Ella And Audrey Lee Missing Texas Amber Alert : Are They Found Yet?

Audrey Lee missing

The abduction of two young girls in eastern Texas prompted law enforcement to issue an Amber Alert on Tuesday evening. Let’s explore more about Ella and Audrey Lee missing cases.

In 2023, a distressing trend emerged, characterized by a significant number of missing person cases, many of which involve teenagers.

These cases have led to devastating outcomes, raising community concerns and fears.

The reasons behind these disappearances appear to vary, with two primary factors emerging: health-related issues and the sinister motive of kidnapping for ransom.

Recently, 9-year-old Ella Lee and 7-year-old Audrey Lee, from Tyler, Texas, went missing.

According to information from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the girls were last seen at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the 8400 block of Cambridge Road.

Also, the notification suggests that the two girls might have been taken by a 33-year-old named Chase Lee.

They might travel in a white 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche bearing the Texas license plate DXV6695.

Authorities did not provide additional details about the relationship between the adult and the children.

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Ella And Audrey Lee Missing Texas Amber Alert

The netizens are eager to learn about Ella and Audrey Lee’s missing case. So here is what they need to know: 

Child 1, who was abducted, is Ella Lee, a 9-year-old of white ethnicity with brown eyes and brown hair.

She weighs 60 lbs. and stands at 4 feet in height. Ella is a female, and at the time of her disappearance, she was dressed in a tan shirt, black shorts, and blue high-top shoes.

Child 2, Audrey Lee, is seven years old, also of white ethnicity, with blue eyes and brown hair.

Audrey Lee missing
                                                      Audrey Lee and Ella are still missing as of now (Source: Pinterest)

She has a weight of 40 lbs and a height of 3 feet and is a female. Audrey was last seen wearing a mustard-colored shirt and blue jeans.

In most missing person cases, the outcome tends to be grim, with the victim either discovered deceased or in a severely compromised state of health.

Given these unfortunate circumstances, the Lee family has made an earnest plea for assistance from the community to expedite the search and recovery of their missing children.

They are urgently seeking the support of everyone to locate their children without delay.

Ella and Audrey Lee: Are they found yet?

While writing and publishing this article, Audrey and Ella Lee remain missing, and their whereabouts remain a mystery.

Despite the diligent efforts of law enforcement and various authorities to locate the Lee children promptly, they have not yet been located.

The online community and the local residents have collaborated with the authorities to assist the Lee family during this trying time.

Moreover, the primary suspect in this case is Chase Lee, a 33-year-old of white ethnicity with blue eyes and brown hair.

Audrey Lee missing
                             Chase Lee is the prime suspect for Ella’s and Audrey’s abduction(Source: CBS TEXAS)

He has an approximate weight of 170 lbs. and a height of 5 feet, 11 inches.

Chase Lee is male, and the last reported sighting had him wearing a light-colored shirt, blue jeans, and khaki shoes.

If you possess any information pertinent to this active Amber Alert, we strongly encourage you to contact the Tyler Police Department by dialing 903-531-1000.

Your assistance could be crucial in this matter, and your prompt reporting is greatly appreciated.

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