Paula Hurd Wikipedia Bio Age & Net Worth – Meet Bill Gates New Girlfriend

Paula Hurd Wikipedia

People are curiously looking for Paula Hurd Wikipedia, as she is spotted with Bill Gates on various occasions. 

Paula Hurd, the late Mark Hurd’s widow, is rumored to be dating the tech mogul. Mark Hurd was the president and businessman of Oracle.

Last month, while watching the Australian Open, Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, was seen out and about with Paula.

They had been seeing each other for more than a year as they were seen walking together throughout Melbourne.

The reports of their purported affair come almost two years after William and Melinda Gates announced their divorce following 27 years of marriage.

Over the past few years, Bill Gates and Paula Hurd have been seen spending time together. Hurd is a philanthropist and event organizer.

Gates and Hurd have been seen a few times while watching tennis events. 

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Paula Hurd Wikipedia and Biography 

As of now, there is yet to be an official page for Paula Hurd Wikipedia.

Hurd was married to Mark Hurd for almost 30 years before passing in October 2019. Hurd was the CEO of the software giant Oracle and a former executive at Hewlett-Packard.

With her deceased spouse, Hurd had two daughters, Kathryn and Kelly.

Paula Hurd Wikipedia
Paula Hurd Was Recently Seen With Bill Gates In A Tennis Match (Source: People)

Bill Gates, a multibillionaire, and Paula Hurd have been dating for more than a year. After divorcing his wife, Melina French Gates, for 17 months, Bill Gates sought a new partner. In February 2023, a source told the media that Bill and Paula had been friends for a long time.

After 34 years of dating and 27 years of marriage, Gates and Hurd started dating in 2023, two years after Gates and Melinda French Gates broke up in 2021.

Paula Hurd Age: How Old Is Bill Gates New Partner? 

Paula Hurd was born on April 27, 1962, making her 61 years old. Apart from her childhood being wonderful, not much is known about her early years. She constantly received an A+ in both her schoolwork and athletic performance.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984, Hurd started a long career in alliance management and sales with the software company NCR (National Cash Register), according to People magazine.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing management, Paula started working in sales and alliance management at NCR Corporation. She remained there for nearly 17 years, until 2001.

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Paula Hurd Net Worth Explored 

Various online portals claim Paula Hurd net worth to be between $3.5-4.5 million. 

Paula and Gates may have been friends because they both have technical backgrounds. She previously held a position as a tech executive with NCR Global, a provider of online banking software.

Paula Hurd Wikipedia
Paula Hurd With His Ex-Husband And Friends In An Event (Source: Twitter)

Paula is a philanthropist and event organizer at the moment. Paula switched to event organizing and philanthropy after quitting her job in technology.

She identifies as a “Developer and organizer of unforgettable mid- and large-scale event experiences for personal, business, and charity occasions,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

She is currently employed by Club 27 as a coordinator.

She also serves on the board of regents at Baylor University, manages a portfolio for Hurd Family Investments, and works as a volunteer and philanthropist at MPH Investments.

Hurd is a philanthropist who also develops and plans events for social, business, and charity causes. With a generous $7 million gift in 2021, she assisted the university’s Give Light Campaign in reaching the $1 billion mark.

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