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Lil Pump

Lil Pump’s net worth is $8 million as an American rapper and songwriter.

Lil Pump gained international fame in 2017 with his single “Gucci Gang.” The song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Similarly, it was certified five times platinum by the RIAA.

Mostly known for his hyperactive public persona and minimalistic music, he is one of the most notable members of the SoundCloud rap scene.

He is often portrayed taking drugs such as Xanax, lean, and marijuana which have garnered controversy.

Lil Pump
Lil Pump (Source: IMDb)

The single “Gucci Gang” was featured in the rapper’s debut album released in 2017 titled Lil Pump.

The album peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200.

Likewise, he has since released numerous hit singles such as Esskeetit, Drug Addicts, I Love It featuring Kanye West, Butterfly Doors, Racks on Racks, Welcome to the Party, Be Like Me featuring Lil Wayne.

Apart from that, Lil Pump released his second studio album in 2019 entitled Harvard Dropout. The second album also peaked at number 7 on the US Billboard 200.

Lil Pump | Quick Fact

Full Name Gazzy Garcia
Nickname Lil Pump, Jetski, Pump Hefner 
Date of Birth August 17, 2000
Religion Muslim
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latin-American
Age 23 Years Old
Zodiac  Leo
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, U.S.
Current Residence Miami, Florida, U.S.
Hobbies Singing, Song–Writing, Rapper
Food Habit Non-veg
Sex Male
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper
Height In Centimetres- 182cm

In feet and Inches- 6 Feet

Weight 154lbs.
Record label Tha Lights Global Warner
Shoe size 8 UK
Hair color Blue
Eye color Black
Girlfriend Single
Instruments Vocals
Marital status Unmarried
Education Charles W. Flanagan High School
Net worth $8 Million
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter, YouTube , Spotify, Tiktok
Last Update June [current- year]

Lil Pump | Net Worth and Income

The American rapper, songwriter Lil Pump has a net worth of $8 million.

For the rapper, music is the primary source of income, and we reckon he is doing pretty well for himself. His net worth comprises record sales, digital streams, social media promotions, sponsorships, and tours and shows.

Similarly, Lil Pump also earns decent from featuring with other artists.

His second studio album Harvard Dropout released in 2019, sold about 48,000 album-equivalent units. Out of the total sales, 25,000 were pure album sales.

Similarly, his first studio album Lil Pump, released in 2018, sold about 45,000 equivalent units. It was sold more than half a million copies in the United States alone.

Apart from that, Lil Pump also earns well from his shows and concerts. He bags about $150,000 per show.

On average, he earns about $3 million each year. However, his total revenue in 2020 was $591.8k.

Lil Pump Live
Lil Pump Live

Record sales earnings are just old-school income for modern rappers. They earn more from digital streams than physical album sales.

Out of all digital streaming platforms, YouTube and Spotify are the most popular ones.

Lil Pump has over 8.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

He has over 364 million streams on his single Gucci Gang and 337 million on I Love It.

Apart from that, he has 17.7 million subscribers on his official YouTube Channel.

He earns about $1 million each year from YouTube alone. His song Gucci Gang has over a billion views on the platform.

If we calculate all the streaming platforms, including Google Play, Pandora, Tidal, and Apple Music, it is estimated that Gucci Gang earned roughly $4,355,265.

Apart from that, he also earns handsomely from his sponsor posts on Instagram, where he has over 15.9 million followers.

Warner Brothers Recording Contract

Back in 2018, Lil Pump was signed to Warner Bros for a recording contract which came with an $8 million advance.

However, the contract pays about only $9,000 for the first year, $12,000 for the second year, and about $15,000 for the third through seventh years.


No couple of Zeros are missing from the above numbers. He was also given a 14% share of his royalties in the USA.

Similarly, he also gets 66% in some sales formats of his royalties.

So, to sum up, if he does not clear his advance of $8 million, it will be hard for him to renew the contract.

And also, he is not allowed to earn more money until the advance is paid.

Net Worth of Lil Pump in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Lil Pump’s net worth in different currencies as of June, 2024.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 6,782,304.80
Pound Sterling £ 5,811,842.40
Australian Dollar A$ 10,940,920
Canadian Dollar C$ 10,099,080
Indian Rupee ₹ 587,974,400
BitCoin ฿ 164.42

Houses, Cars, and Jewelry


What good is a multi-million dollars empire when you don’t even own a mansion? But Lil Pump does not give you a chance to say that. He owns a gorgeous mansion in Miami, Florida.

