Who Is Linda Greenlaw Daughter Sarai Johnson? Family And Age

Linda Greenlaw

If you are a fan of books or movies about maritime adventures, you may have heard of Linda Greenlaw, the only female swordfishing boat captain on the United States East Coast. But do you know about Linda Greenlaw Daughter?

Linda Greenlaw is a bestselling author and commercial fisherman from the United States.

 She is best known for her book “The Hungry Ocean,” which chronicles her experiences as a swordfishing boat captain.

The book spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was later adapted into a movie called The Perfect Storm.

Greenlaw has also written several other books about her experiences as a fisherman and life on the sea, including “All Fishermen Are Liars,” “Slipknot,” and “Seaworthy.”

Who Is Linda Greenlaw Daughter Sarai Johnson?

In her memoir Lifesaving Lessons: Notes from an Accidental Mother, she tells the story of how she came to be the legal guardian of Sarai Johnson, a 15-year-old teenager who suffered terrible abuse at the hands of her uncle.

Linda met Sarai when she moved to Isle au Haut, a small island off the coast of Maine with only 40 year-round residents.

Sarai was living with her uncle and his girlfriend, who ran a bed and breakfast on the island. Linda befriended Sarai and soon discovered the horrific truth about her situation.

Linda Greenlaw Daughter
Linda Greenlaw with her daughter Sarai. (Source: Gossipnextdoor)

Linda decided to take Sarai under her wing and eventually adopted her as her daughter.

She faced many challenges and difficulties along the way, as she had to deal with legal issues, social services, school authorities, and Sarai’s own trauma and rebellion.

She also had to adjust to being a mother for the first time in her life at the age of 50. She learned many lessons about love, patience, responsibility, and forgiveness.

Linda and Sarai’s story is touching and inspiring, full of courage and hope. It shows how one person can make a difference in another’s life and how family can be found in unexpected places.

It also shows how Linda Greenlaw is a brave and skilled captain and a compassionate and devoted mother.

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Linda Greenlaw family revealed

Greenlaw was born in Connecticut to Jim and Martha Greenlaw. Her father was an information systems manager for Bath Iron Works.

She grew up in Topsham, Maine, and spent her summers in Isle au Haut, a small island off the coast of Maine where her father’s family had roots for generations.

Linda Greenlaw
Linda Greenlaw on board her lobster boat Earnest. (Source: Penobscotbaypress)

Greenlaw never married or had her own children, but she became a mother figure to a troubled teenage girl named Sarai in 2006.

Greenlaw still lives in Isle au Haut with Mariah, who is now 23 years old.  She has appeared on several TV shows, including Deadliest Catch and Swords: Life on the Line.

Linda Greenlaw Age – how old is she?

Linda Greenlaw was born on December 22, 1960, in Connecticut, United States. She is 63 years old as 2024.

Linda Greenlaw’s career has been primarily focused on commercial fishing and writing. She grew up in a family of commercial fishermen and began working on fishing boats at a young age.

She eventually became a captain and worked as a swordfish boat captain for 10 years.

In addition to her fishing career, Greenlaw is also a bestselling author. She has also written several other books about her experiences as a fisherman and life on the sea.

Greenlaw is also a public speaker and advocate for sustainable fishing practices. She has spoken on topics such as marine conservation, fishing industry issues, and the challenges of life at sea.

She has been featured on several television programs, including “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

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