Elizabeth Olsen Brothers: Trent Olsen And Jake Olsen Age Gap

Elizabeth Olsen Brothers

Actress Elizabeth Olsen brothers, Trent and Jake Olsen, have shown keen interest in the media and entertainment industry. Trent is engaged in a flourishing film production career, while Jake has pursued a successful modeling career.

Elizabeth Olsen is a well-known American actress most known for her role as Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe media franchise.

She has appeared in several superhero films, including Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Her act in WandaVision earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Aside from her work with Marvel, Oslen has appeared in the films Godzilla (2014), Wind River (2017), and Ingrid Goes West (2017).

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Elizabeth Olsen Brothers: Trent Olsen and Jake Olsen

Speaking of Elizabeth Olsen’s brothers, there are two of them in her family: her younger half-brother, Jake, and her older brother, Trent. Jake, her half-brother, is from her father’s second marriage.

The oldest Olsen brother has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part; however, he did appear in his younger sisters’ You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party and The Case of the Mystery Cruise, in which he portrayed himself.

But, from an early age, he was an intelligent businessman, selling the autographs of his renowned twin sisters to other kids at school.

Elizabeth Olsen Brothers
Elizabeth Olsen shares a good bond with her older brother, Trent. (Image source: Instagram)

While he goes by his middle name, Trent, his first name, James, along with Elizabeth’s, influenced the name of Mary Kate and Ashley’s fragrance line: Elizabeth and James.

Moreover, Trent attended the New York Film Academy and majored in screenplay and acting.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Olsen’s brother Jake is the youngest of all. He tried his hand at modeling a few years ago. In an interview with Runway, he discussed growing up with many siblings.

Elizabeth Olsen Brothers Age Gap

Elizabeth Olsen’s two brothers, Trent and Jake, have a substantial age difference of approximately 14 years.

Trent is 39 years old and was born on May 6, 1984, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Elizabeth Olsen Brothers
Actress Elizabeth Olsen pictured with her younger brother Jake. (Image source: Instagram)

He has achieved success in his profession at this age and currently works in film production. He is also a prominent Storm King Comics comic book writer.

On the other hand, Jake is 25 years old and was born in 1998. Despite his youth, he already has a clear vision for his career and is determined to make the most of his working life.

Elizabeth Olsen Sisters

Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth’s twin sisters, adore her. She is three years younger than the Olsen twins.

She has spoken out in favor of her sisters, particularly regarding the media’s treatment of Mary Kate when she suffered from an eating disorder.

The twins established a child-star precedent in their family when they got their position on Full House at six months. They got Elizabeth her first acting role when she was a baby in Full House and How the West Was Fun.

They are now 36 and have quit acting to focus on their fashion firm. Even though they appear similar, Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins, not identical.

Elizabeth also has a younger half-sister, Courtney, who is the daughter of their father, David Olsen, and his second wife, McKenzie Olsen.

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