Let’s take a look.

Biscayne Bay mansion, Miami, Florida

Lil Pump purchased this waterfront ultramodern mansion back in 2019 for $4.6 million.

The house was first listed in the market back in 2016 for $1.25 million more.

The mansion spans over 5,100 square feet of living space with high-end finishes, eye-popping Italian marble floors.

The house has a light and airy foyer with a stunning floating staircase and a wet bar.

The formal living space opens the door to the spacious kitchen with an in-wall concealed pantry, a large center island with a marble countertop, and an African wood custom cabinet.

Lil Pump's Miami Mansion
Lil Pump’s Miami Mansion

Also, the mansion features five large bedrooms and six luxurious bathrooms, with the master bedroom decked out in wood paneling with floor-to-ceiling windows for natural lights.

Likewise, although the mansion’s interior is gorgeously styled, the waterfront property really stands out with its decked-out rooftop terrace.

The light-colored hardwood floor and dark hardwood steps also stand out, and the LED lighting adds a dimension.

Spacious third-floor offers smart grass with tons of lounging places and dine while enjoying ocean views.

Furthermore, the outside of the mansion is tight in space, with most of the space dedicated to the main house. However, it perfectly fits a small patch of turf, a private boat dock, and a heated swimming pool with a spa.


Like any other rapper in the industry, Lim Pump loves shiny cars and has a huge collection.

His collection includes the world-renowned brands from Ferrari to Maserati.

Let’s have a look at them.

Porsche Cayman S

So this is another European car Lil Pump owns. He has a yellow Porsche Cayman S. Its engine is powered by a 3.5-liter flat-four engine that pumps 321 brake horsepower and 273-pound feet of torque.

It has a top speed of 176 miles per hour and can go from 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds.

The starting price of the Porsche Cayman S is $71,900.

It is considered one of the fastest cars from German auto manufacturers.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The brand is known for its history, craftsmanship, and records. Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the iconic models of the brand. It comes with a high-revving 4.5 liters V8 rated engine that cranks 562 brake horsepower and 398-pound feet of torque.

The engine in the Italia is paired with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The car can hit the top speed of 202 miles per hour and can go from no to 60 in 3.1 seconds. This particular model was introduced back

Audi R8

Lil Pump has been spotted in his green Audi R8 numerous times. The car comes with a 5,204 CC 5.2-liter V10 engine that generates 533 brake horsepower and 398-pound feet of torque.

As far as speed is concerned, it can crank the top speed of 207 miles per hour and can go from no to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

It comes with a price tag of $143,000 for the base level.

Some of the other wheels we can find in Lil Pump’s garage are Maserati Quatropottre, Bentley Continental, and many more.


Let’s start with the best. Lil Pump actually two of these bad boys Huracan and Urus. Lamborghini Huracan comes with a 5.7-liter odd-firing V10 engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch.

Similarly, V10 generates 602 brake horsepower and 413-pound feet of torque.

It can go from rest to 6- miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 202 miles per hour.

It costs well over $242,580.

Similarly, another car from the Italian manufacturer that Lil Pump owns is his Lamborghini Urus.

The car is equipped with a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 650 brake horsepower and 850-newton meter of torque.

Likewise, it has a top speed of 190 miles per hour and can go from 0-63 in 3.6 seconds.

The price of Urus starts from $218,000 before the option.

Rolls Royce

Clearly, Lambo is not just an expensive brand sitting in his garage. He owns several luxurious cars and SUVs from well-known manufacturers.

In that instance, Lil Pumps, another prized possession, is from British auto manufacturer Rolls Royce.

He owns two famous models from Rolls Royce; Wraith and Cullinan.

Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry! A must-have item for every rapper in the business, and Lil Pump is no exception.

Lil Pump has an impressive collection of jewelry that can make anybody, including a non-rapper jealous.

Lil Pump possesses numerous diamond rings, including a starting worth about $17,000 and another pair of rings worth $60,000.

Similarly, he has a bracelet with thrones in it which he got from Icebox. Each of the four bracelets is worth $13,000, which makes it $52,000 in total.

