Ermes De Zan Wikipedia And Age: Husband And Net Worth 2023

Ermes De Zan Wikipedia

Netizens are interested in learning about Ermes De Zan wikipedia details, eagerly searching for information about his life and accomplishments. Here are some crucial facts about him. 

Ermes De Zan is an artist who shares a passion for art, music, and architecture.

He mostly drew inspiration from the 1960s for his artistic endeavors.

Most people know him as the ex-partner of the late, famed Australian artist Jeff Smart. He was well known for his precise, contemporary Italian landscape paintings.

Smart depicts architectural buildings and landscapes using super-realistic geometric arrangements and bright colors.

Despite being well-known for his oil paintings of landscapes, Smart briefly painted portraits.

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Ermes De Zan Wikipedia And Age

As of now, Ermes De Zan wikipedia biography is unavailable.

Born in Italy in 1948, Ermes De Zan spent his formative years in Australia. Currently, he is 75, and his life journey has been an intriguing one.

Ermes pursued his artistic education at what is currently known as RMIT University.

Though Ermes De Zan’s wikipedia page is absent, his partner Jeffrey has a well-detailed page outlining his achievements in architecture and art.

Little is known about Ermes’ early life, while his partner Jeffrey developed an early fascination for architecture and art, leading him to pursue his passions actively.

1948 Smart embarked on a journey to Europe and America, eventually settling in Paris in 1949.

When delving into his educational journey, Jeffrey honed his skills at the la Grande Chaumiere and Academie Montmartre under Fernand Leger.

Ermes De Zan Wikipedia
Ermes De Zan doesn’t have a wikipedia page dedicated to him, but his partner Jeffrey has. (Image source:

Following his artistic pursuits, he returned to Australia in 1951 and settled in Sydney, taking on roles as both an art instructor and a respected critic.

However, in 1963, a new chapter began as Jeffrey ventured to Italy and chose Rome as his new residence to continue his artistic endeavors.

The following years saw Smart’s reputation grow exponentially thanks to several successful exhibitions and commissions executed by the artist.

In 1975, De Zan and Smart lived together at Posticci Nuova, a beautiful old farmhouse near Arezzo in Tuscany.

During this time, they found inspiration in the tranquil Tuscan countryside for their creative endeavors.

Their house was a gathering spot for many friends and visitors from Australia and other countries.

Ermes De Zan Husband

Ermes De Zan’s partner is artist Jeff Smart, who is notably older than him.

Despite the age difference, they remained united for over three decades as partners, their bond growing stronger each year.

In June 2013, Ermes’s partner died in Arezzo at 91, with Ermes by his side.

Born in Adelaide, Australia, Smart was renowned for his precisionist post-industrial paintings depicting the nuances of everyday life.

Having received his training at the South Australian School of Art, Smart’s artistic journey led him to create captivating works that captured the essence of modern life.

He received his art training at the South Australian School of Art and came out as homosexual in the early 1940s.

After World War II, he traveled to Europe and attended Paris University.

Ermes De Zan Wikipedia
Ermes De Zan’s partner Jeffrey Smart, died in 2013, aged 91. (Image source:

In 1951, Smart left the country and returned to work as an art critic for the Daily Telegraph.

After working briefly for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a television host and as a teacher at the National Art School in Sydney, he moved permanently to Italy in 1965, where he painted for the rest of his life.

Not Quite Straight, Smart’s autobiography, was released in 1996.

Following his death in Tuscany from renal disease, the University of South Australia announced that the newest building on its City West campus would be called the “Jeffrey Smart Building” when it was completed in 2014.

Ermes De Zan Net Worth 2023

Earmes De Zan’s financial standing, including his precise net worth, lacks clarity.

His primary earnings source for him stems from his career as an artist, yet concrete financial details are not readily available.

He must have earned a reasonable sum of money from his artistic career.

On the other hand, Smart Paints, Earmes De Zan’s late partner, achieved remarkable success as an Australian artist and consequently accumulated significant wealth through his works.

One of Smart’s notable achievements in terms of monetary gain was the sale of his painting “Autobahn in the Black Forest II (1980)” for an impressive US $908,000.00 at an auction held in Melbourne in 2011.

This sale demonstrated the high regard and value that collectors and art enthusiasts placed on his artistic contributions.

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