric Recording in August 2018.

To conclude, the veteran rapper’s fourth mixtape is named the Bangers & Ballads in digital download format.

Other Endeavours

In the course of his musical career, Example has been featured and collaborated with many famous rappers.

Moreover, the most notable works of Gleave, aka Example, are with the famous pop band The Wanted in 2012, Rogue Traders’ Love was a War in 2009.

Besides, the veteran rapper Example aspires to become a director of films someday soon.

Not to mention, he has directed “Between Two Worlds” in 2013 as well as “Shield 5” in 2016

As a matter of fact, Exampler was also featured in both mentioned movies, and he was cast in the White Island movie.

Top 10 Songs of British Rapper Example

  1. Won’t Go Quietly
  2. We’ll Be Coming Back
  3. Changed the Way You Kiss Me
  4. Kickstarts
  5. All Night
  6. Drops
  7. Do It So Well
  8. All Night
  9. Energy

Charity works of Example

Elliot John Gleave has always been involved in uplifting human beings via numerous charities and foundations.

Further, he has also organized several events, and all the proceeds from these events are donated to different charities.

To begin with, the British rap artist has indulged himself with the Teenage Cancer Trust for a while now.

As a result, Example has been named the ambassador of the foundation in 2012.

This foundation helps and motivates the youth to be acquainted and stay strong no matter how hard life may get.

Furthermore, Teenage Cancer Trust is based in the United Kingdom.

In addition, the veteran rapper Example is also a member of Life Water Charity.

Moreover, he has been to numerous events organized by these charity organizations,

As a matter of facty Elliot John aka Example led the Drop 4 Drop event organized in India by Life Water charity

Example with kids during a Life Water Charity event

Nonetheless, he traveled to India in November 2013, the reason being to create social awareness about the impact of water and techniques to avoid water-borne diseases.

Additionally, Gleve and his wife Erin McNaught contribute over 100 water pumps for the society in the Kapada Region.

Subsequently, he also donated over half a million to different charities for the Covid relief fund as well clinical equipment needed during Covid-19.

Some Interesting Facts about Example

Despite being born and spending most of his life in London, England, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, currently resides in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife and kids; he even has citizenship in Australia.

The British musician Elliot John Gleave is well renowned for the stage name Example, which he took from the abbreviation, E.G., meaning exempli gratia in Latin.

After having a successful career in the music industry, Gleave is actually aiming to pursue another endeavor, and that being film-making

FAQs about Example

How much net worth does Example own?

Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, has a net worth of $15 million; he is a British rapper, musician, songwriter, and record producer best known for his studio album “Playing in the Shadows.”

How many Grammy Awards has Example won?

Unfortunately, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, has no Grammy Awards to show as of this writing; however, he has won UK Music Video Awards three times and a Hungarian Music Awards.

Is Example (musician) married?

The British artist Example has been married to an Aussie model, actress Erin McNaught since 2013, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia, with their two children.


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