Eva Bargiela Edad: How Old? Wikipedia And Boyfriend

Eva Bargiela edad

Eva is a model who has been managed by the agency Multitalent Agency, which boasts an impressive following of over 353,000 on her Instagram profile. Learn about Eva Bargiela edad.

Before gaining recognition in her career, Eva achieved a notable milestone by appearing on the cover of Joy magazine in December 2014.

As for interesting aspects of her career, Bargiela garnered attention from InfoBae in the months of August and November 2017, demonstrating her impact in the media and her ability to generate interest.

Eva is a very dedicated individual who is a fashion model by profession and who also loves to actively remain engaged on social media platforms.

She uploads images and clips of her loved ones. Additionally, the model also shares information regarding her forthcoming events and projects on her social media.

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Eva Bargiela Edad: How Old?

Eva keeps her age a well-guarded secret, but she consistently marks her birthday on December 22nd without fail every year.

Eva enthusiastically embraces her birthday with great joy and embraces the tradition of bringing her cherished friends and family together for a grand celebration.

She revels in the art of hosting an extravagant and lively party where the atmosphere is filled with merriment, laughter, and warmth.

Eva Bargiela edad
                                                   Eva Bargiela looking stunning in her birthday (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, this annual festivity not only reflects her love for the occasion but also demonstrates her deep affection for the people who are close to her heart.

Although Eva has not revealed her age, the online users suggest that she might be in her early thirties as per her appearance.

Eva Bargiela Wikipedia

Although Eva is a well-known model and internet personality, her Wikipedia page is not yet featured. The fashion model hails from Argentina as her place of origin.

She regularly delights her social media followers, particularly on Instagram, with captivating dancing videos and updates related to her career.

Her online presence has attracted a substantial and devoted following.

Moreover, the internet celebrity’s father is Cesar Bargiela, but Eva’s mother’s identity remains hidden from the media to protect her privacy.

Eva Bargiela edad
                                   Eva Bargiela and her husband Facundo Moyano on their date night (Source: Instagram)

Also, Eva has posted numerous pictures alongside a person by the name of Mavi Bargiela, who is her sister.

These snapshots suggest a close relationship with Mavi and Eva and strong bonding among sisters.

Mavi is also engaged on social media platforms, mostly Instagram, where she has shared more than hundreds of images with Eva showcasing their love and affection for each other.

Eva Bargiela husband

Eva is in a joyful and contented marriage with a man named Facundo Moyano, who also boasts a substantial following on his social media platforms.

According to available information, Facundo and Eva tied the knot on October 15, 2021, a relatively short time after they began their romantic relationship.

Their Instagram accounts portray a couple that radiates happiness and offers unwavering support to one another.

The photographs and posts they share on social media channels provide glimpses into their affectionate partnership and the mutual respect they share, reflecting a relationship characterised by love and solidarity.

Also, this public display of their bond adds an extra layer of depth to their story, showcasing a marriage that is not only grounded in love but is also celebrated and cherished by their online audience.

In addition, Eva and Facundo consistently stand by each other and are often spotted together at the various events and programs that Eva participates in.

Their unwavering presence at these occasions reflects their strong mutual support and commitment to each other.

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