Likewise, another stunning piece of ice Lil Pump has is his own face “reincarnated” on a pendant featuring a Cuban link chain studded with diamonds all over. This particular piece alone cost him $360,000.

Furthermore, he has a couple of other chains and bracelets worth more than $500,000.

Apart from jewelry, Lil Pump also has insane timepieces, including brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet.

He has a diamond-studded Rolex Sky-Dweller, which starts at about $33,000. However, Lil Pump’s Sky-Dweller has a diamond in it, so it costs way more than the standard version. He got this particular piece on his birthday.

Apart from Rolex, Lil Pump also has a two-tone Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The manufacturer has discontinued the model. Just like his jewelry pieces, he got them from Icebox.

Well, Lil Pump likes to buy expansive timepieces not just for himself but also for his entourage.

Back in 2018, Lil Pump spent over $100,000 to $200,000 on five sparkling timepieces, including brands such as Audemars Piguet and Rolex.

He purchased all the pieces from Avianne & Co. in New York City.

Lil Pump | Lifestyle

Lil Pump suffers from dyslexia, a condition that involved difficulty in reading. Does that even matter?

He is living lavishly with his extravagant net worth and lifestyle that everyone dreams but cannot achieve.

Back in 2018, Lil Pump was arrested for weapon possession.

However, Pump’s mother was investigated for endangering a minor and having an unsecured firearm at the house after police found a bullet and subsequently finding an unloaded handgun.

 Arrested by Miami PD
Lil Pump Arrested by Miami PD

Similarly, Lil Pump was found arrested for driving without a license in Miami, Florida.

Apart from that, the rapper was arrested for possession of marijuana in Copenhagen after the performance in Vega.

He was released after paying $700 and was also banned for two years from entering the country.

Apart from that, Lil Pumps has been spotted several times wearing a sandal which he says it’s just a Florida thing.

Similarly, he loves high-top sneakers rather than low tops. He does not like going out shopping. He just gets someone to get stuff for him chooses from them.

Lil Pump | Charity

Lil Pump sometimes takes his time to help others in need.

Back in 2019, Lil Pump helped to buy jackets and corn dogs for more than 600 homeless people on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Similarly, in February 2019, he filled up his car’s trunk with a box of pizzas and distributed them among homeless people in Downtown Los Angeles.

He also shares the video on his Instagram handle.

Likewise, in 2018 Lil Pump donated $50,000 to Kearsley High School following the rumors of bed bugs and cockroaches on social media.

However, as a condition, he asked that the hot tub be put in the school to reduce students’ experience.

Lil Pump | Career

Lil Pump signed a contract with The Lights Global and Warner Bros in June 2017, about two months shy of his 17th birthday.

Pump wrote on Twitter that his album was in progress and would be released in August of 2018 but was pushed back due to some internal reason; instead, he released his single “Gucci Gang.”

It became his first Hot 100 entry.

with Stack of Cash
Lil Pump with Stack of Cash

After resigning from the contract with The Lights Global and Warner Bros in 2018, he released another single, “Esskeetit.” The song was a hit and peaked at no. 24 on Billboard Hot 100.

Lil Pump even performed the song on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in May 2018. The same year he came with his another single, “Drug Addicts.” Two and Half Man star Charlie Sheen was featured on the music video of the song.

Unknown Facts About Lil Pump

  • In the 2020 Presidential election, Lil Pump openly endorsed Donald Trump. Consequently, he lost about 300,000 followers on Instagram.
  • One time Lil Pump covered J Cole’s car with 10,000 post-it notes inscribed with hateful messages.
  • Lil Pump was reportedly worth about $150,000 in 2017.
  • Lil Pump has over 25 tattoos on his body.


Who is Lil Pump dating 2021?

Reportedly, Lil Pump is currently dating a porn star, Riley Reid.

Which is Lil Pump’s biggest hit?

“Gucci Gang,” obviously. It peaked on number three on Billboard Hot 100 and has more than a billion views on YouTube.

How many awards did Lil Pump win?

So far, the rapper has not won any awards but was nominated two times for Billboard Music Awards for Top Streaming Song “Gucci Gang” in 2018 and MTV Video Music Award for Push Artist of the Year the same year.

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